Cake "Bird's Milk" without milk - it is possible that. Dessert, which is no less tasty and without milk - cake "Bird's milk" according to GOST USSR


For many years, Bird's Milk Cake was one of the most popular and scarce in the USSR. He also became the first cake, which in Soviet times was granted a patent. The craftsmen with whom this cake was first cooked became steel, which is not surprising confectioners of the Prague restaurant. Over the years, the hostess began to cook it at home. As a result, many interesting options have emerged, one of which is Bird's Milk Cake without milk. It is prepared at home quite simply and will cost much less than the store.

“Bird's milk” according to GOST USSR

What will be needed:

• butter - 300 g;

• granulated sugar - 560 g;

• flour - 140 g;

• lemon - 3 g;

• gelatin - 15 g;

• condensed milk - 100 g;

• vanillin-sugar - 4 g;

• egg whites - 2 pcs .;

• chicken egg - 2 pcs.

What to do:

1. In order to prepare the cake, it is necessary to punch with a mixer at low speed 100 g of butter and 100 g of granulated sugar.

2. In a bowl, drive large eggs. Pour the sifted flour. Paste the thick dough.

3. Move the dough to the form. Put in overclocked oven for 10 minutes at 230 ° C.

4. Gelatin pour water. Then put on moderate heat and keep until completely dissolved by adding sugar. Stir constantly.

5. In butter it is necessary to pour vanilla. Enter condensed milk. Beat up to a state of good pomp.

6. Protein whip in a separate bowl. Add lemon to them. Mix thoroughly.

7. Carefully drain the sugar syrup. Stir until the mixture takes the desired consistency. Introduce oil cream. Thoroughly punch everything with a mixer.

8. Next comes the cake assembly. In the form on the cake to move half the soufflé. Next - the second cake. Next - the rest of the souffle. Rearrange the cake in the fridge. The production of the “Bird's Milk” cake without milk has been completed.

“Bird's milk” with vanilla

What will be needed:

• flour - 220 g;

• granulated sugar - 500 g;

• gelatin - 40 g;

• water - 400 ml;

• butter - 400 g; • vanilla sugar - 6 g;

• dark bitter chocolate - 150 g;

• large eggs - 14 pcs.

What to do:

1. Initially, you must prepare the sponge cake. It will take 200 grams of flour, 4 eggs and 150 grams of granulated sugar. Baking is done for 20 minutes at 170 ° C.

2. Divide the baked cake longitudinally with a knife.

3. Separate the yolks from proteins. Combine in a bowl with 250 g of granulated sugar. Beat thoroughly with a mixer at low speed in a lush foam.

4. Add sifted flour to a bowl of whipped yolks. Pour water (250 ml). Stir well.

5. Put the resulting mixture in a water bath. Cook until mixture reaches custard consistency.

6. Soften the butter (300 g). Beat it, gradually introducing the prepared cream into the butter. Introduce vanilla sugar. Mix thoroughly.

7. Soak gelatin in a separate bowl for 20 minutes. Heat to maximum dissolution of gelatin.

8. Proteins should be pierced with a mixer with sugar residues to stable peaks. Add gelatin and cream to the protein mass.

9. Next comes the cake assembly. In a round split form lay cake. Put the cream on it completely. On it - the second cake.

10. Chop chocolate, make icing from it and butter. Smear the obtained glaze on the sidewall and top of the product. Cake "Bird's milk" without milk is ready.

Bird's Milk Cake with Mascarpone

What will be needed:

For cake layers:

• classic biscuit dough

• Mascarpone cheese - 800 g;

• Sherry - 130 ml;

• water - 350 ml;

• sugar - 700 g;

• Lemon Fresh - 25 ml;

• agar-agar - 11 g;

• large eggs (proteins) - 10 pcs.

What to do:

1. Initially, you should bake the biscuit cake according to the classic recipe, putting the dough in a round shape.

2. Agar-agar pour into a saucepan, soak in water for 2 hours. Then place the saucepan. On moderate heat, bring the agar-agar to complete dissolution by adding a rate of sugar.

3. Protein punch with a mixer at low speed to steady peaks. Add to the resulting syrup from agar and sugar.

4. Pour dessert wine into the protein mixture. Put the mascarpone cheese. Introduce lemon fresh. Thoroughly beat. One minute is enough. 5. Ready souffle to move to the form. Spread it evenly across the cake. Put in the fridge for three hours.

6. Before the end of the specified time on the water bath to dissolve the chocolate. This will be the pouring of the cake, which must be spread over the surface of the cake. Move it back to the refrigerator for an hour and a half. The production of the “Bird's Milk” cake without milk has been completed.

“Bird's Milk” on agar-free agar

What will be needed:

For cake layers:

• sugar - 230 g;

• butter butter - 100 g;

• baking powder - 11 g;

• flour;

• egg yolks - 6 pcs.

For soufflé:

• sugar-400 g;

• filtered water - 160 ml;

• butter butter - 120 g;

• condensed milk - 110 g;

• agar-agar - 11 g;

• bitter chocolate - 2 tiles;

• egg whites - 6 pcs.

