Chicken Kharcho soup - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook soup Kharcho of chicken.

Chicken Kharcho soup - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook soup Kharcho of chicken.

A traditional dish of Georgian cuisine, kharcho soup, in its classic version is prepared from lamb. But it is perfectly acceptable to use beef and even chicken. This soup will be no less fragrant, rich, fragrant.

The main set of products used for kharcho consists of rice, onion, garlic, and spices. But many housewives, trying to show imagination and take into account the taste preferences of the family, make some adjustments even in this classic dish.

Chicken Kharcho Soup - Best Recipes:

Recipe 1: Chicken Breast Soup with Chicken Breast

The recipe assumes a volume of 3 liters of water.

So delicious, fragrant kharcho is enough for a large family, and even neighbors can be pleased with refreshments.

Ingredients Required:

- rice (half cup),

- chicken breast (1 pc.),

- onion (1 pc.),

- tkemali sauce (3 tbsp. l.), as much tomato sauce,

- garlic (3 cloves),

- Traditional seasonings for kharcho - hops-suneli, black ground pepper, parsley.

Cooking method:


This is the most simple and uncomplicated version of cooking soup kharcho.

Its beginning is to boil the breast, but not up to the condition, but only until half ready.

Wash the rice, put it in the pan, adding chopped onion. Boil until cooked ingredients.

At the end of the process, ten minutes to complete readiness, add sauces (tomato and tkemali), chopped garlic, pepper, hops-suneli, parsley.

Recipe 2: Kharcho soup with chicken without rice

A feature of this recipe is the absence of rice. Using homemade chicken, you get a very rich, hearty, incredibly delicious soup.

Ingredients Required:

- chicken (1 bird),

- tkemali sauce (half cup),

- corn flour (2 tbsp. l.),

- walnuts peeled (1.5 cups),

- seeds and cilantro greens,

- hops-suneli, black ground, chilli and allspice, cinnamon, cloves, salt - all this to taste,

- garlic (3 cloves) and four onions.


Pour 2.5 liters of water into a volume saucepan, and put the sliced ​​chicken in the same place.

Bring to a boil, do not forget to remove the foam.

Reduce the heat, continue cooking until the meat is half cooked.

Fat on the surface of the broth will be a lot, especially if the chicken is homemade. It needs to be removed and spread to another pan, smaller. Chop the onion, fold it into the pan with the fat, lightly stew.

Put the same chicken, cover with a lid, even stew, about a quarter of an hour.

Add corn flour to the meat, mix and pour the chicken broth. All together, let boil for another quarter of an hour, then season with tkemali sauce.

Add crushed garlic and all other seasonings, spices to crushed nuts.

Dilute this fragrant mixture with a small amount of broth, mix well and send to soup.

All together, at the slowest fire, it is recommended to sweat for about ten minutes, then remove from fire.

Before serving, insist under the lid, ten minutes will be enough.

Recipe 3: Chicken Kharcho Soup with Prunes

Only three prunes, and such an amazing effect - this soup Kharcho does not look like a classic. Such a recipe is an accurate hit for those who like to experiment on traditional performance of famous dishes.

Ingredients Required:

- chicken (400 g),

- rice groats (100 g),

- tomato paste (50 g),

- garlic (three cloves),

- vegetable oil (1 tbsp. l.),

- water (one and a half liters),

- onions (2 pcs.),

- prunes (3 pcs.),

- Salt, cilantro, hops-suneli, hot pepper - all this add to taste.


Chop the chicken into standard pieces for the first course.

Water heated to a boil, lower the meat. Water is used not all, but just enough to cover the meat. Cook on medium heat for no more than five minutes.

Peel the onions and garlic, then chop them.

Put garlic, tomato paste, onion, vegetable oil, hops-suneli in a small container and, by increasing the heat, bring to a boil. Boil a couple of minutes.

Put this mixture in a saucepan with meat, add pepper, prunes, rice.

Pour the remaining water, add salt, boil all together for another ten minutes.

Leave for half an hour under the lid, let it infuse.

Greens - cilantro, parsley, dill put in a plate.

Recipe 4: Chicken Kharcho Soup

This version of the kharcho suggests using tomatoes for dressing soup.

With spices, seasonings, greens allowed to conduct the most daring experiments. Add them just enough to make your soup like everyone, even children. For lovers of spicy dishes, leave a chance - serve separately hot and black pepper, cilantro.

Ingredients Required:

- chicken (500 g),

- tomatoes (3 pcs.),

- onions (2 pcs.), - wheat flour (40 g),

- crushed walnuts (70 g),

- seeds and greens of cilantro, hop-suneli, salt, spicy, allspice and black pepper - to taste.


The pan in which the kharcho is cooked must be at least 2.5 liters capacity.

Cut chicken into slices.

Bring the water in the pot to a boil, add the meat and cook until it is half ready.

In the process of cooking should remove the fat from the surface of the broth and collect it in a small container.

Peeled, chopped onion folded in a bowl with chicken fat, stew over medium heat.

Add the chicken, boiled until half cooked, and simmer another fifteen minutes with the lid closed.

After that, in a container with chicken meat pour the flour, mix, simmer another five minutes.

The dressing prepared in this way is poured into the pot with chicken broth, boil it all together for about ten minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare the mashed tomatoes.

They need to boil and wipe through a sieve.

Sending mashed potatoes on the fire, add there crushed walnuts, garlic, spices, herbs, seasonings, salt.

Pour the puree into the soup, boil for another ten minutes.

Under the lid closed, the soup should stand for half an hour.

Chicken Kharcho Soup - advice from experienced chefs

Rice with round or long grains is suitable for kharcho. Do not use crushed rice, and especially steamed rice. These cereals are not for kharcho soup.

According to the majority, cilantro is required for this dish. But not everyone loves her, the reason for that is the specific taste and aroma. Tip: better to put it not in the soup, and serve on a separate plate.

The same can be said about red pepper. To make the soup come to taste to all family members, it is better to put a very small amount in the pan. For lovers of more spicy dishes, serve pepper separately.

Please note that none of the proposed recipes contains such an ingredient as oil - neither vegetable nor animal fat is present in them. Therefore it is better to use chicken homemade She will give the rich dish, which is called the soup kharcho.

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