Cooking tender cottage cheese in a slow cooker from sour milk. How to make cottage cheese in a slow cooker from milk, recipes with it

Cooking tender cottage cheese in a slow cooker from sour milk. How to make cottage cheese in a slow cooker from milk, recipes with it

Arguments in favor of home-made cottage cheese are in principle similar to any calls for a rational and balanced diet.

To use a multicooker for this purpose, as usual, save time and get an absolutely identical product each time.

The main thing is that the original components are of high quality.

Cottage cheese in a multi-cooker made from milk - general principles of cooking

• Prepare cottage cheese in a slow cooker not only from sour milk. For its preparation in such a “saucepan” you can take both fresh and slightly acidified dairy product. The main quality requirement is that milk should not have a sharp unpleasant smell and should not be bitter. It is best to use homemade milk. Milk product long-term storage contains preservatives that interfere with quick grafting.

• The amount and fat content of cottage cheese depends on the fat content and quality of the dairy product. The fatter milk, the greater the yield of cottage cheese and, accordingly, the higher its fat content.

• Cottage cheese in a slow cooker made from sour milk to be cooked in just a few minutes. Making a dairy product from fresh or slightly acidified milk takes a little longer. Such a dairy product should first be brought to the condition of sour milk (curdled).

• To speed up the process of folding use special starters or add sour cream. After that, the milk is kept on certain programs of the multicooker to speed up the process and the separation of sour milk into whey and curd. Often, calcium chloride is used to quickly coagulate milk. It not only quickly stirs the milk, but also saturates the initial product with calcium.

• Next, decant the serum and get the curd. This requires gauze, folded in two layers, a colander or a sieve and a bowl.

• The lack of cottage cheese in a slow cooker made from sour milk is that it cannot be stored and consumed for a long time without prior heat treatment. But from this product you can cook delicious and healthy dishes. Such as vegetable terrine or casserole, their recipe is described below. Cottage cheese from fresh or slightly sour milk is suitable for preparing desserts and ice cream.

Delicate home-made cottage cheese in a slow cooker made from milk with leaven


• two liters of 3.2% pasteurized milk (cow);

• four spoons of “Bifidumbacterin” ferment.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour the milk into a clean multicooker bowl.

2. Add “Bifidumbacterin” and mix well. You can replace the factory leaven with sour cream.

3. Close the lid and run the “Yoghurt” option on the panel for five hours.

4. After the end of the installed program, set the timer for one hour, set the temperature to 95 degrees and turn on the “saucepan” again, but in the “Multipovar” mode.

5. Put the finished cottage cheese on a colander or a sieve, covered with two layers of cheesecloth, and wait until all the serum is drained. To make the liquid go better, tie the cheesecloth with the curd in the form of a bag and hang it over a bowl for a while.

6. About 400 grams of cottage cheese is obtained from the specified amount of milk.

Cottage cheese in a multi-cooker made from milk, enriched with calcium (calcined)


• full-fat milk, homemade - 2 l .;

• 10% solution of medical calcium chloride - 20 ml.

Cooking Method:

1. Gently open the calcium chloride ampoule and select a solution from it with a syringe through the needle. In order not to be injured by the glass when opening, well wrap the top of the ampule with a cotton swab.

2. Pour the milk into the brew bowl. With a syringe, remove the needle and squeeze the chloride solution into the milk, mix.

3. For 20 minutes, turn on the slow cooker, setting the option “Extinguishing”.

4. After that, open the lid and check if the milk has curdled well. It should be divided into two layers: whey, located below, and curd mass, lying quite dense layer on its surface. If this does not happen, turn on the previous mode for another quarter of an hour and periodically check. Once the milk is well curd, turn off the slow cooker.

5. Cover a soft sieve with a couple of layers of gauze and pour the contents of the bowl into it. Substitute a small bowl under the sieve and leave it for half an hour. 6. Then tie the cheesecloth with a bag and hang it for a couple of hours over a bowl.

