Turkey kebab: recipes for tender meat. Secrets of the marinade for turkey kebabs: spicy, quick, kefir, wine

Turkey kebab: recipes for tender meat. Secrets of the marinade for turkey kebabs: spicy, quick, kefir, wine

Barbecue is an indispensable companion of every trip to nature. In summer, not a single trip to the country, and even more so a picnic, can do without it. Traditional recipes include the use of fatty meats - pork or lamb.

However, now there are more and more followers of the principles of healthy eating, preferring kebab from turkey. The meat of this bird is dietary, and when cooking on charcoal, it retains all its beneficial properties. In addition, the turkey very well absorbs various marinades, which allows you to experiment with flavors.

Turkey Barbecue - General Cooking Principles

Before you start to fry kebabs, you need to thoroughly prepare. One of the most important tasks is the choice of meat. You must decide which part of your body you will use: your hips, breasts, or legs. Thighs are the fattest part of the bird, and in the breast, on the contrary, there is no fat at all, but it is very dry. Different parts of the carcass can be combined, but try to cut them into equal pieces so that they are evenly baked.

If you plan to cook shish kebab on skewers, cut the meat should be large pieces of about 5 centimeters thick - so after frying the juice will remain in them. For skewers, three-centimeter cubes should be prepared (if you make the pieces larger, they will roll over from their own gravity).

Before cooking, turkey must be marinated. This will improve the taste of meat and significantly speed up the process of cooking kebabs. Rinse the meat under running water, cut the veins off it, put it in a saucepan. Add coarsely chopped onion, mix with salt and pepper. Squeeze 1 lemon into a saucepan, mix thoroughly again and insist 6 hours. This is one of the classic recipes for marinade for turkey kebabs, in fact, there are many more of them - based on wine, kefir, mineral water, etc. After the meat is marinated, it remains to plant the pieces on the skewers. Cook on charcoal for about 12 minutes.

Recipe 1: Spiced Turkey Barbecue

Quite a simple and budget version of the recipe, in which, besides the meat itself, only spicy seasonings and garlic are used.


• 1.5 kg of turkey thighs;

• 5 garlic cloves;

• half a spoonful of butter;

• half a spoonful of hop-suneli;

• half-spoon adjika;

• half a spoon of paprika;

• half a spoon of black pepper;

• salt.

Method of preparation

Rinse the turkey thoroughly, trim the veins from it, dry it. Cut into pieces of 5 centimeters. Crush the garlic, pour it into a glass or enameled pan, which you will use to marinate. Pour in the same spices, pour oil, mix everything thoroughly. Wait 10 minutes and add the turkey pieces, mix and leave for 2-3 hours under the lid.

After 3 hours, put meat cubes on skewers and cook on the grill for 12 minutes, turning the skewers every 2 minutes. After cooking, sprinkle the skewers in slightly with vinegar.

Recipe 2: Turkey Kebab with Sesame on Skewers

Another simple quick recipe. Infusion in sesame marinade is only 1 hour, which is very fast compared to other methods of pickling.


• half a pound of turkey breast;

• 3 tablespoons of butter and soy sauce;

• 1, 5 tablespoons of white sesame seeds.

Method of preparation

Wash and pat the turkey breast with paper towels to remove excess moisture. Remove the film, the veins, then cut into 3 cm pieces. Put in a saucepan, pour over with oil and soy sauce. Stir so that all pieces of meat are evenly covered with a mixture of butter and sauce, leave for 1 hour. For the time when the turkey marinates, put skewers in the water - so they will not absorb the juice. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and cook for 10 minutes in the oven or on the grill.

Recipe 3: Kebab from turkey in kefir marinade

The highlight of this dish is a kefir-based marinade. A turkey cooked this way is especially tender and juicy.


• turkey thighs - 1.8 kg;

• turnip onions - 4 pcs .;

• kefir - 2 glasses;

• sweet pepper - 2 pcs .;

• tomato puree - 2 tbsp. l .;

• a mixture of peppers;

• Lavrushka;

• salt.

Method of preparation

Wash, dry the meat, remove the veins. Then cut it into pieces of 5 centimeters. Cut the onion into rings, crush hands to form a juice. Pour the kefir into the pan, add the onion, the mixture of peppers, tomato puree, lavrushka, and salt. Separate pepper turkey pieces, put in marinade. Close the lid and infuse the clock 5-6. While the meat is marinated, prepare the coals. Chop the bell pepper. Strill marinated meat on skewers, alternating with pieces of pepper. Fry on charcoal for 10-12 minutes, not forgetting to turn the skewers over so that the meat does not burn.

Recipe 4: Turkey turkey skewers in mayonnaise on convection oven

The recipe for a kebab, for which you do not need to travel to nature, is enough to have a convection oven at home. Due to mayonnaise, the dish ceases to be a dietary one, but it acquires new taste qualities.


• 1 kg of turkey breast;

• 1 head of turnip;

• 150 g of mayonnaise;

• Italian herbs;

• ground black pepper;

• salt.

Method of preparation

Wash and dry the turkey fillets with a paper towel, remove the film and streaks. Cut the meat into pieces with a thickness of 3 centimeters, put them in a saucepan, salt and add spices. Shred onion and pour to turkey meat, pour mayonnaise into it, mix. Leave for about 3 hours under the lid closed in the refrigerator.

