Potatoes baked in an oven sleeve are great! Potatoes in a roasting bag in the oven: classic and new recipes

Potatoes baked in an oven sleeve are great! Potatoes in a roasting bag in the oven: classic and new recipes

Potatoes are an important part of healthy and nutritious food.

It is fried, thrown into soup and salads, mashed air, cutlets and pancakes are prepared from it.

Potatoes - an excellent filling for pies and dumplings.

Dishes from it are in the menu of the best restaurants and simple cafes.

When ordinary potatoes are tired and want diversity, you can bake it in a sleeve in the oven. Such potatoes will be crispy and tender.

Despite its popularity and simplicity, it’s not always tasty to cook it, even for skilled cooks. Bake the potatoes so that the crust was appetizing, it is quite possible if you follow the recipe.

Potatoes in an oven roast bag - general principles of cooking

Yellow potatoes are best for baking. Starch content should be average.

For cooking in the oven selected tubers of medium size.

It is necessary to wash the potatoes with a kitchen brush and cut into slices.

It is prepared with or without peel.

Young potatoes do not need to be cleaned. He baked, as a rule, entirely.

You can boil the potatoes before boiling the baking sleeve for up to ten minutes. Then let cool slightly and add all other ingredients.

Preparing a dish with vegetable oil, bacon, bacon, carrots and onions.

Such spices are most appropriate: red ground paprika, rosemary, marjoram, black ground pepper, turmeric and thyme.

Potato slices are richly lubricated with these seasonings.

Harvest potatoes in a baking package in the oven spread on a baking sheet. Its surface should be covered with parchment and sprinkled with oil.

The finished dish is sprinkled with herbs, garlic or cheese.

It can be served separately or as a side dish with meat dishes.

Roasting time is forty to sixty minutes. The temperature in the oven is 200 degrees.

1. Potato baked in a sleeve in a rustic oven

A fragrant and hearty dish is prepared quickly and easily. A variety of spices turn ordinary potatoes into an original dish, which is not ashamed to treat anyone. Sour cream sauce favorably complements the dish.


• Eight potato tubers.

• Seven Art. l sunflower oil.

• Salt kitchen.

• Pepper.

• Two garlic cloves.

• 1/3 teaspoon of rosemary, marjoram and oregano.

• Three basil sprigs.

• Three feathers green onions.

For cream sauce:

• 0.150 kg 22% sour cream.

• Two cloves of garlic.

• 50 grams of dill.


Wash potato tubers thoroughly using a brush for vegetables. Cut lengthwise into four or six pieces.

Put the potatoes in the sleeve, pour in the spices and pour the sunflower oil. Shake to evenly distribute the seasonings into potato pieces.

Bake from half an hour to forty minutes.

Chop the garlic with a knife. Finely chop basil and onion.

Prepare the sauce: sour cream mixed with chopped garlic and dill. Salt and pepper. Stir everything.

Sprinkle ready potatoes with garlic, basil and green onions. To eat with sour cream sauce.

2. Potatoes in a package for roasting in the oven "Evening potatoes"

The taste of the potato is slightly sharp and at the same time very tender. The perfect meal for a family dinner.


• Five medium potatoes.

• 50 grams of hard cheese.

• Two sprigs of parsley.

• 50 ml vegetable oil.

• 1/2 teaspoon black pepper.

• One teaspoon ground paprika.

• One teaspoon kitchen salt.


Mix all the spices: pepper, paprika and salt.

Peeled potatoes cut into slices.

Put it in a strong plastic bag, pour out the spice mixture and shake to mix.

Open the bag again and add the vegetable oil. Re-mix everything. Pour the contents of the package in the sleeve for baking. Transfer to a baking sheet and send in the oven. Bake for about forty minutes.

Cut the parsley and chop the cheese. All pour into a deep bowl and stir.

Remove the ready potatoes from the sleeves and shift them to the cheese with parsley. Stir thoroughly.

3. Potatoes baked in the sleeve in the oven at home

The finished dish will provide a tasty and satisfying dinner or serve as a second course at a homemade dinner.


• Six potato tubers.

• Carrot.

• Onion head.

• Black pepper.

• Salt kitchen.

• Vegetable oil.

• Hazel cilantro.

• Lavrushka.


Peel the potatoes. Cut into five mm wide plates.

Grate the carrot and chop the onion into half rings.

Chop the cilantro.

Mix potatoes with onions and carrots. Sprinkle with cilantro. Salt and pepper. To mix everything. Add Lavrushka. Drizzle with sunflower oil.

Leave for five minutes.

Put everything in a baking bag. Spread evenly. Download to the oven for forty minutes.

4. Potatoes in a bag for roasting in the oven with lard

An abundance of spices will make the dish original and fragrant. Thanks to pieces of bacon, potatoes bake well and do not dry out.


• One kg of potatoes.

• Bouillon cube.

• 1/2 teaspoon basil, turmeric, marjoram, chili pepper.

• 0.150 kg of fat.


Peeled potatoes cut in half, put in a saucepan and pour boiling water. Add a bouillon cube. Potatoes should simmer on low heat for three or four minutes.

