How to beat whites for meringue, cream and icing. Secrets of the correct whipping of proteins and their use

How to beat whites for meringue, cream and icing. Secrets of the correct whipping of proteins and their use

Egg whites - the most simple and inexpensive option for making cakes, creams, desserts, glazes.

Whipped squirrels are needed both for making fluffy sponge cake and for soufflé.

However, working with the product is not easy.

It will not work if you do not know how to beat the squirrels correctly and what tools to use.

How to shake squirrels correctly - general principles of preparation

It would seem, what is simpler: you take an egg, separate the protein, energetically mix it with sugar and enjoy the result. Nothing like this. Beat whites with sugar is difficult even for experienced housewives, not to mention newbies. That mass does not turn into a thick foam, it falls off during baking, it spreads and does not thicken in the oven. The reason - in violation of cooking technology.

It is important to properly use the dishes and appliances for whipping. First of all, a wide bowl with rather high sides is needed, as in the process of whipping, the mass increases almost five times. Copper and glass containers are ideal for proteins, although you can use stainless steel utensils. Aluminum and plastic will not work.

The bowl should be perfectly clean, without traces of water, grease, dirt. Proteins are very sensitive to moisture and fat, so the dishes can be further degreased after washing, for example, wipe with a lemon wedge and a dry paper towel.

For the correct whipping of proteins into a thick foam, which is called strong peaks, you need an electric mixer with two classic nozzles-corolla. There is an alternative option in the form of a mechanical whisk for the cream and the usual pendant (manual whisk for beating), but the process will be longer, much more laborious and completely unpredictable.

Of the additional devices, you may need a stewpan to make sugar syrup, a coffee grinder for grinding sugar into powder, a plate with cold water (to further cool the protein mass while beating). A special device for separating proteins from yolks is also useful, although you can safely separate one from another directly in the shell. Before breaking the eggshell, it should be thoroughly washed and cooled. Warm proteins at room temperature whip harder. When whipping in addition to sugar or powder, an acidifier may be useful: vinegar, citric acid or juice, a pinch of salt. The classic ratio of mass of protein to mass of sugar is one to four.

To properly whip proteins into a thick foam, you need to start the mixer at a low speed. After a minute, the speed needs to be increased and to work at medium or high speed until the mass reaches the desired density. Usually the state of steep peaks is achieved in five to seven minutes.

When chipping proteins for sponge dough, the speed will have to be changed several times depending on the stage of work. Once the proteins are prepared and turned into a dense mass, you can connect them with the yolks.

How to beat whites for meringue

Air meringue is a delicious cake that can be eaten as an independent delicacy or used to decorate cakes. Bake it is not as easy as it may seem. It is necessary not only to know how to shake proteins, but also to choose the optimal temperature and baking time.


• a glass of fine white sugar or powdered sugar;

• four egg whites;

• thirty grams of dark chocolate.

Cooking Method:

The oven is heated to a temperature of 100 degrees.

Separate the whites from the yolks using any device.

You can carefully divide the shell into two halves and pour the yolk from one shell to another over the beating bowl. The protein will drain, and yellow will remain in the shell.

Turn the mixer on at low speed and start beating.

When proteins begin to thicken, gradually, just a spoon, add sugar.

Beat the whites with sugar at medium speed until the mass starts to “stand”, that is, it does not become dense, taut, smooth.

Cover the sheet with parchment paper. Whipped whites with sugar, place in a pastry bag and squeeze on parchment in the form of round bezhes.

Bake an hour, then turn off the oven and cool the meringues without removing from the oven.

Melt chocolate and pour the cakes.

How to beat whites for cream

For the preparation of delicious protein cream you need a little more ingredients. If you beat the whites correctly, then this cream will be a wonderful filling for cakes, pastries, cupcakes. It does not fall, it can be stored for a long time, up to one and a half days, without losing its taste and aesthetic properties. Thanks to the brewing of whipped proteins, they become completely safe.


• three medium sized eggs (first category);

• faceted glass of sugar, filled to the top risks;

• a pinch of salt;

• 100 ml of water;

• three or four grains of citric acid.

Cooking Method:

Wash and cool the eggs.

Pour sugar into a saucepan or a small saucepan and cover with water.

Cook sugar syrup over medium heat, dissolve sugar completely and boil it for five to seven minutes.

Check the sugar syrup readiness by dropping a drop in cold water. If the mass easily rolls into a ball, the syrup is ready.

Remove the eggs from the refrigerator and separate the whites from the yolks.

How to shake whites in a thick foam? First add a pinch of salt. With it, the mass will be better whipped.

