Cooking with pleasure: chocolate-orange cake. Recipes simple and complex orange cakes with chocolate and without

Cooking with pleasure: chocolate-orange cake. Recipes simple and complex orange cakes with chocolate and without

People who do not like oranges or chocolate probably do not exist. Bright sunny citrus and velvet chocolate, complementing each other, only emphasize the taste of each other. By the way, both chocolate and citrus have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, causing a feeling of pleasure.

Would you like such an exquisite dessert not to be too complicated to prepare, and would you please your friends and relatives more often? Such recipes exist.

Chocolate Orange Cake - Basic Technological Principles

Of course, to tell about the features of cooking all the cakes with chocolate and oranges is an impossible task, in one article. Therefore, we will focus on the more significant technological aspects of those cakes, the recipes of which are attached below.

First group - cakes without baking, the easiest dessert according to the way of cooking. There are several pleasant moments in the technology of making such cakes that any hostess will like, even if she has never been interested in pastry secrets before:

Cake without baking is prepared very simply, bypassing the stage of kneading dough, baking it. For the base, you can use cookies, waffles, cornflakes, meringues - everything that tells imagination and taste.

If the guests are already on the doorstep, but there is no dessert, then do what the English housewives do: they collect all the sweets that were in the kitchen at this moment, cut them into pieces or just break, pour melted chocolate, jam, condensed milk - and treat is ready. Even very interesting recipes they get.

You can combine fruit with cottage cheese or “Mascarpone”, fasten them with gelling ingredients, and put them on a biscuit or sandy basis. Here is the American-style cake ready for cheesecake!

It's great that for cake without baking, exact recipes are almost not required - so feel free to change the amount of ingredients to your liking, you can even replace them with others. If gelling is required for creams in a cake without baking, then use agar-agar - it sets faster and the cream on the basis of agar does not spread, standing on the table at 25C. Agar-agar easily maintains a stable structure even at 45 ° C, if you plan to serve dessert even on the beach at a hot summer afternoon.

As for the second group of cakes, where we do not pass the stage of cooking and baking the dough, here one must be more attentive to the observance of the recipe.

For example, for a standard biscuit cake mix, it is necessary that the ratio of liquid and wet ingredients of the dough be exactly the same. Some deviations are allowed: if the flour has a high moisture content, it is necessary to reduce the weight of the eggs; if eggs are of the first category, then the weight of one is about 70 g, unlike canteens, which have a mass of not more than 50 g. Remember that sugar, butter in the dough are liquid components, as they contain more water than solid matter .

The temperature regime during baking depends on the amount of dough, the size of the mold, and the characteristics of the oven.

Starting to prepare a cake according to any of the selected recipes, think over the working order in advance, prepare kitchen equipment, equipment: confectionery and cooking in cooking - aerobatics, therefore sometimes, in the process of work, compilation and thorough preliminary preparation will decide everything. But, the main thing is desire. Any dish is possible when you cook it with the soul.

1. Gourmet chocolate-orange cake with mirror icing (complex recipe)

For butter-chocolate sponge cake:

Sugar 75g

Flour 55 g

Cocoa (99.8%) 20 g

Eggs, dietary 2 pcs.

Oil (soft) 60 g

Baking powder (baking powder) 7 g

Orange Peel 20 g

Vanilla essence 7 mg

For the second layer:

Hazelnuts 100 g

Caramel 120g

Chocolate, black (100%), black 1 tile

Orange Peel 40 g

Orange layer:

Peeled orange slices +/- 200 g

Fresh, Orange 450 ml

Refined Sugar

Agar Agar 8 g

For chocolate mousse:

White sugar 170 g Starch, corn 30 g

Homemade or whole milk 350 ml

Peel and 200 ml of juice, fresh orange

Eggs of the first category 2 pcs.

Cream, warmed (33%) 350 ml

Agar Agar 10g

Chocolate, natural black (without fillers) 150 g

For glacier:

Sugar 150 g

Invert syrup (light) 150 g

Boiled water 150 ml

Cocoa 30g

Pastry Cream 170 ml

Dark chocolate 180 g

Instant gelatin 15 g

Cooking Technology:

Shape a biscuit (ᴓ 24 cm) with a removable bottom cover with parchment. Preheat the oven.

