Pancakes with sausage - tasty, fragrant and high in calories. Cooking pancakes with sausage is easy and rewarding

Pancakes with sausage - tasty, fragrant and high in calories. Cooking pancakes with sausage is easy and rewarding

Cooking sausage pancakes is quick and easy. This is a versatile and convenient meal. Pancakes are perfectly baked and complement the taste of rich and juicy stuffing.

Various recipes help to prepare a hearty meal with a pleasant and attractive aroma. You can enjoy pancakes with sausage - an original, but uncomplicated snack, at any time. They are suitable for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Pancakes with sausage - general principles of cooking

Cooks distinguish pancakes from pancakes. In their opinion, the first must be prepared using yeast.

Modern recipes contain a lot of ways to knead the dough. Every hostess has a favorite and proven method. And it does not necessarily use yeast for cooking pancakes. The dough should be like thick cream.

Ready pancakes - thicker than pancakes. But those and others are equally tasty and fragrant.

They are baked on a hot pan on both sides. As a rule, this process occurs in vegetable oil. But you can use it with a mixture of cream or lard.

Baking pancakes and pancakes is only one of the stages of cooking.

No less important stage - the preparation of the filling. Its main component is sausage. It is better to choose a low-fat variety and be sure to be fresh. Most often the food is prepared with tender dairy or doctor sausage. But fine with spicy salt, smoked meat and even liver.

Not bad complements sausage cheese, fresh herbs, sweet peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots, garlic and onions. And mayonnaise and mustard add savory and interesting flavor to the dish. Add more spicy notes to help your favorite spices - paprika, curry, cayenne pepper.

The third stage of cooking - connecting pancakes with a filling. It is placed on the middle or edge of the baked product. Then the pancake is wrapped with an envelope or a roll.

The filling can be mixed with dough or cook pancakes with pripekom.

Eating is desirable to eat hot. But sausage pancakes can be frozen and used later.

Recipe 1. Pancakes with sausage “Savory”


For test:

• three cups of flour;

• one l of milk;

• three articles. spoons of sour cream and sugar;

• two eggs;

• one packet of dry yeast;

• two pinches of salt.

For the filling:

• 300 gr. doctoral sausage;

• 100 gr. hard cheese;

• 50 ml sour cream;

• 1/2 spoonful of mustard.

Cooking Method:

Dissolve the yeast in warm milk. Add half the flour and mix. Cover with a towel and leave for an hour.

Beat the eggs into the foam. Then put the sugar, salt and sour cream. Beat again, mix with brew and add flour. Leave for half an hour.

Pancakes are baked on both sides and put them in a pile on a large plate.

Skip the sausage through the meat grinder.

Take the grater and rub the cheese larger. Send it to a deep bowl.

Mix with sausage, sour cream and mustard.

We put the stuffing on the edge of pancakes and turn that sausage.

We heat in the microwave oven and proceed to the food.

Recipe 2. Pancakes with sausage “Quick appetizer”


For the filling:

• 0.2 kg smoked sausage;

• clove of garlic;

• 50 gr. green parsley;

• four walnuts;

• one article l mayonnaise.

For test:

• three articles. spoon of mayonnaise and flour;

• three eggs;

• two pinches of salt.

Preparation Method:

Cut the sausage into cubes.

Using a fine grater or garlic press, chop the garlic.

Parsley shred.

In a separate plate, mix all three ingredients.

Nuts are placed in a mortar and we press using a wooden pestle.

Add them to a plate with sausage. Put the mayonnaise here and mix.

Next, prepare the dough for baking pancakes.

In a deep bowl, put the flour, mayonnaise. We drive in eggs and salt.

Mix until smooth using a mixer.

Heat a frying pan with sunflower oil and bake pancakes.

Place the stuffing on one of the edges, wrap roll. Cut into pieces two or three centimeters thick.

Recipe 3. Pancakes with sausage and sweet pepper


For the filling:

• 150 gr. sausages;

• one sweet pepper;

• 50 gr. green parsley;

For test:

• one spoonful of sugar and salt; • two eggs;

• 300 ml of water;

• 200 gr. flour;

• one tea l. baking powder;

• 50 gr. vegetable oils.

Cooking Method:

In the mixer send eggs, sugar and salt. Beat at medium speed until foam appears.

Add water and continue to work with the mixer.

Mixing powder with sifted flour. Put the mixture in small portions into the mixer bowl and continue to beat.

Fill the oil and mix again.

Cut the sausage into small pieces.

Finely chop the parsley. We send it along with the sausage to the dough.

Crush the sweet pepper and also add it to the rest of the compound.

Stir very carefully and gently until smooth.

Pour the ladle of dough with the filling into the pan and bake it from both sides.

Recipe 4. Pancakes with sausage “Delicious Pretzel”


• two cups of milk;

• 350 gr. flour;

• three eggs;

• two spoons of Art. Sahara;

• 1/2 spoonful of salt.

