Curd snack - delicious and healthy! Recipes for various cottage cheese snacks with vegetables, cheese, crab sticks, avocado and chocolate

Curd snack - delicious and healthy! Recipes for various cottage cheese snacks with vegetables, cheese, crab sticks, avocado and chocolate

The curd snack is tremendously healthy, tasty and very simple. Most instant recipes and process do not take more than ten minutes. If you still take into account the availability of ingredients, then there is simply no price for such snacks.

Must try!

Cottage Cheese Snack - General Cooking Principles

The main characteristics of cottage cheese - moisture and fat. Most recipes are designed for a medium consistency product. It should not be dry or too wet. If there are a lot of grains and lumps, then the curd is rubbed through a sieve or ground with a combine or blender. If the mass is soft, then you can just knead with a spoon or fork.

What combines cottage cheese:

• cucumbers, tomatoes and other vegetables;

• greens, garlic;

• fish, crab sticks;

• nuts, dried fruits.

Usually for snacks prepare homogeneous masses, that is, just all mixed. Further, they are used in addition to bread, pita bread, pancakes, tartlets. Often with curd masses stuffed different vegetables, for example, tomatoes or peppers. There are various options for dietary cabbage from lettuce or Chinese cabbage, one of the recipes below.

Curd snack with garlic for sandwiches

Option wonderful and many famous snacks and cottage cheese. It can be used for different sandwiches, tasty with such filling of tartlets and pita bread rolls.


• 200 g of cottage cheese;

• 50-100 g sour cream;

• 2 cloves of garlic;

• salt and pepper;

• 0.5 buns of dill.


1. Cottage cheese can be interrupted by a blender, but it is better to grind. This snack will turn out more tender.

2. Grind garlic, add to cottage cheese, salt and pepper.

3. Chop the dill, add to the total weight.

4. Fill with sour cream. But do not immediately add all, it is better in parts, achieving the desired consistency. The mass should not drain from the sandwiches, but dry and do not need.

5. Use immediately or perekalyvayem in a container and put in time in the fridge. In a warm room to keep the mass can not.

Snack from cottage cheese in crab sticks

To make such a snack from cottage cheese, you need to take sticks, which unfold into a flat cloth. This can be seen when purchasing through packaging.


• 8 sticks;

• 100 g of cottage cheese;

• two branches of dill;

• a clove of garlic;

• small cucumber;

• Sour cream spoon.


1. Take out the sticks, let them thaw for now.

2. Grind cottage cheese with a spoon, add chopped garlic, greens to it, add sour cream and stir thoroughly.

3. Rinse a small cucumber, grate or cut into thin and small cubes, add to the curd cream.

4. Expand all the sticks at once, spread out in front of you.

5. Divide the filling between all the plates so that the same number is obtained, and the finished rolls do not differ in size.

6. Gently smudge cottage cheese. No need to hurry, so as not to break the wand.

7. Twist the wand back.

8. You can spread the rolls like this on a dish, but it is better to hold it in the fridge for half an hour so that the filling is strong. After that you can cut each stick in half or 3-4 parts.

Appetizer of cottage cheese and pickles

Salted cucumbers and cottage cheese? Very strange, but amazingly delicious combination. It makes a great spread for sandwiches, a dip for crackers, meat, crackers. If you add more yogurt to the curd snack, you get a wonderful bird sauce.


• 120 g of cottage cheese;

• 60 g salted cucumbers;

• 2 sprigs of greens;

• yogurt.


1. Cut cucumbers into slices, pour them into a blender bowl, or simply into any other dish, which will be convenient to grind.

2. Add cottage cheese.

3. Beat it all together until smooth.

4. Open, estimate the density. Add some yogurt.

5. Beat again. Try on the salt. If it is enough of cucumbers, you can not add. On request, pour a little pepper.

6. Chop the greens very finely, mix with the mass. It is undesirable to chop it with a blender, since the color of the curd will not be beautiful. 7. Snack is ready! We use immediately, as in the composition of fresh greens.

Snack from cottage cheese with nuts

Another option is a cream snack of cottage cheese with nuts. It is very fragrant, has a deep taste. This mass can also be used for different purposes. Walnuts are used nuts, with other types of taste will be different.


• 200 g of cottage cheese;

• 2 tbsp. l nuts;

• 1 small clove of garlic;

• 1.5 spoons of mayonnaise.


1. Start better with nuts. Pour into a frying pan, fry, cool and chop. You can grind to fine crumbs or leave small pieces, a matter of taste.

