Grilled champignons - the original snack! How to cook delicious champignons on the grill: recipes and subtleties

Grilled champignons - the original snack! How to cook delicious champignons on the grill: recipes and subtleties

In the summer, in contrast to other seasons, everyone tries to get out more often into nature, get some fresh air, take a break from the city rush. And of course, such “attacks” are not complete without cooking a variety of dishes on the grill: kebabs, baked potatoes, eggplants, grilled peppers, fish on the grill, and you can't list them all.

One of the dishes of the summer kitchen - grilled champignons - is also popular. And there is an explanation for this: champignons are nutritious, tasty, accessible, thanks to their protein content, they become an excellent substitute for meat, and they cook quickly and simply. Let's try?

Grilled champignons - general cooking principles

To make the grilled champignons tasty, choose fresh mushrooms without any signs of spoilage. Ideal young champignons of medium size.

Selected mushrooms are washed, cleaned and dried if necessary. After laid out in a suitable size container and pour pre-prepared marinade.

Marinade - the basis of delicious champignons on the grill. It depends on the fill and flavor, and taste, and juiciness of the finished dish. Without marinade, champignons are often overdried and are tasteless and bland.

Prepare marinade based on lemon juice, mayonnaise or sour cream, soy sauce. Be sure to add butter or vegetable oil, due to which a film forms on the surface of champignons that protects mushrooms from drying out. Also add all sorts of spices, herbs, salt, emphasizing and enriching the taste of champignons. Do not put too many spices so that they do not interrupt the delicate taste of mushrooms. Champignons marinate quickly: from 30 to 60 minutes depending on the size of the mushrooms and their quantity.

Pickled champignons spread on the grill or strung on thin skewers, skewers.

1. Grilled champignons with spices in butter


• fresh champignons - half a kilogram;

• salt, allspice in powder - 20 g;

• butter - packaging floor;

• some sunflower oil.


1. Mushrooms are cleaned of excess dirt, washed and dried with paper napkins or towels.

2. Dried mushrooms add some salt and sprinkle with black pepper.

3. In the intervals between the stem and the mushroom cap, we lay a piece of soft butter.

4. Put the mushrooms in a large bowl, sprinkle with sunflower oil and stir thoroughly.

5. After 20 minutes of marinating, we lay the champignons on the grill rack in a row about one centimeter apart, bake for 30 minutes.

6. Serve the baked champignons on a flat plate, cover it with a leaf of lettuce, next to it we set plates with fried meat, fresh vegetables and our favorite sauce.

2. Grilled champignons marinated in lemon juice


• 10 medium fresh mushrooms;

• ground allspice, salt - 30 g each;

• juice of one lemon;

• Fresh basil leaves - 3 pieces.


1. Put the peeled, washed champignons in a deep cup, add a little salt, pepper, add freshly squeezed lemon juice and torn basil leaves.

2. Leave the mushrooms for an hour or two marinate, covering the bowl with a lid.

3. After 2 hours, put the mushrooms on the grill grate and bake at a moderate temperature for half an hour.

4. Put the finished champignons on serving plates of 3 things each, put the pieces of fried meat nearby, sprinkle with chopped parsley leaves.

3 Grilled champignons on skewers with vegetables


• fresh small champignons - 8 pieces;

• 4 small onions;

• bell pepper pod;

• sunflower oil - half glass;

• soy sauce - 30 ml;

• Spice for meat dishes - one teaspoon;

• salt - 10 g.


1. Small bulbs are cleaned, washed, cut into two halves. 2. From the sweet pepper, take out the seeds, wash, cut into large squares.

3. Put all the vegetables in a deep cup with the washed and dried mushrooms.

4. Add some sunflower oil to the vegetables and mushrooms, soy sauce, add some salt, season with spices and leave to marinate with the lid closed for a couple of hours.

5. Marinade is used for such a recipe of champignons on the grill as desired, for example, you can make it spicy: mix lemon juice with two tablespoons of olive oil, add some salt with sea salt, season with thyme or some other Italian dry spicy herb. And also can be prepared on the basis of sour cream, which is mixed with olive oil (two spoons) and mustard, ground coriander, black pepper fragrant powder and chopped basil leaves.