Start beating the same way as described above, that is, at low speed.

Add citric acid and continue to work with a mixer until strong stable peaks are formed.

Without stopping the beating, pour boiling sugar syrup into the protein mass in a thin stream.

After all the syrup is used, continue beating until the mass cools.

To cool the cream faster, you can place the beating bowl on a plate with ice water.

After cooking, put the cream in the fridge or use immediately.

How to beat whites for biscuit dough

It is the properly whipped whites that will give the biscuit dough the necessary fluffiness and delicious taste. In order to obtain the desired result, one should not cool, but on the contrary, give the egg a room temperature. The bottom line is that warm protein is better saturated with oxygen, which means it turns out to be more magnificent.


• eight eggs;

• a pinch of salt;

• vanillin;

• spoon of lemon peel;

• a glass of sugar.

Cooking Method:

Separate the proteins and put them in the bowl.

Set aside the yolks.

Add a pinch of salt to the protein base.

Start beating salted proteins with minimal speed.

From the second minute, the speed will increase, in another two minutes, turn on the maximum speed.

Bring protein mass to a high cap, after which the speed of the device can be reduced to the minimum.

Add a spoonful of sugar, without stopping whipping. For each portion of sugar required one minute. Grains should be completely dissolved.

After getting a steady white tip, add lemon zest and vanilla, beat another minute at low speed.

One by one to enter the yolks.

When all the yolks are used, increase the speed to maximum and beat the eggs for three minutes.

The egg mass should be a nice beige color, airy consistency, it is good to keep the shape. On this basis, the biscuit simply does not have a chance to fall and fail.

It remains to add flour and other dry ingredients (cocoa, chocolate or coconut chips, coffee, etc.).

How to shake up whites for Easter cake

Kulich and ordinary muffins look great under a protein glaze. It is easy to prepare it, but the taste of the product will be more harmonious, delicate.


• two large egg whites;

• a glass of fine sugar or powder;

Whispering salt.

Cooking Method:

Separate the eggs into whites and yolks, put them in the refrigerator for cooling. After half an hour, add a little salt to the whites and put them in a bulk whisk.

At a slow speed, beat the whites with sugar until the initial thickening, gradually increasing the speed.

Gradually pour sugar or powder into the protein mass, without interrupting the beating. Work until the grains of sugar are completely dissolved.

Finished frosting should not drain from the spoon.

To apply glaze on completely cooled kulich or muffins.

Additionally decorate with pastry balls and leave in the room until it hardens.

How to beat whites for soufflé

When making any kind of soufflé, whipped whites are needed. They serve as the basis for lifting mass during baking.


• three chicken eggs;

• a pinch of salt.

Cooking Method:

Separate the squirrels, shift into a wide dish.

Proteins salted.

Beat the protein mass to thicken.

Proteins should increase four to five times, turn into a dense lush foam.

The yolks are whipped separately and mixed with the main component.

After the mass is whipped, it is mixed with the base, for example, whipped chicken minced meat.

How to shake squirrels correctly - tricks and useful tips

  • Only cold squirrels are perfectly whipped. To achieve the desired state, you can put them in the freezer for about ten minutes. There you can also place the beaters from the mixer.
  • The fluffiness of the foam depends on the dishes in which the egg whites are whipped. Very high and dense, it turns out it is in a copper container, which is rare for modern kitchens. The point is to achieve a uniform temperature in the process of whipping.
  • Aluminum tableware is absolutely not suitable for working with protein mass. Light metal is oxidized and turns white cream in gray tones.
  • Plastic whipping does not work either. The fact is that on its smooth, but porous surface, in any case, traces of fat remain, due to which it is impossible to achieve the desired foam opacity.
  • Fat, even in residual form, prevents proteins from rising. Mass loses at least a third in its volume.
  • If the eggs are fresh, they will beat longer, but they will hold a strong form better and longer. If the eggs are old, add salt or a drop of vinegar to the whipped protein.
  • The stability of the whipped protein mass will be given not only by vinegar and salt, but also lemon juice or lime, citric acid.
  • A badly whipped protein is easily distinguished from a well-processed protein: you can see air bubbles in it. No code will burst, the mass will settle, will lose its pomp.
  • If all of the sugar is immediately poured into the protein foam, then it will immediately dissolve, the proteins will spread and it will be impossible to keep them out of shape.
  • A single dose of sugar when administered to proteins is no more than half a teaspoon. A faster result is obtained if you replace sugar (even the finest grinding) with powdered sugar. Thanks to sugar, the protein mass gains delicious smoothness and elasticity.
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