2. Combine cottage cheese with mayonnaise, put a clove of garlic, salt and grind until homogeneous.

3. Add chopped nuts.

4. Stir the mass and ready! We grease toasts, fill tartlets, use as a filling for rolls of pita, pancakes, crab sticks.

Cottage cheese snack with avocado in salad

A variant of an unusual snack from cottage cheese in a leaf lettuce. Peculiar cabbage rolls will appeal to people who adhere to a healthy diet or diets. If the appetizer will be prepared for breakfast, you can not add garlic.


• ripe avocado;

• 250 grams of cottage cheese;

• 0.5 bunches of parsley;

• one clove of garlic;

• lettuce leaves;

• 0.5 lemon;

• salt and other spices.


1. It is advisable to choose a ripe avocado. Cut the fruit, remove the bone and remove the pulp with a spoon, knead in a bowl with a fork. If the avocado is not ripe, then just finely chop the flesh removed into cubes. We pour.

2. Add cottage cheese, you can use a low-fat product, as avocado smooths the taste perfectly.

3. Cut a little zest from the lemon, chop it finely and also add to the appetizer. Squeeze the juice into it. But, if the cottage cheese is sour, then it is possible to confine only to the peel, which gives an unmatched flavor.

4. Chop a small slice of garlic, chop greens, send in a bowl with avocado and cottage cheese, lightly salt and mix everything thoroughly. If the avocado fruit is hard and the weight is dry, then you can pour in some yogurt or put sour cream of low fat content. 5. Lettuce leaf wash, dry. Put in each two teaspoons of the filling and roll them in an envelope like stuffed cabbage rolls or pancakes. But you can make rolls.

6. Transfer the snack to the plates, you need to serve immediately, as in the process of storage the lettuce leaves will wither.

Cottage cheese snack with red fish

The original recipe uses salted salmon. But this is optional. Feel free to take pink salmon and other similar species. Although, some prefer to cook with salted mackerel and even herring. Why not? Great everyday option.


• 200 g of cottage cheese;

• 80 g of salted fish;

• 1 tsp. lemon juice;

• small cucumber;

• Dill greens;

• a little sour cream.


1. Grind the curd with a spoon of sour cream, but do not make a liquid mass. If it is soft, then add a little sour cream.

2. Cut the cucumber and greens, pour to the cottage cheese.

3. Also cut the salted fish, sprinkle with lemon juice. Shifts to the bulk.

4. Stir, taste, if necessary, add spices to the cottage cheese snack.

5. Spread the mass in small silicone tins and for 40 minutes send it in the freezer.

6. We take out on a plate, we decorate with greens.

Snack from cottage cheese with cheese in tomatoes

The recipe for stunning stuffed tomatoes with cottage cheese and cheese. Choose small tomatoes of the same size, so it will be more beautiful.


• 200 g of cottage cheese;

• 100 g cheese (any);

• sour cream or mayonnaise;

• bunch of greens;

• spices and garlic to taste.


1. Grind the curd until smooth. If the product is not dry and without lumps, then you can just knead well.

2. Add grated cheese. You can use soft cheese, in this case, simply lay out a jar.

3. Add garlic, herbs, salt and pepper, stir.

4. Fill with sour cream or mayonnaise. Quantity at its discretion, you do not need liquid filling.

5. For each tomato, cut off the cap on the side of the stem. Small spoon to choose the whole pulp with seeds. 6. Fill the prepared vegetables with curd mass, smooth the back side of a spoon to make it beautiful. You can put a small sprig on top.

7. Put stuffed tomatoes for an hour in the fridge.

Sweet curd snack with chocolate

A chic version of a chocolate snack, which is perfect for dessert, but it also prepares very quickly. As a result, to taste the mass is very similar to glazed curd cheese.


• 200 g of cottage cheese;

• 30 g sour cream;

• 1 tbsp. l Sahara;

• 1 tsp. cocoa;

• 40 g of chocolate;

• tartlets.


1. Grind cottage cheese, add cocoa and granulated sugar, fill with sour cream.

2. Chop chocolate or grate.

3. Arrange the curd mass in tartlets, cover with chocolate chips on top.

4. You can melt the chocolate in the microwave with the addition of 1 tsp. butter and pour curd glaze.

Cottage Cheese Snack - Tips and Tricks

• Sweet curd snacks are actually a huge amount. You can add to the main product of cooking, berries and fruits, nuts, marmalade, small candies and invent delicacies on their own.

• If the cottage cheese is dry, it is always rubbed, and fat cream or cream is added to smooth the taste.

• Cottage cheese is not very fresh, is there a concern? When adding other products, the growth of bacteria will accelerate, the risk of poisoning grows. It is better to cook the product, for example, to make a casserole, cheesecakes, flatbreads from it.

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