7. Get about a pound of calcined cottage cheese.

Gentle silky cottage cheese in a multi-cooker made of milk with sour cream


• “factory”, 3.2% milk - 1 l .;

• 50 ml of fat sour cream.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour fresh, not sour milk into the cooking container installed in the housing.

2. Set the minimum time on the timer and start the slow cooker in “Baking” mode.

3. After four minutes, interrupt the program.

4. Enter sour cream into warm milk and leave for souring for ten hours without removing the bowl from the body.

5. Then sour milk can be kept for one and a half hours on the “Heating”. Do not overdo it, otherwise the curd will gain “rubber” density.

6. After that, remove the bowl from the body and cool its contents.

7. Using a large skimmer, carefully remove the curd from the whey and place it on the gauze spread over the colander.

8. After you take out all the curd mass, tie the edges of the gauze so that you get a bag, and hang it. Be sure to substitute a deep plate under it.

9. If you like dry cottage cheese, after the extra whey comes off, put a bag of cottage cheese under the load.

10. Out of a liter of fatty homemade milk, there will be about 250 grams of tender cottage cheese at the exit.

A classic recipe for cottage cheese in a slow cooker made from sour milk

To prepare high-quality cottage cheese according to the classic recipe, you need to take well-soured milk. It should not have an unpleasant smell and rancid taste.


• sour cow milk - 1 l.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour the sour milk to the condition of yogurt in a clean cooking container installed in the multicooker housing.

2. Turn on “Preheat” and hold the milk on this program for one hour. During this time, yogurt is well curdled, and divided into whey and cottage cheese.

3. Remove the bowl from the body, pour the contents onto the gauze spread out on the sieve, and leave for a few hours. 4. Then tie the cheesecloth with the curd bag and squeeze lightly to get the whey residues.

Cottage cheese in a slow cooker made from sour milk with lemon juice


• 1 l. milk beginner sour;

• small lemon.

Cooking Method:

1. Remove the cooking bowl from the body and scald it with boiling water.

2. Wipe dry with a clean towel and pour into it begin to acidify the milk.

3. Place the filled bowl back into the body and turn the “saucepan” into the “Frying” mode.

4. Rinse a lemon, cut it in half and squeeze the juice well, strain. To make the juice stand out more, hold the whole citrus for two minutes in hot water.

5. As soon as bubbles appear on the surface of the milk, pour in freshly squeezed lemon juice, about 30 ml. Add the juice slowly, while stirring the milk quickly. It will quickly turn off.

6. After that, move the curled mass into a colander lined with gauze and leave in it.

7. When most of the serum comes off, i.e. after about two hours, tie the edges of the gauze. Form a ball out of the curd and place it on a metal sieve, and place a load on top.

“Sweet rolls” - dessert from cottage cheese in a multi-cooker made from milk


• 400 gr. cottage cheese according to any recipe above;

• sour cream 15% - 1 tsp;

• six teaspoons of powdered sugar;

• a teaspoon of honey;

• 100 gr. fresh or frozen strawberries;

• prunes without stones - 100 gr .;

• small banana;

• white and pink coconut flakes.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the banana in long strips.

2. Wash and dry the strawberries. Two thirds of the berries chop with a knife into pieces, and cut the rest into thin slices.

3. Wash prunes and leave for 10 minutes in warm water. Then dry and cut each berry along, in half.

4. Split the cottage cheese on the sieve divided into two equal parts. Mix one with sour cream and honey, and the other with powdered sugar and strawberry pieces. Beat both masses separately using a kitchen processor (blender) to a pasty state. 5. Spread cling film on a table or cutting board and sprinkle it liberally with pink coconut chips. Put a curd mass of white color on it with a rectangular layer, smooth it.

6. Lay one half of the prunes and strawberry slices along one wide edge. Gradually lifting the film on one side, carefully wrap everything in a roll. Do not remove the film.

7. Do the same with strawberry curd mass, spreading it on white chips, and using banana strips for the filling.

8. Put the finished cottage cheese rolls in the fridge for half an hour to set.

9. After that, remove the film from the rolls and cut them across into pieces.

“Tsar's Casserole” with cottage cheese in a slow cooker made from sour milk


• two eggs;

• three tablespoons of sugar;

• half a cup of semolina;

• cottage cheese - 400 gr .;

• one large sweet apple;

• two spoons of fat sour cream;

• a small piece of butter, natural.

