Salads for dinner - the best culinary recipes. How to properly and tasty salads to cook for dinner.

Salads for dinner - the best culinary recipes. How to properly and tasty salads to cook for dinner.

Salads for dinner - general principles of cooking

Every woman wants, having come home in the evening, to spend as little time as possible at the stove. To do this, you must always have on hand a couple of recipes with which you can quickly and easily cook a delicious, healthy salad for dinner.

We will offer you several options for such dishes. We hope that they will help you out.

Salads for dinner - preparing food and dishes

A good housewife is always on hand a set of ingredients, of which she, having shown her experience and skill, manages unexpectedly quickly for her household to cook an incredibly tasty salad for dinner.

And if something suddenly does not turn out to be at hand, any supermarket that is on the way will help. Boiled and raw vegetables, fresh fruit, any kind of cheese, a piece of ham or canned fish, a bag of mayonnaise - and the salad is ready.

Salad Recipes for Dinner:

Recipe 1: Salad for Black Pearl Dinner

A little bit of your efforts and skills, and an original salad worthy of becoming the main course of your romantic dinner, decorates the table.

Salad is best spread on a dish, using a special form in the form of a ring. If you did not have it, you can replace the ring, cut from a wide plastic bottle. As you can see, in this case, it can be very useful.

Ingredients Required:

- a pack of crab sticks (200 g);

- the same, 200 g, hard cheese;

- 50 g of butter and peeled walnuts;

- eggs (2 pieces);

- half a cup of prunes (pitted);

- mayonnaise.

To decorate the salad for dinner, prepare your favorite greens.

Cooking Method:

It should start with steaming prunes - it is necessary to wash and pour boiling water.

It is advisable to dry the nuts a little before using, using an oven or a frying pan. Such processing will make your salad for dinner even tastier. Make cuts in prunes, put in the pieces of walnut.

Cook hard-boiled eggs, cool, peel.

And peeled eggs, and chop the cheese with a large grater.

Through the same grater, skip the butter that has just been taken out of the fridge and the crab sticks released from the casing.

You can proceed to the calculation. This should be done, starting with a layer consisting of one egg.

On it - about a quarter of crab sticks.

Cover with mayonnaise.

On top of the mayonnaise put half the cheese mass, then - half the butter.

These layers are very soft and tender, so they don't need mayonnaise.

Put in the salad bowl all the prunes, and on it - the remaining crab sticks. Now you can put a layer of mayonnaise.

Send the rest of the cheese to the dish, then the remaining butter.

They lay the second grated egg, it will be the top of the salad.

Recipe 2: Salad for dinner with Peking cabbage

Do you want to get enough and do not worry that you have sinned by violating the holy-saints diet? Use this recipe.

Sliced ​​Chinese cabbage will make the salad juicy, garlic - spicy. Vegetables and crab sticks - a great composition for a light salad.

Ingredients Required:

- Peking cabbage (250 g);

- two tomatoes;

- packing of crab sticks (300 g);

- two cloves of garlic;

- mayonnaise;

- greenery.

Cooking Method:

Dice crab sticks.

Cabbage and tomatoes can be cut as you prefer - slices, straws, cubes.

Chop garlic in a press, chop the greens with a knife.

Put everything in your favorite salad bowl, fill with mayonnaise, add salt and pepper at your discretion. That's all - salad for dinner, very tasty and even savory, you can serve.

Recipe 3: Salad for Dinner Meat

And this is a recipe for dinner lovers. Layered salad allows you to enjoy each ingredient individually.

Make the volume of the dish bigger, and the next day you can have a quick dinner.

Ingredients Required:

- lean pork or chicken breast (300 g); - 400 g of potatoes and tomatoes;

- mayonnaise;

- two eggs.

Cooking Method:

And potatoes, and meat, and eggs should be boiled. And the potatoes - in uniform. When it cools down, peel and put in the fridge - it will have to be crushed on a coarse grater, and chilled potatoes will be easier to do this procedure. And cut it with a knife, by the way, is also much easier.

Meat and hard-boiled eggs cut into cubes.

Washed tomatoes with a sharp knife to cut into thin bars.

Spread salad need in layers. Tomatoes first. They must be salted on top and covered with mayonnaise (very moderately).

Next in the salad for dinner sent the meat, which do not forget to salt, add pepper and mayonnaise.

Do the same with potatoes, which will be the third layer of the dish.

The final layer will be crushed eggs seasoned with salt, pepper, mayonnaise.

Recipe 4: Salad for dinner with beets

This salad can surely be called a dish for lovers of healthy food. Each of its components will be approved by any nutritionist. Try to feed your family with this dish at least once a week.

Beets can be cooked the day before, then cooking dinner will be very fast.

Ingredients Required:

- beet medium size (1 piece);

- two apples;

- 50 g of raisins, prunes, walnuts;

- the same, 50 g, sour cream;

- a few cloves of garlic (to taste).

Cooking Method:

Wash beets, put stew.

While it is cooked until tender, and usually it takes up to 50 minutes, you can do other ingredients. By the way, if there is a pressure cooker - by all means use it, it will significantly shorten the waiting process.

Wash prunes and raisins, steam in hot water.

Garlic mashed under the press.

Peel nuts with a rolling pin.

Apples, washed and peeled, grind on a coarse grater.

Prunes, which have become soft after a water bath, cut into pieces.

All mix, add sour cream.

Healthy and tasty salad for dinner ready. Quick, isn't it? Especially if boiled beets are already waiting for their time in your refrigerator. If you forgot to cook it in advance - buy on the way to the supermarket.

Recipe 5: Salad for dinner with cod liver

What only recipes are not invented with cod liver! This one is the simplest. In a very short time you will get a delicious and original salad. Take note of it. In the presence of a tin of canned food and five eggs, you will at any time create an appetizing dish.

Ingredients Required:

- Bank of canned cod liver;

- five eggs;

- two medium onions;

- A couple of green onion stalks.

Cooking Method:

Cook hard boiled eggs. Split the yolks with the whites. Squirrels very finely chopped or rubbed on a fine grater.

Both finely chopped bulb and green onion. If you want to soften the taste of onion - pour it with boiling water.

Egg yolks mash, mix with onions, grind. Add the same canned oil.

Grind the liver thoroughly. You can do this with a fork, but the dinner salad will be more tender if you use a sieve or a blender.

Stir the liver with proteins.

All products mix. If the dish seems to you unsalted - add taste with a pinch of salt.

Salads for dinner - secrets and tips from the best chefs

If you want to eat right, always remember - in the evening the metabolism in the body slows down noticeably. Therefore, try making the salad for the evening meal easier. White chicken meat, various vegetables (with the exception of potatoes), eggs, low-fat fish are excellent ingredients for it.

You can speed up the preparation of salad by replacing fresh vegetables with frozen ones.

Salad salad with olive oil, it is rich in unsaturated fats, which makes it very useful for vessels and the heart.

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