• a piece of bacon;

• 200 gr. milk sausage.

Cooking Method:

In the bowl of the mixer, beat eggs with milk, salt and sugar.

Portions add flour and prepare the dough.

Cut the sausage into thin straws.

Heat the pan and grease it with a piece of bacon.

Put a big pinch of sausage on the bottom. Pour ladle dough from above.

After a minute, turn the pancake over and fry from the back side.

Remove from the pan on a large plate.

Recipe 5. Pancakes with sausage “A rich dish”


Dough for pancakes:

• 0.370 kg of flour;

• two eggs;

• two cups of water;

• 1/2 tsp sugar and salt;

• 50 ml vegetable oil.


• 200 gr. sausages;

• two tomatoes;

• 150 gr. hard cheese;

• five branches of dill.

Cooking Method:

Prepare the dough in the same way as in the third recipe.

Slice the sausage into strips.

Clean and dried dill finely shred.

Turn hard cheese into thin stripes with a grater.

Cut tomatoes into thin half rings.

We bake pancakes from two sides on sunflower oil. We remove on a large plate.

In the middle of the pancake lay out alternately pieces of sausage, greens, tomatoes. Sprinkle with a handful of cheese. We turn off the envelope. To prevent the filling from falling out, fry the pancake part where the envelope is wrapped.

Recipe 6. Pancakes with sausage and mushrooms


• ten pancakes;

• 150 gr. boiled sausage;

• four fresh champignons;

• a few sprigs of parsley;

• one onion;

• pepper and salt;

• five tablespoons of art. mayonnaise.

Cooking Method:

Pancakes are cooked in the same way as in the first recipe.

Finely chop the mushrooms and onions. Salt, sprinkle with pepper. Fry until cooked mushrooms. We shift in a deep platter.

Cut the sausage into strips.

Chop parsley finely.

Add greens and sausage to a plate with mushrooms. The filling is well mixed.

Lubricate the inner surface of the pancake with half a tablespoon of mayonnaise. Put the stuffing on one of the edges.

Wrap the pancakes rolls. We also fold the side edges inwards. It turns out a closed roll.

Heat the pan again, add some butter and heat the pancakes.

Recipe 7. Pancakes with sausage and carrot


• twelve pancakes;

• 300 gr. boiled sausage;

• one carrot and onion;

• salt;

• Pinch of coriander and curry.

Cooking Method:

We bake pancakes in any of the ways described above.

Sausage is slightly frozen and then cut into thin strips.

Chop carrots and onions into small pieces and fry until done.

Vegetables leave for about fifteen minutes and then mix with sausage.

We pepper and add spices.

Approximately one tablespoon of the filling is placed in the middle of the pancake and turn it into an envelope.

Eat the dish hot. Therefore, pancakes with sausage are heated for one minute in a microwave or fried in butter for a while.

Recipe 8. Pancakes with sausage and cabbage



• one cup of flour and starch;

• two eggs;

• 0.37 liters of milk;

• 50 ml of sunflower oil;

• 30 gr. Sahara;

• half liter salt.


• 200 gr. smoked sausage;

• two bulbs;

• one spoonful of paprika;

• 1/2 kg of cabbage;

• two spoons of Art. tomato paste;

• a pinch of salt.

Cooking Method:

Two eggs rubbed with sugar and salt.

Mix flour with starch, sift and pour into the egg mass. We introduce milk in a thin stream and mix well.

Pour in vegetable oil. All stir again.

Fry pancakes and leave them to cool slightly.

Peel the onions, cut into small cubes and fry for about five minutes.

Chop cabbage and add to the pan. We continue to simmer the vegetables on low heat for eight to ten minutes.

Cut the sausage into small cubes and add to the pan.

Put the tomato paste, add the paprika, salt and cook for another five minutes.

Remove from heat and cool.

In the center of the pancake put two teaspoons of the filling and wrap the envelope.

Before serving, heat in the microwave or oven.

Pancakes with sausage - tricks and useful tips

  • In the right dough for pancakes, the amount of liquid and flour should be about the same.
  • Only fresh yeast should be used. With their number can not overdo it.
  • The dough at all stages of cooking should be ground and whipped thoroughly so that there is not a lump in it before baking pancakes.
  • In order to have a layer of butter that is smooth and the same for all pancakes, it is not worth pouring into the pan. They grease the surface of the saucepan. For this purpose, you can use a piece of potato or onion impaled on a fork.
  • In order not to spoil the first pancake, the pan should be heated well.
  • The edges of the pancakes with sausage that remain outside can be lightly smeared with mayonnaise. This will help the roll not to unwind and keep the shape.
  • As soon as the pancake on the pan starts to rise and redden, it must be turned over, otherwise it may become too dry, and even worse, it may be burnt.
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