Typical mistakes when cooking soup. Why soup tasteless and ugly?

Typical mistakes when cooking soup. Why soup tasteless and ugly?

The most delicious and rich soup was made on Russian stoves. Our grandmothers did not even think about technology, threw food into the pan and tormented them all night until the oven cooled. Now this is not possible, you have to do with a stove and follow some rules.

Cabbage is fresh, young, but only from the bed

Never soup is cooked from young summer cabbage green. Nothing good will come of it, the vegetable will be digested, limp, it does not have that very taste and aroma. The result will be a balanda, vaguely reminiscent of Russian soup. Her smell will be herbal, specific taste.

For this dish is used exclusively white cabbage of late varieties. It's okay, if the top green leaves, they need to be removed. When cut, we get a dense sugar vegetable of snow-white color, which requires a long cooking. No, not even cooking, and languor.

These soup are not made to boil, it is impossible to allow active boiling.

Sometimes even the cabbage is tattered separately, and then put into the pan. It is unnecessary.

Chicken broth? Allow me to add meat

Chicken soup - this is nonsense. That is what eminent chefs will think. Never old Russian soup was cooked with a bird. For the broth used only meat and always on the bone. In hard times they took mosles, on which there is practically no pulp. But also from them the saturated broth was digested. For better taste, you can throw some products into it.

What to add to cooking broth:

  • onion;
  • fragrant roots;
  • peppercorns;
  • laurel.

The broth is cooked until the meat begins to move away from the bones, to fall apart. Only in this case will get a rich taste. Then the broth is filtered, proceed directly to cooking soup. The meat is returned to the pan for ten minutes before the end of cooking. If there is a lot of it, then it is possible to use a part for other dishes, for example, send it to pasta in a naval manner or add it to a filling for pies, pancakes.

Good advice! If you still want to cook soup of chicken, then you should take poultry, which is suitable for broth and in no case save. It is recommended to add a whole carcass to the pot for 5-6 liters.

Flour or potato?

In the old days, flour was added to the broth to thicken the soup. It is important to dissolve it before, you can pre-fry. But even better to replace potatoes. Several tubers are poured into the pan while cooking the broth. They should reach absolute softness. After that, knead the potatoes with a fork, sent to the soup.

If the broth is very strong and saturated, then this can not be done, and without mint potatoes you will get tasty cabbage soup. If the dish is watery, for example, there is not enough cabbage or little sliced ​​potatoes are added, you can cook several tubers separately in a saucepan, knead, add to the finished dish and bring to boil again.

Threw a tomato?

Traditional soup is not cooked with tomato. But for some reason, many housewives love to add it. In the course goes pasta, mashed potatoes, canned or fresh tomatoes. They improve the taste, give brightness, but for this it is important to fry these ingredients first. Fresh tomatoes require another preparation.

What to do with fresh tomatoes:

  1. Wash, incise the skin, throw in hot water or in a saucepan of boiling soup. Boil a minute.
  2. Get tomatoes, peel, cut into small pieces.
  3. Transfer to fried onion with carrot, stew for ten minutes.

You can cut the tomatoes into large pieces, it will be beautiful. Or do not blanch, and just rub, leaving the skin. This is a matter of personal taste.

If sauerkraut, then ...

Soup will be even more delicious! But they are prepared in a completely different way. Under no circumstances do not throw sauerkraut in the pan (if you do not want to spoil everything purposefully). Once the meat is set to boil for broth, next you need to turn on the hotplate with a saucepan, add a spoonful of butter and lay out the cabbage. Lightly, literally warm up for a minute without a lid, and then cover.

Sauerkraut stews for a long time, on average 45-60 minutes. It is important sometimes to look after her, add some water, it is even better to add broth boiling next to her. It is important to bring the cabbage to absolute softness, and under no circumstances add to the pot with raw potatoes. It should also be fully cooked.

Good advice! No need to pour brine from sauerkraut. It should be stored until the end of cooking soup, if necessary, add to the pan for a bright taste.

Kept for a day, froze for another two days

In the old cookbooks it is written that scham needs to mature. Usually they are left for a day in a cool place. And indeed it is. Any dish of cabbage, including Bigus, hodgepodge, soup requires rest, then the taste is revealed. Reheating only makes it better.

What swinging frost soup to improve quality is a myth!

A never-thawed dish will never be tastier than a fresh fellow. Schi in Russia were frozen for storage for the future. They were boiled in huge tanks on the stoves, and then carried out in the cold. If necessary, chipped off the right amount and heated. All this is just to save time, nothing more.

Beautiful scham and spoon will be delighted

Soup should not turn into a porridge or dish incomprehensible by its consistency. It is important to cook not only delicious, but also nice soup. There are several mistakes that many hostesses make.

Why soup ugly:

  • Incorrect cutting. Since the cabbage is chopped into strips, the potatoes should be cut into similar sticks. Vegetables should look harmonious. The exception is onions, it is crumbled into small cubes.
  • Do not boil, but stew. Shchi is never cooked in quick ways. They are not allowed to boil. Products languish for at least an hour. During this time they reach absolute softness, but at the same time vegetables do not limp, fall apart, retain their shape.
  • No greens. Her absence makes the dish faded, something is missing in it. Add fresh greens better in the plates. And dry dill or parsley at the end of cooking.

Last but not least, cook with soul and in a good mood. Charge the products with positive energy, then soup will work out for sure!

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