Beat eggs with sugar until small bubbles of foam form. Add oil, vanilla extract. Combine the flour, baking powder and cocoa, mix, and sift the mixture into beaten eggs. Stir the dough with a spatula, add fresh orange zest. Pour the dough into the form, bake for 25-30 minutes at 180 ° C. Cool the sponge cake on the grill. Remove from the form of ready-made semi-finished product, turn it upside down, remove the parchment.

Prepare praline. It is possible for convenience and speed of cooking to use caramel candy: combine them with nuts, chop. Pour this mass with melted chocolate bar, do not forget to add orange zest, and also mix until smooth.

Put the cooled cake back into the mold. On it is a layer of praline. Put the mold in the freezer so that the semi-finished product is well frozen.

Next is the orange layer: pour 100 ml of fresh citrus juice into a small saucepan, pour the agar-agar into it, let stand for ten minutes, and boil the solution for 2 minutes from the beginning of boiling. Add the rest of the juice and sugar to the mixture. Cool jelly mass to 50 ° C. Cut the orange slices into medium slices (remember to remove membrane films and seeds from the fruit).

Place the slices of oranges on a layer of frozen praline and cover with orange jelly. Put in a refrigerator until completely solidified (approximately for 15 minutes). After curing, the resulting cake blank is transferred into the same shape, but with a larger diameter (26 cm).

Start cooking chocolate mousse. Boil milk with orange zest. Beat eggs with sugar (70 g). Add the starch by sifting it through a sieve. Stir until lumps are removed. Hot milk, straining through a strainer, to remove the peel, pour into the egg mass, stirring with a whisk. Put the cream back on the fire and boil until well thickened, with continuous stirring. Add chocolate to the hot cream so that it melts and mix until smooth. Cool at room temperature, covering the cream with a film so that it does not become covered with a crust.

Agar-agar (10 g) dissolved in orange juice (200 ml), add sugar (100 g) and bring to a boil. Syrup should thicken. Warm custard mix with fruit jelly.

Whip the cream and add them to the cream too. Fill a pastry bag with cream and fill the form with the cake, starting to pour it over the edge of the mold, in order to fill the free space on the edges, and then the surface. To make the cake completely frozen, put it in the fridge.

Transfer the frozen mousse cake to a stand and cover with a mirrored chocolate glaze.

When the icing hardens, decorate the cake with praline pieces, chocolate chips, orange candied fruits.

For chocolate icing, mix half the water with gelatin, and pour the second part of water into a small saucepan, mix with sugar and syrup. Boil the syrup until boiling. Add the chocolate, cocoa, cream and dissolved gelatin, constantly beating the glaze with a whisk. Cover the cake with icing is necessary at a temperature of 35C.

2. “Delicia” - chocolate-orange cake (high complexity of preparation)

For biscuit base:

Essence Orange 7 mg

Salt 2 g

Sugar 120g

Baking powder 11 g

Eggs 5 pcs.

Starch 40 g

Flour 100 g

For orange jelly with fruit:

Ripe oranges 1.2 kg

Gelatin, instant 25 g

Water boiled 300 ml


For the “Bavarian” cream:

Sugar 150 g

Yolks 5 pcs.

Vanilla concentrate 4 ml

Water 70 ml

Chocolate, baking 200 g

Cream, fat 320 g

Gelatin, food 20 g

Milk 400 ml

For decorating: Cocoa powder 50 g

Cream, hot 100 ml

Candied Orange Slices

Chocolate 300 g


Combine flour with starch and baking powder. Smash eggs with sugar, adding essence and a pinch of salt, to a creamy consistency. Carefully, trying not to destroy the air bubbles in the egg mass, enter the dry mixture, sifting it through a sieve. After adding the flour mixture, stir the biscuit dough with a spatula. Immediately pour the finished dough into a form with a removable bottom, lined with parchment. The diameter of the mold is 20-22 cm. Bake at 180 ° C. Cool the finished sponge on the grid, remove from the form.

Put the prepared sponge on a plate with a removable high board. Gelatin dissolved in water with sugar, brought to a boil. When cooking the syrup, add orange zest to enhance the orange flavor. Hot jelly pass through a sieve.