What to do:

1. Initially, the dough should be made from the components prescribed in the recipe.

2. Divide the resulting dough in two. Roll out on baking paper in two cakes. Bake them until ready at 170 ° C.

3. In order to prepare the souffle, you need to add filtered water to the bowl. Add sugar. Dissolve it in water completely.

4. Protein punch to airiness. Add a thin stream of cooked sugar syrup.

5. Dissolve chocolate in a water bath.

6. Soak the agar in a separate bowl. Gradually enter the protein mass.

7. Dissolve the butter, combine with condensed milk. Stir thoroughly. In small portions, inject the cream into the protein mixture. Stir continuously.

8. On the first cake put one part of the filling. Cover the second cake. Place the second part of the filling on it. Pour the surface of the cake with melted chocolate. Cake "Bird's milk" without milk is ready.

“Bird's milk” with gelatin without milk

What will be needed:

• filtered cold water - 200 ml;

• granulated sugar - 345 g;

• gelatin - 200 g;

• Lemon Fresh - 30 ml;

• egg whites - 8 pcs.

What to do:

1. Place gelatin in a deep bowl. Pour cold filtered water into it. Do not touch 25 minutes - let them swell. 2. Separated from the yolks, precooled proteins, pour into a separate bowl. Add sugar to the same bowl. Punch with a mixer for about 10 minutes until steady white peaks.

3. Move the bowl with swollen gelatin to moderate fire. Heat up Gelatin must be dissolved completely. You can use a microwave for this purpose. But this is more problematic. You need to heat up for a minute. Stir all the time. And do not miss the moment when the gelatin begins to boil, to immediately remove it from the microwave.

4. Pour prepared gelatin into the protein mixture. Mix gently. Move the mass into a circular shape. You can pour directly into the bowl of the blender and punch the contents of 5-10 seconds.

5. Remove the resulting mass in the refrigerator. Let it completely freeze.

6. Remove the cake, “trim” with a spatula in a circle so that the cake moves away from the bots. Ring form carefully removed. Cake "Bird's milk" without milk is ready.

7. Options: if you do with fruit, then canned fruit and a bag of fruit jelly. On the frozen souffle place the fruit, pour the jelly. If you do with chocolate, then dissolved dark chocolate should be introduced into the protein mixture.

“Bird's Milk” without milk with chocolate biscuit

What will be needed:

• flour - 30 g;

• potato starch - 35 g;

• cocoa powder - 35 g;

• sugar - 270 g;

• baking powder - 6 g;

• gelatin - 25 g;

• butter - 200 g;

• condensed milk - 200 g;

• water - 110 ml;

• dark bitter chocolate - 150 g;

• large eggs - 6 pcs.

What to do:

1. Separate the yolks from proteins. Combine them with 90 g of sugar. Add sifted flour, cocoa, baking powder to them. Pour a little refined oil.

2. Mixer at low speed to break the mass into the only-born mixture.

3. Move the dough into a circular split form. Bake the cake for 10 minutes at 180 ° C.

4. Soak gelatin in water.

5. Beat the butter with a mixer, gradually introducing condensed milk.

6. In gelatin add half the norm of sugar. Put on a small fire.

7. In the meantime, beat the whites with a mixer, sprinkling the sugar in parts. steady peaks should appear on the surface of the mass. 8. A thin stream pour gelatin in the protein mass. Add the oil cream.

9. Chocolate dissolve in a water bath. Put it in the souffle.

10. Build a cake. Sponge cake out of the form on a suitable dish. Put all the stuffing on it. Next, place the “Bird's Milk” cake without milk in the refrigerator for a few hours.

“Bird's Milk” (simplest recipe)

What will be needed:

• sugar - 230 g;

• gelatin - 35 g;

• bitter chocolate - 125 g;

• egg whites - 4 pcs.

What to do:

1. The rate of gelatin pour 125 ml of lukewarm water.

2. After a quarter of an hour put the gelatin on a small fire. Hold until the gelatin completely disperses.

3. Protein shake a mixer in a separate bowl. Add sugar in parts, continue to beat until resistant peaks.

4. Without ceasing to beat, pour in the dissolved gelatin.

5. Pour the mass learned into the prepared form. Smooth on the surface. Put in the fridge for half an hour.

6. Chocolate dissolve on the steam bath.

7. When the mass in the form of grappling, you should pour it with melted chocolate on the surface. Remove the freeze again.

Hostess for a note: the secrets of the cake “Bird's milk” without milk

• if gelatin is used, it can be soaked in juice or juice, the taste of the cake will be brighter and more saturated;

• it is permissible to replace part of the flour with semolina - the cake will be more tender, with a more interesting taste;

• it is permissible to add lemon, orange, pomegranate juice in soufflé in small quantities — they add original notes to the cake;

• You can add 2-3 teaspoons of strong jasmine tea to the cake; it will add a wonderful new flavor to the dessert.

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