Meatballs in tomato sauce: step-by-step recipes, cooking secrets. A hearty dinner in a hurry - meatballs recipes in tomato sauce from meat and chicken

Meatballs in tomato sauce: step-by-step recipes, cooking secrets. A hearty dinner in a hurry - meatballs recipes in tomato sauce from meat and chicken

A lot of various dishes can be cooked from ground beef, simple hostess recipes of meatballs, meatballs, meatballs are especially loved: they are easy to prepare, very rich and tasty, can be served as a separate dish or as a base to any side dish. Consider the options for cooking meatballs in tomato sauce, thanks to the gravy, the meat balls are especially tasty and soft.

Step by step recipe of meatballs in tomato sauce - general principles

First of all, it is necessary to check the availability of products necessary for cooking meatballs and to prepare them.

• Stuffing. It can be made from pork, beef, poultry, lamb. Tasteful meatballs are made from mixed minced meat, where they use two or even three types of meat. To taste in mince add onions, garlic, spices, salt. It is important to knead the mass thoroughly and put it in the fridge for a few minutes so that the meatballs do not fall apart during frying or baking.

• Pic. Use cereal as desired. If added, it is pre-boiled until half cooked, then washed and spread in a previously cooked minced meat. Often rice is replaced by buckwheat.

• Tomato sauce. It can be prepared on the basis of pasta, juice, fresh tomatoes. Greens, spices and herbs are often put in the sauce for taste. To make the dish more satisfying, they add all sorts of vegetables and mushrooms.

1. Meatballs in tomato sauce: a step-by-step recipe


• ground beef - one handful;

• minced pork - 2.5 handfuls;

• two medium tomatoes;

• 100 grams of sour cream and tomato puree;

• one glass of purified water;

• seasoning, freshly ground black pepper - twenty grams;

• salt - ten grams;

• one egg;

• ground basil - 15 grams;

• three large spoons of vegetable oil;

• Five sprigs of parsley for serving.

And in order to get the meatballs with an unusual savory taste, add a head of onions and any mushrooms, such as marinated champignons, boiled chanterelles or others. Cooking Method:

1. If you add dry mushrooms to mince, then a few hours before cooking meatballs in tomato sauce, wash them with cold water and soak for 2-3 hours, after boiling them twenty minutes in the water in which you soaked them. When using a pickled product, it is enough to open the jar and drain the liquid.

2. Onions free from husk, wash and chop fine crumbs. Mushrooms, too, crush arbitrary slices. Put everything in the pan, add vegetable oil, fry for about five minutes, put in a separate plate to cool.

3. Mix the ready ground beef with pork. You can also use pure beef or pure pork mince, but the blended masses make the meatballs more tender and juicier. Break egg into mince, add fried mushrooms with onion, add some salt, add any seasoning, a pinch of ground basil, black pepper, mix everything well, beat a little on the table so that the prepared meatballs turn out soft.

4. Form mince balls into three centimeter diameter balls, place them on a chopping board and refrigerate for ten minutes to grab lightly.

5. In the meantime, prepare the tomato sauce: wash the fresh tomatoes, soak them for three minutes in hot water, remove the skin, chop them on a fine grater or beat them in a blender.

6. Tomato puree dilute with a small amount of cold water, add there the gruel of tomato, sour cream, salt and mix thoroughly with a spoon.

7. Pour the cooked tomato sauce into a deep metal container, place it on the stove, adjust the medium heat, wait for the sauce to boil, and place the cooled meatballs in it.

8. Pour some more ground basil, close the container with a lid and stew, after boiling up the meatballs, thirty minutes.

9. Put the prepared meatballs on plates for a few pieces per serving, beside you can put any side dish, for example, boiled potatoes, rice, buckwheat or other. Pour the meatballs and garnish with the tomato sauce remaining in the pan, sprinkle with chopped parsley.

2. Meatballs in tomato sauce: a step-by-step recipe with vegetables


• Pork and ground beef - four handfuls;

• onions - two heads;

• one carrot;

• one sweet pepper;

• tomato puree - 30 grams;

• sour cream of average fat content - 30 grams;

• sugar - 20 grams;

• long grain rice groats - half a glass;

• sunflower oil - 30 ml to lubricate the container;

• boiled water - one glass per sauce;

• seasoning for vegetables or meat, salt, ground pepper - 20 grams;

• dried ground celery, dill - 10 grams each;

• for rolling meatballs: semolina - 130 grams.

