Pumpkin with milk in a slow cooker is a rare and healthy dish. How to cook a pumpkin with milk in a slow cooker: a minimum of time, maximum benefit

Pumpkin with milk in a slow cooker is a rare and healthy dish. How to cook a pumpkin with milk in a slow cooker: a minimum of time, maximum benefit

People say that the pumpkin is a true sorceress.

It is used not only as a medicine, but also as an extraordinary component of many dishes.

This vegetable is useful for both babies and older people. From pumpkin you can make juice, mashed potatoes, porridge, and a lot of other dishes.

It is rich in vitamins, organic acids, and beneficial trace elements. Many doctors recommend pumpkin for pregnant and lactating moms.

In addition, it is advised to use a pumpkin for heart failure, atherosclerosis and other diseases.

By the way, for those who want to get a slim figure, a pumpkin is the best friend.

It has few calories, but thanks to fiber, it nourishes our body better than any other product.

General principles of cooking pumpkin with milk in a slow cooker

For this dish most suitable pumpkin medium-sized bright yellow color with large seeds inside.

Vegetables must be peeled, as pumpkin “clothes” are tough and rather tasteless.

Very often honey or sugar is added to pumpkin dishes. Despite the fact that the queen of autumn is sweetish, sugar in it is still not enough for the full flavor of the dish.

When cooking pumpkin in milk, the vegetable must first be boiled in water to a semi-mild state.

Pumpkin is cooked for a long time to speed up the process, cut it into small pieces or grate it.

Pumpkin is perfectly combined with dried fruits - prunes, dried apricots, raisins. Therefore, if you boil pumpkin porridge or mashed potatoes with milk, be sure to add dried fruits.

Pumpkin can be cooked not only porridge and mashed potatoes, baked pumpkin is very popular.

For porridge with the addition of pumpkin are mainly rice, corn, millet and wheat cereals.

Many nutritionists warn that our body assimilates carotene from pumpkin only together with oils: vegetable, creamy or olive.

Pumpkin with milk in a slow cooker: the recipe is “easier than simple”

This dish does not require much time and effort from you. For cooking pumpkin with milk, you will need a couple of small pumpkins of a special sort. In addition to milk, the recipe also uses sour cream, only it is added to the dish last.


• several small pumpkins

• slightly more than half a glass of milk

• tablespoons sour cream

• salt

• sugar

• tablespoon honey

• water.


Pumpkin well wash, wipe with a dry towel and clean. Remove the peel and seeds. Make sure that the top layer of pulp, similar to a nap, is also removed.

Cut the pumpkin into small pieces, put them into the water and set the Multivarke mode Multipovar for half an hour.

After the pumpkin reaches the stage of half-ready, salt and add sugar, a couple of spoons will be enough, but sweet lovers may increase the amount.

Five minutes later, drain the water, pour milk into the multicooking bowl, set the Multi-cook mode for 10 minutes.

Add honey, stir well.

When the pumpkin is ready, lay it on a dish and pour sour cream.

Pumpkin with milk in a slow cooker: pumpkin-corn porridge for kids

Many babies just love pumpkin as mashed potatoes. True, they often do not really like porridge, but if you combine the usual porridge and pumpkin with milk, you will get the perfect dish for children.


• glass of corn grits

• glass of water

• half a liter of milk

• 200 grams of pumpkin

• salt

• a couple of tablespoons of sugar

• butter.


In a saucepan, mix water and milk, set on medium heat. As soon as the mixture boils, add corn grits to it. We salt.

Cook the grits until half cooked, then add the butter and stir. Cook for another 10 minutes.

Wash and clean the pumpkin from the rind and seeds. Cut the vegetable into small pieces and put it in the crock-pot. Multi-cook mode set for half an hour. After 15 minutes it is necessary to add sugar to the pumpkin.

When the pumpkin is ready, pour out the water, use a blender to grind the pumpkin, turning it into a puree. To do this, you need to move it from the multicooker to another container, otherwise you can scratch the bowl. The resulting puree mix with corn grits and pour milk, mix and cook in a slow cooker for another 7 minutes.

Pumpkin with milk in a slow cooker: rice and dried fruits

It is considered that rice porridge is the best combination with pumpkin. It is tasty in itself, but only the pumpkin gives it an unmatched flavor and color. Pumpkin-rice porridge in milk can be consumed in a cold and hot form, dried fruits give the zest to the porridge.


• a glass of rice

• half a liter of milk

• 300 grams of pumpkin

• two tablespoons of sugar

• tablespoon honey

• water

• vanillin

• cinnamon

• half a cup of dried fruit - apples, dried apricots, raisins or other optional

• spoon of butter.