Place the slices of oranges without films and stones on the surface of the sponge cake, pour them in a solid jelly and transfer the cake to the refrigerator in a fridge.

For the custard, beat the yolks with half the cooked sugar prepared for the cream. Gelatin dissolve in cold boiled water. With the second half of the sugar, bring the milk to the boil. Pour the boiled milk into a yolk mass. Stir, quickly working with a whisk. Pour the cream back into the pan and cook until thick. In a hot cream, melt the chocolate, mix and add the gelatin. Cream cover film and set aside.

Beat cream until firm foam, and enter in them, cooled down to 18-20C, cream.

Move the cake to a larger diameter mold and cover with cooked mousse. Put the dish with the cake for five to six hours in the refrigerator.

Prepare a chocolate decor. Melt chocolate in hot cream. Optionally add rum or brandy (25-30 ml). Smash the chocolate with the cream with a mixer and place in a pastry bag. Squeeze out 10-12 chocolate rosettes or other figures on the prepared sheet of foil. Transfer to the freezer for a few minutes.

Remove the cake from the mold, sprinkle the surface with cocoa, through a strainer. In a circle lay chocolate figures and slices of candied oranges.

3. Orange cake - tiramisu with cream without baking. Recipe for beginners confectioners


Biscuit roll with cherry 2 pcs. 0.5 kg

Agar Agar 10g

Oranges 1.5 kg

Sugar to taste

Cream 300 ml


Ready roll cut into pieces up to 1.5 cm. Take a large bowl with a rounded bottom and cover it inside with a film. Tightly lay the roll slices on the inner surface, starting from the center of the container.

With oranges, remove the zest and put it in the cream. Add sugar to them, bring the cream to a boil. Fruits peel and membrane partitions, cut the flesh into slices. Drain 300 ml of juice into a separate dish and dissolve the agar-agar in it. To do this, put the juice on the stove and let it boil. Mix the cream, pieces of fruit and jelly. Cool the cream to 50 ° C and pour it into a bowl of biscuit roll.

When the cream is almost frozen, lay a layer of slices of roll on top of it. Clean for freezing. Turn the cake over on the dish. Garnish with orange zest and whipped cream. Put on the cream several candied cherries.

4. “Tropiki” is an orange cake with coconut-almond flavor. A simple recipe without baking


For the basics:

White chocolate 350 g

Cream, fatty 100 ml

Almond flakes 90 g

Coconut 40 g

Wafers, lemon (or Artek) 500 g

Condensed milk 200 g

Oil 80 g

“Amaretto” (liqueur or essence) to taste

For cream and jelly layer:

“Mascarpone” 400 g

Pastry cream 350 g

Agar Agar 5 g

Water 100 ml

Gelatin, crystalline 20 g

Milk 200 ml

Oranges (peeled slices) 350 g


Icing sugar 250 g

For decor:

Sugar 170g

Boiled water 180 ml

Sugar syrup, invert (or glucose, confectionery) 120 g

Cognac 30 ml

White chocolate 200 g

Gelatin, crystalline 15 g

Condensed milk 200 g

White dye, food grade (titanium dioxide) and green, gel

Cooking Technology:

Start by making white and green mirror glazes, because they have to stand in the fridge for a while. Pour gelatin with hot water (80 ml). Add sugar, glucose or syrup to the rest of the water. Heat, but do not bring the mixture to a boil. Add condensed milk, mix. In a hot mixture, melt the chocolate pieces. Enter the gelatin solution, brandy to add shine and flavor. Beat the blender, keeping it tilted: try not to create bubbles. After whipping, pass the liquid mass through a sieve to remove impurities, as well as reduce the number of bubbles. Add titanium dioxide to whiten the white chocolate glaze, as it will have a cream color. After separating the third part of the prepared glaze, add in it a green gel dye. Mix the dyes to obtain a smooth and saturated color. Put both parts in a jar, cover tightly with plastic wrap and put in the freezer.

In a large bowl, fold the wafer chips, almond and coconut flakes, mix. In a saucepan, heat the cream, melt the butter and white chocolate in them. Add liqueur or essence to the liquid mixture, combine with dry waffle-almond crumb. Stir to a smooth consistency.