Cooking Method:

1. Before cooking meatballs in tomato sauce with vegetables, cook rice cereal. Pre-sort it, if there is any rubbish, rinse with running water several times, cover it with clean water and boil first on high heat until boiling, and then on low heat until semi-ready. Keep in mind that water should be enough, you should not get porridge.

2. If you have frozen minced meat, then thaw, mix well. If you cook the stuffing yourself, rinse the meat, peel off excess fat and films, twist a couple of times in a meat grinder. Put the prepared meat mass into a deep bowl.

3. Peel two onions, wash them, cut them into slices and chop them in a meat grinder, put them in mincemeat.

4. Add pepper, any seasoning, add some salt, add celery and dried dill.

5. Rice cereal after cooking, rinse in a colander to cool and rid it of gluten, put it in the mince.

6. Peel the carrots, wash them, chop them on a grater with large teeth, wash the peppers, cut the stalk, remove the seeds, chop them too, put everything in the mince and mix it well.

7. Slightly beat the stuffing on the table and form hands with lightly moistened hands.

8. Pour the semolina into a flat plate and roll the meatballs in it on both sides, place them in a deep cast-iron pot. Capacity pre-grease with sunflower oil. 9. Prepare the sauce: put tomato puree in a small cup (if you do not have tomato puree, you can use tomato juice, the taste of the sauce will not change). Pour sugar, salt, stir well. Pour into a puree a small amount of boiled chilled water, stir until a homogeneous thick mass. Add sour cream to the mass, stir again.

10. Pour sauce with sauceballs, place the container in a hot oven, stew for a little more than half an hour at not very high temperature. Do not put the temperature is very high, as water can boil quickly, and meatballs do not boil.

11. After this time has elapsed, remove the container of meatballs from the oven and immediately place them on serving plates, a few pieces per serving, put boiled wheat porridge next to it, sprinkle with herbs, pour over the sauce.

3. Chicken meatballs in tomato sauce: a step-by-step recipe


• chicken breast weighing 800 grams;

• long grain rice - two hundred grams;

• onion head;

• one egg;

• tomato puree - two tablespoons;

• 20 grams of salt and ground black pepper;

• sunflower oil - half glass for roasting meatballs;

• three small pieces of white bread;

• milk - half a glass;

• parsley, dill - three twigs.

To prepare the sauce, you can use ready-made tomato paste mixed with water, herbs and spices, tomato juice. You can also twist peeled fresh tomatoes.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse the chicken breast, remove the skin, separate the fillets from the bones. Throw away the bones, and chop the flesh in a meat grinder, put in a deep cup.

2. Rinse the rice, cover with clean water and put on a high heat, wait for the liquid to boil, then reduce the heat and boil until half cooked. Rinse prepared rice in a colander with cold water.

3. Add egg to the minced chicken, add salt and pepper, if desired, add some seasoning, dried herbs, mix well.

4. Put the rice in the mince, mix again. 5. Soak white bread in milk, squeeze and put in mince, mix. Instead of bread, you can take a white loaf.

6. Form small meatballs from mincemeat, place them in vegetable oil heated in a pan and fry for three minutes on each side.

7. In a separate cup, dissolve the tomato puree with cold boiled water, add a little salt, stir.

8. Place the meatballs in a deep thick-walled pot or in a cauldron, cover with tomato diluted to full coverage. If the sauce is small, add more boiled water.

9. Tomite meatballs, putting a moderate fire, a little less than half an hour.

10. Serve chicken meatballs on à la carte plates, put boiled macaroni or some porridge, for example, wheat, buckwheat, rice, if desired, put a salad of any fresh vegetables. Do not forget to pour the meatballs with sauce and decorate with fresh parsley and dill.

Step by Step Recipe for Meatballs in Tomato Sauce - Tricks

• Delicious meatballs are obtained if they are not immediately spread into the sauce, but pre-fry in heated vegetable oil on all sides for 2-3 minutes.

• To make the sauce especially tasty, tender, with a light creamy taste, add 2-3 tablespoons of sour cream to the gravy.

• If you add a tablespoon of flour or starch to tomato sauce, it will turn out thick.

• Finished meatballs can be sprinkled with grated cheese and baked in the oven for five minutes.

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