Put rice in a bowl of multi-packs and pour water over it. Salt Set the Milk Porridge mode. Once the rice is ready, transfer it to a separate saucepan.

Rinse the pumpkin and peel the seeds and peel, cut into pieces. Put them in a slow cooker and pour a little water on it. With Multi-cook mode, cook for half an hour.

When the pumpkin is ready, grind it with a blender to a puree-like state.

Add vanilla, cinnamon, sugar and honey. Mix everything well.

Put the rice in the pumpkin mass and pour all over with milk. Cook in a slow cooker for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Dried fruits are added last, along with their rice-pumpkin mass, they need to be cooked for no more than five minutes. When the porridge is ready, let it stand for 15 minutes.

After that, you can lay out porridge porridge, do not forget to add a small piece of butter to each.

Pumpkin with milk in a slow cooker: a cocktail for loved ones

The recipe is designed for two servings. This cocktail is rich in vitamins, tasty and fragrant. Perfect for starting the day. Since the pumpkin is rich in fiber, the cocktail saturates until the very dinner, allowing you to do without the harmful snacks on a dry meal.


• 100 grams of pumpkin

• Two tablespoons of sugar

• vanillin

• half a cup of whipped cream

• one and a half glass of milk • water.


Rinse pumpkin and peel and peel. Cut in small pieces. Put them in a multicooker bowl and fill with water. Set Multi-cook mode for 25 minutes. Add sugar.

After the pumpkin is ready, grind it with a blender to a puree-like state.

In the puree add vanilla and milk, mix. You can also add a small amount of cinnamon.

The resulting mass must be then five minutes in a slow cooker.

After that, you can pour into glasses, add whipped cream to each.

If you wish, you can decorate your cocktail with chocolate chips, mint leaves and lemon balm.

Pumpkin with milk in a slow cooker: soup of the day

Pumpkin - a vegetable that can compete in cooking with potatoes. Many dishes are also prepared from it, the pumpkin can be used both as a standalone product and as a side dish for meat. Pumpkin soups are very loved and popular, especially those prepared with the addition of milk. The benefits of all the ingredients are beyond doubt.


• half a kilo of pumpkin

• one potato

• one carrot

• a pair of garlic cloves

• one onion

• salt

• half a liter of milk.


Well wash and clean the potatoes, carrots and pumpkin. The latter is also purified from the seeds.

Pumpkin and potatoes cut into cubes. Onions, garlic and carrots three grated - everything is possible in one container.

Put all the vegetables in a multicooker bowl, salt and pour milk.

Set the Milk porridge mode for one hour.

After all the vegetables are ready, chop them in a blender to a puree, add milk and cook another 5 minutes.

Let the soup stand for 10 minutes. Served on the table with croutons.

Pumpkin with milk in a multicooker: an ancient recipe for baking

This recipe is considered to be one of the most ancient. True, instead of modern multicooker in the old days used the Russian stove. Pumpkin, by and large, is obtained not with milk, but in milk, which makes the dish even more appetizing and fragrant.

Ingredients: • half a kilo of pumpkin

• a glass of milk

• a couple of tablespoons of sugar

• a handful of raisins

• a small piece of butter.


Rinse and peel the pumpkin, peel and cut the seeds into small plastics or cubes, choose the shape yourself.

Put the slices into the crock-pot, add the well-washed raisins and sprinkle with sugar, mix.

Pour the milk so that it hides the pieces of pumpkin, put on top of the pieces of butter.

Set Baking mode for 40 minutes, while the temperature should be above 200 degrees.

This dessert is best served cold. You can decorate with mint leaves.

Tricks and tips of cooking pumpkin with milk in a slow cooker

  • Pumpkins are found in different varieties, depending on the variety, it is also determined how sweet the pumpkin is. The sweetest are the bright yellow pumpkins, which in Europe are used for Halloween. If you choose a less sweet variety, add more sugar to the dish.
  • To make the pumpkin cook faster, cut it into small pieces, but if your dish eventually gets the consistency of mashed potatoes, it is better to rub the pumpkin on a grater or skip through a meat grinder.
  • Add some salt, even a small amount of it “kills” the sweetness of the vegetable.
  • If you are cooking pumpkin as a side dish for meat, it is best to boil it in meat broth.
  • Pumpkin seeds can be used as decoration for pumpkin dessert. To do this, dry the seeds without roasting, peel, chop and sprinkle the dessert.
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