6. Soak the wooden skewers in water for 30 minutes.

7. Marinated mushrooms with vegetables put on skewers, alternating: one champignon, half an onion, a square of pepper.

8. Spread the champignon skewers on the grill grate and bake for a little less than half an hour, turning mushrooms every 3-4 minutes.

9. Serve vegetables with champignons right on skewers as a side dish for meat, next beautifully lay out the leaves of dill and parsley.

4. Grilled champignons baked with bacon


• half a kilogram of fresh champignons;

• salted lard - 150 g;

• 4 medium tomatoes;

• three onions.


1. We wash the tomatoes, cut them in half centimeters thick, cut onions into large rings.

2. Cut the fat thin slices.

3. Stringing vegetables, mushrooms and lard on special wooden sticks, previously soaked in water, in the following sequence: champignon, tomato circle, piece of salty fat, onion ring.

4. Put the skewers on the grill grate and bake for a little less than half an hour, not forgetting to turn over from time to time.

5. When serving, put the skewers with mushrooms, vegetables and bacon on a portion of the dish, next to put the bowl with fresh vegetable salad. Salad can be made from chopped cabbage into thin strips, chopped cucumbers, tomatoes and green radish.

5. Grilled champignons baked with cheese


• 10 medium freshly picked champignons;

• 2 cloves of garlic;

• butter - 150 g;

• Dutch cheese - 150 g;

• pepper ground allspice, salt - 10 g;

• parsley leaves - 5 pieces.


1. Squeeze the chives through the garlic, mix them with pre-softened butter.

2. The resulting mixture lubricates the washed, peeled and dried champignons.

3. Put the mushrooms on the grill grate and fry for five minutes at a moderate temperature.

4. After the allotted time, sprinkle the mushrooms with finely grated cheese and fry for another three or four minutes until the cheese is completely melted.

5. Serve on a plate with fried meat, lettuce, decorate with parsley stalks.

6. Grilled stuffed champignons


• 7 large fresh champignons.

For the filling:

• a small slice of ham;

• 1 onion;

• some olive oil;

• processed cheese - 150 g;

• half a bunch of parsley and dill;

• dry nutmeg - 30 g;

• fragrant ground pepper, salt - 1 teaspoon each.


1. Wash fresh, decontaminated mushrooms under running water, dry a little, using a dry towel or paper napkins.

2. Carefully cut out the legs of the mushrooms so that something like a cup is obtained. It is better to use a teaspoon, not a sharp knife, so as not to pierce and damage the cap.

3. Prepare the filling: finely chopped champignon legs are finely chopped with a knife, put together with finely chopped ham and onions, also chopped into fine crumbs, fry everything in a frying pan with olive oil for about five minutes.

4. Rub melted cheese on a fine-grated grater, mix it with chopped parsley and dill, add nutmeg in powder, salt, pepper, mix with roasted ham and mushroom legs, mix everything thoroughly. 5. Fill prepared hats with prepared cheese and mushroom mass.

6. We put everything in a barbeque, put it on a brazier with red-hot coals and fry with a frequent turning of the barbeque to a light brown crust.

7. When serving, spread the stuffed champignons on a portion plate covered with lettuce leaves as an independent dish. Next we place a plate with sliced ​​cucumbers and tomatoes, as well as a plate of black bread.

Grilled champignons - tips

• Grilled champignons marinated from the jar are not cooked, only fresh mushrooms are suitable.

• It is better not to use small champignons, they easily dry out and burn rather quickly.

• Too large mushrooms can be cut into two or even four pieces. This should be done before pouring marinade.

• Champignons are perfectly combined with any vegetables, so you can safely alternate mushrooms with sweet peppers, carrots, tomatoes, eggplant, onions. The cooking time for all these products is the same. But adding potatoes is not recommended, because the mushrooms will already be ready, and the potatoes will remain damp.

• It is possible to cook champignons on the grill or stringing on skewers. In any case, do not forget to turn the mushrooms during cooking.

• Mushrooms can be served with sauce: sour cream or garlic.

• Delicious champignons, grilled with a side dish of fried or boiled potatoes, baked or fresh vegetables, cereals, greens.

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