Drain the water. Potatoes need to cool slightly.

Mix all the spices.

Salo cut into small pieces. Stir in spices.

Pour the mixture into the potatoes and mix with a spoon.

Transfer the preparation to a baking bag and evenly distribute the potatoes.

Bake forty five minutes.

5. Potatoes baked in a sleeve in an oven in Belarusian

Dish, prepared according to this recipe will help to diversify the daily diet. It is best to bake young potatoes.


• One kg of potatoes.

• 0.200 kg smoked bacon.

• Onion.

• Vegetable oil two Art. spoons.

• Dill greens.

• Salt.

• Pepper.


Cut unpeeled potatoes in half, without cutting to the end.

Onions cut into rings, and brisket - on the plate.

Put a onion ring and a piece of brisket between each potato.

Chop the dill. Mix it with oil, salt and pepper. Add a quarter cup of boiling water.

Dip each piece of potato in the dill mixture and place in a roasting sleeve. Cook in the oven in the usual way for half an hour.

6. Potatoes in an entire roasting bag

A simple recipe will help prepare a tasty and nutritious dish. Potatoes can be served separately as a separate dish, or supplemented with fragrant tubers of meat dishes.


• One kg of potatoes.

• Three h. Spoons of dry adzhika.

• Five cloves of unpeeled garlic.

• Two teaspoons sweet paprika

• Olive oil - two tbsp. spoons.

• Salt.

• Art. spoon of wine vinegar.


Peel the potatoes. Cook for ten minutes.

Pour into a deep bowl in a single layer. Salt Each potato smear olive oil. Place in package for baking.

Pour olive oil into the bowl. Add the same vinegar. Pour out adjika and paprika. Put unpeeled garlic. To mix everything. Pour into a baking bag and mix with potatoes. Cook in the oven for three quarters of an hour.

7. Potato baked in an oven sleeve with bacon and hot pepper

Baked potatoes are really delicious and fragrant. Thanks to bacon, you get a hearty and nutritious meal.


• One kg of small potatoes.

• Three teaspoons of zira.

• Five cloves of garlic.

• Hot chili pepper. • Salt kitchen.

• 0.250 kg of bacon.

• Vegetable oil - four Art. spoons.


Cut bacon into small strips, then cut them into smaller pieces. Hot pepper cut into small rings.

Load the peeled potatoes into the sleeve. Add bacon, whole cloves of garlic and chilli with grains. Pour out the cumin and pour oil. Salt Mix everything by shaking and turning the bag.

Tie the sleeve and put it on the baking sheet. Potatoes baked in the sleeve in the oven, preparing an hour.

8. Potatoes in a package for roasting in the oven with dill

A simple dish that can cook even the one who first took up cooking. Baked potatoes are tender and soft. Fresh dill gives the dish a pleasant smell and original flavor.


• One kg of small potatoes.

• Half dill.

• Five cloves of garlic.

• Salt kitchen.

• Three teaspoons condiments for potatoes.

• Olive oil - three items. spoons


Wash the potatoes thoroughly. Clean and dry. Each potato to poke a toothpick in several places.

Chop the dill. Chop garlic cloves with a knife. Combine both ingredients in a bowl.

Add seasoning for potatoes, salt. Pour in the oil. Stir everything.

Pour into the potatoes and mix. Load the potatoes in a baking bag.

Preparing the dish for about an hour.

Will add potatoes in a package for roasting in an oven a salad from cucumbers and fennel.

9. Potato baked in an oven sleeve with prunes

Soft and tender potatoes are soaked with the aromas of prunes, sweet carrots and onions. A hearty and nutritious dish with a creamy aftertaste.


• A kilogram of potatoes.

• Sweet carrot.

• Two red onions.

• Eight pieces. prunes.

• Salt kitchen.

• A spoonful of ch. Turmeric, thyme and jeera.

• One hundred grams of butter. Preparation:

Cut potatoes into several slices.

Sweet carrot chopped straw. Rings cut onions. Mix vegetables in one deep dish.

Prunes hold in warm water. Then cut in half and shift into a bowl with vegetables.

Stir in spices and salt. Pour them on vegetables.

Cut into small pieces of butter. Add it to the dishes to the vegetables. Mix all ingredients well.

Tie baking sleeve tightly with one hand. Pour the vegetable mixture. Tie on the other hand, put on a baking sheet. Download to the oven for fifty minutes.

Potato baked in an oven sleeve - Tricks and tips

  • Potatoes need to be spread with vegetable oil to obtain a crisp. Thanks to him, the potato does not dry out and gets a golden color.
  • Slices of bacon or bacon are added instead of butter.
  • You can pierce the potato pieces with a fork or a toothpick. So she better keep her shape.
  • The baking sleeve should be cut in several places. You can also tie him on the one hand is not very tight to steam out.
  • Garlic is added to already prepared potatoes, because when baked, it becomes bitter and gets a pungent smell.
  • You can use special seasonings for potatoes. But you need to add them very carefully. Most of these seasonings contain a lot of salt.
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