Put the cooked mixture on the bottom of a detachable form, a layer of 1.5 cm. Smooth and tamp, put in the refrigerator.

Prepare an orange layer. Dissolve the agar-agar in water, add 80 g of sugar, put the solution on the stove, boil and cool to 45-50 ° C. Put slices of oranges on the frozen base and pour fruit jelly. Again, remove the cake in the cold for an hour.

Whip cream cheese with sugar, whisk cream separately. Combine cream and cheese mass, mix. Add the filtered gelatin solution (20 g per 200 ml of warm milk), vanilla powder.

Transfer the frozen cake to a larger diameter shape, using a pastry bag, sift the curd cream, filling the entire shape on the sides, covering the surface of the cake. Leave in the refrigerator for 6 hours. Then put the cake on a stand with a tray. Heat the icing to 35 ° C. Cover the cake first with white icing, completely, and then pour green to form dripping drops: white icing should be visible on the sides of the cake. Place candied slices or orange jelly, almonds, coconut chips on the frozen surface.

5. Trio chocolate orange cake

For cake:

Flour 80 g

Corn Starch 30g

Eggs 5 pcs.

Sugar 120 Sal


Sugar 200 g

Eggs 3 pcs.

Oranges 400 g

Gelatin 30 g

Oil 180 g

Milk 250 ml

Cream (38%) 500 ml

Strawberry 300 g

Agar Agar 7g

Powder 250 g

Water 100 ml

Cocoa, oranges and strawberries in sugar, whipped cream - for decoration


For sponge cake mix dry ingredients. Beat the whites and yolks separately with sugar, combine them. In the total mass, sift the dry mixture, mix the dough, pour it into the prepared mold; bake until done.

Put the cooled sponge on the grill so that it stands.

Soak the gelatin. Beat 3 eggs with sugar. Boil the milk with fresh zest, strain, pour into the beaten egg mass. Brew cream, add oil to it when cool and beat until resistant peaks, enter gelatin, add chopped pieces of oranges.

Put the chocolate sponge in the form. Spread on it cream. Cool the cake.

Beat the cream with the powder and place the dissolved agar-agar. In strawberry cream, put the strawberries, after having washed it and dried: large berries can be cut into halves, and the middle ones - put whole. Put the second cream on the cake too, level the top and let it cool.

Sprinkle the surface, sifting on the cocoa cake. Remove the split form. Place the cake on a stand or dish. Decorate the side with a confectionery syringe with whipped cream, and put slices of oranges and strawberries on top.

6. Orange Jelly Cake

Composition of products:

Biscuit 0.6 kg

Oranges 2 pcs.

Fresh, Orange 300 ml

Agar-Agar 10 g (for cheese mass and fruit jelly)

Cream cheese 400 g

120 g powder

Chocolate 300 g

Meringues 150 g

Milk 100 ml

Water 70 ml

Working order:

This cake is prepared similar to previous recipes. Ready biscuit must be put in the form. In 70 ml of water dissolve the agar. Pour the milk into the saucepan, put the chocolate and melt. Mixing the chocolate mass, pour in the dissolved agar-agar. Pass through a sieve when it cools down slightly. Shake chocolate with butter cream. Crumble the meringues, not very finely, and add them to the curd-chocolate cream. Stir. Put the mass on the biscuit base in the form. Let the cream harden. Scald oranges with boiling water, cut into rings, together with the peel. Put them on a frozen cream.

Add sugar to taste in orange juice, boil it, enter the second part of the agar. Cool slightly orange jelly and cover them with oranges.

Chocolate Orange Cake - Tips and Tricks

  • In order not to stand above the saucepan with a whisk, you can put a container with cream or icing on the steam bath, and it will not burn, and you will have to mix it up considerably less.
  • The biscuit cake mix after baking, ideally, should be kept for at least eight hours. Cake preparation, in general, consists of several time consuming steps. Therefore, divide the work so that it is not necessary in one day to engage in the preparation of cakes and cream. Then the work will go on, the biscuit will acquire a stable texture after proofing, and without feeling particularly tired, each housewife will bake cakes much more often.
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