Cooking Method:

1. Put cottage cheese in a bowl and knead all the lumps with a fork.

2. Separate the yolks from the whites (2 eggs). Add the yolks to the curd, and beat the whites in a separate bowl with sugar.

3. Add semolina, sour cream to the cottage cheese and mix thoroughly.

4. Cut the half of the peeled apple into small-sized slices and add to the curd mass with the proteins. Stir gently.

5. Moisten the brewing container well with butter and place the curd mass in it.

6. Cut the rest of the apple into thin slices, spread on the surface of the casserole, and press lightly. Brush the surface with a beaten egg.

7. Set the baking mode on the multicooker and turn it on for half an hour.

“Creme brulee” - ice cream from cottage cheese in a slow cooker (milk)


• 50 ml of pasteurized 3.2% milk;

• cottage cheese - 200 gr .;

• 1/2 cans of boiled condensed milk;

• milk chocolate.

Cooking Method:

1. With any food processor (blender or food processor), beat the cottage cheese with boiled condensed milk to a pasty state. 2. Pour in milk and repeat beating.

3. Then spread the curd mass in silicone molds and store for 5 hours in the freezer.

4. Before serving, the molds should be removed, and the ice cream sprinkled with chocolate chips.

Vegetable terrine with cottage cheese


• half a kilo of cauliflower;

• onion;

• small young zucchini;

• garlic - 3 small slices;

• two yellow bell peppers;

• tomatoes - 3 pcs .;

• high quality olive oil;

• any spices - to taste;

• 150 gr. hard cheese;

• cottage cheese - 200 gr.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash the peppermints, wipe them dry with a towel, lay them on the baking tray and bake for half an hour at 200 degrees. Then cool slightly, peel each of the seeds and peel, and cut into small pieces.

2. Disassemble cauliflower into inflorescences immerse it in boiling water and boil for a quarter hour over low heat.

3. With tomatoes and zucchini, remove the peel and cut into small cubes.

4. Chop the garlic with a knife. Rub cheese into a large crumb.

5. Pour two tablespoons of butter in a thick-walled frying pan and fry onion and garlic on it for about two minutes. Then add the zucchini with tomatoes and continue to simmer until all the moisture has evaporated.

6. Divide the cottage cheese into three equal parts and arrange in separate bowls.

7. Mix one with the pulp of bell pepper and 1/3 grated cheese.

8. Second with chopped cauliflower, and also add a third of the cheese to the mixture.

9. In the third, put the cooled roasted vegetables, the remaining cheese and stir as well.

10. Do not forget to lightly salt each mixture.

11. Cover the small rectangular form with parchment, brush the paper with olive oil and place the curd masses into it in dense layers. First, a mixture of cottage cheese with bell pepper, then cabbage mass, and on it cottage cheese mixed with fried vegetables. Sprinkle the bottom layer with spices.

12. Smooth the top layer and slightly press down the contents of the mold (compact). 13. Bake vegetable terrine in the oven at 180 degrees within a quarter of an hour. Cool well and pour out of the form, turning over on a plate.

Cottage cheese in a slow cooker made from sour and fresh milk - cooking tricks and useful tips

• Do not heat coagulated milk for too long. As soon as the serum is well off, immediately filter. Otherwise, the protein will curtail, and the curd will be hard (rubber).

• From home-made milk curds get more.

• Grain size and also dry cottage cheese depends on the duration of decanting serum. The longer the cottage cheese is in the gauze bag in a suspended state, the drier the curd will be and its graininess will increase accordingly. With the same goals, you can put a small load on a bag of cottage cheese. Whey will come off faster and better.

• Do not add much calcium chloride to milk, otherwise the curd will taste bitter. Use a strictly prescribed recipe quantity.

• Calcined cottage cheese is good for children. It strengthens bones well. But do not abuse it. A large amount of calcium is harmful to the body, especially for older people.

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