Fry for 15 minutes in a convection oven at 180 degrees, laying skewers on the upper and middle lattice. Then raise the temperature to 200 degrees and cook for another 10 minutes.

Recipe 5: Turkey Marinated Skewers

When cooking with this recipe, the taste of the final dish will depend on the time of marinating the meat. Turkey turkey can be kept in a wine marinade until 14 o'clock: the longer, the more tender and juicier it will become. In addition to the interesting taste, red wine will give turkey kebabs a beautiful rich color.


• 1.5 kg of turkey thighs;

• 300 g bacon;

• 6 bulbs;

• 3 tablespoons of olive oil and dry red wine;

• half a spoonful of salt;

• 10 peas from a mixture of peppers;

• 1 teaspoon dried basil;

• 1 tablespoon of milled paprika and sesame;

• half a spoonful of red ground pepper.

Method of preparation

Rinse the turkey, dry, clean the film and vein. Cut into pieces of 5 centimeters (or slightly thicker). For the marinade, chop the onion with ringlets, put in a bowl or pan, sprinkle with spices and crush to make juice. After that, salt, pour oil and wine. Stir, mix. Add the marinated pieces of meat and mix again. Fat cut into thin plates, put in a pan to the rest of the ingredients. Infuse under the closed lid for 14 hours. You can less, but then the meat will be less juicy. Cook shashlik on charcoal, turning the skewers every 2-3 minutes.

Recipe 6: A turkey skewers in the oven

When baking in the oven, the dish turns out as healthy and dietary as possible, preserving all the vitamins. In the basic recipe, the kebabs are moderately spicy, so if you like a hotter taste, add more horseradish and mustard.


• 650 g turkey breast;

• 2 tablespoons of soy sauce and vegetable oil;

• 1 tablespoon homemade horseradish;

• 1 teaspoon mustard;

• salt.

Method of preparation

Cut the washed meat into cubes approximately 2x2 centimeters. In a bowl, pour the olive oil and soy sauce for the marinade, mix with mustard and homemade horseradish. Sprinkle with salt if necessary. Add turkey pieces to the bowl with the prepared marinade, cover with a plate, for example, hold for 5 hours in the refrigerator. An hour before cooking, put skewers in the water soak. When the meat is pickled, put it on the prepared skewers, put it on a baking sheet and put it in the oven. Bake for half an hour at 200 degrees.

Recipe 7: Skewers of Turkey and Vegetables

This dish is not only tasty, but also beautiful due to the use of multi-colored vegetables. The recipe itself assumes variability: yellow pepper can be easily replaced with green, and new potatoes - with old.


Turkey Thighs - 1 kg;

zucchini - 1 pc .;

peppers of different colors - 2 pcs .;

new potatoes and onions - 3 pcs .;

oil - 4 tbsp. l;

fresh lemon juice - 1 tsp.

sesame oil - 0.25 cup;

apple juice - half a cup;

chopped garlic and ginger - 1 tablespoon;

ground black pepper - 1 tsp.

Method of preparation

Cut the turkey into pieces about 5 centimeters thick, put in a pan. To prepare the marinade in a separate bowl, mix the butter, soy sauce, apple juice, garlic, ginger and pepper. Pour the marinade in the pan to the turkey, stir, cover and hold for 8 hours in the refrigerator.

Cut peppers and zucchini into large pieces, young potatoes into thin circles, and onions in half. Mix lemon juice, oil, salt, pepper and add the mixture to the vegetables. Mix everything thoroughly, cover with cling film and leave for about half an hour.

Strung meat and vegetables on skewers, alternating between them. Cook turkey skewers on the coals for about 15 minutes, regularly turning the skewers.

Recipe 8: Asian marinade for turkey kebab

An exotic variant of marinade, built on a combination of sweet honey, salty soy sauce and spicy ginger. Lovers of oriental cuisine will definitely like it.


2 tablespoons of honey;

3 garlic cloves;

half a spoon of chopped ginger;

half a spoon of soy sauce;

1 lemon

Method of preparation

Put ginger, soy sauce and honey into a cup or a small bowl. Crush garlic, add to the rest of the ingredients, mix well. Then pour the mixture into the pan to the meat, mix, and make sure that all the turkey pieces are smeared with marinade. Cover the pot with a lid and leave for 3 hours.

Recipe 9: Allspice marinade for turkey kebabs

This marinade recipe is adapted to Russian culinary traditions. You can prepare it from the components that are always in every kitchen.


Cinnamon, cumin, milled pepper - 1 teaspoon;

Onion-turnip - 2 pcs .;

Lemon - 1 pc .;

Oil - 3 tablespoons.

Method of preparation

Pour the oil in a small bowl, mix with the spices and mix thoroughly. Chop the onion in small pieces. Prepared butter with spices and onions add to the pan to chopped turkey. Insisting meat in this marinade should be no more than three hours. At the end, squeeze the lemon into the pan and mix well so that all the pieces of meat are soaked with juice.

Turkey Barbecue - Tricks and Tips

  • For the preparation of marinades, it is better to use olive oil. It makes the taste and aroma of spices more saturated, and also well softens dry meat - for example, breast.
  • In order to check if the turkey kebab is ready, the meat should be carefully cut with a knife. Well-done turkey will be white.
  • Fresh vegetables are perfect as a side dish for this dish - just cut or in the form of a salad.
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