How to make dough like fluff - on kefir it will work out! Dough recipes for kefir for pies and not only for them

How to make dough like fluff - on kefir it will work out! Dough recipes for kefir for pies and not only for them

What is the mystery of the air test? What is the secret of baking, which can lie for a long time, not only not staying, but remain the same air and soft, after more than one day?

Everything is simple - the airy yeast and yeast-free dough, “like fluff,” is kneaded on kefir. Surprised? And you try it! We have selected for you the best recipes for a very simple and more complex test, “like fluff”, on kefir, with and without yeast.

Kefir Dough - General Cooking Principles

• Thoroughly mixed dough, properly selected products - this is the success of the airy, soft dough. On kefir not one kind of it is mixed. Airy dough “like fluff” on kefir can be both yeast and non-yeast.

• For flour products (large pies, buns or buns) baked in the oven, it is better to make yeast. For pies that will be fried in a pan, you can cook and bezdrozhzhevy. Dough on kefir for pies with soda or cottage cheese is no less soft and fluffy.

• Lactic acid drink for any kind of dough can be taken both fresh and not so. The overdue may even be useful if it does not have the characteristic smell of fermentation. Kefir must be warm, since it is in such an environment that the rippers and yeast are activated better. If you mix them with a cold product, the dough will be too dense.

• Fat content is also important. 2.5-3.2% kefir is ideal for mixing.

• Flour must be pereseivat. This not only allows you to remove accidentally caught litter, but also saturates it with oxygen, which will give extra pomp to the dough.

• The method of preparation depends on the type of dough and is described in the recipe. And if you strictly adhere to it, then any dough mixed with kefir will never let you down.

Straight yeast dough “like fluff” on kefir


• one glass of low-fat kefir;

• standard bag (11 gr.) Of “instant” yeast; • half a cup of lean non-aromatic oil;

• 10 gr. salts;

• 25 g sugar;

• three full glasses of wheat white flour.

Cooking Method:

1. In a wide bowl, mix the double-seeded flour, with dry bulk yeast.

2. In a separate, suitable size, mix kefir with non-aromatic vegetable oil. Add salt and sugar to the mixture and mix thoroughly so that the bulk constituents, especially sugar, are well dissolved.

3. Slightly heat the kefir mixture in the microwave or on the steam bath and pour it into the flour. First, mix everything with a spoon, and then thickly knead the dough well with your hands right in the bowl.

4. Then, having laid out on the table, several times rub it. Shape a ball, place it back in a bowl, and cover it with a linen towel, remove to heat.

5. In half an hour it will become softer, slightly increase in volume and be ready for cutting.

6. From such a dough on kefir, any baked products: cakes or pies, air buns and even homemade pizza, always turn out to be fluffy and airy. For sweet baking pastry, you can add a little melted margarine and flavored with vanillin. If you add margarine, be sure to increase the specified rate of flour.

Quick dough on kefir for pies in the oven


• half a liter of 3.2% kefir;

• 40 ml of frozen oil;

• two eggs;

• 20% sour cream - 50 gr .;

• 25 gr. unrefined sugar;

• flour - how much will “take” (about half a kilo).

Cooking Method:

1. Soda should be well extinguished, for this, pour it into kefir, make it loose and leave for five minutes, stand.

2. In a slightly swollen kefir, add sugar with a spoonful of salt, pour in the yolks with proteins and whisk vigorously.

3. Pour in vegetable oil with sour cream, and beat the mixture well again.

4. Now cross the flour and, pouring it in small pieces into kefir mass, knead the dough. Add flour until the dough is no longer glued to the hands, but it should remain soft and plastic.

5. Form a ball out of dough, wrap it in a film or put it in a bag and leave it on the table for half an hour. 6. After that, turn on to warm up the oven to no more than 180 degrees. Make small pies with any filling from the pastry. Put them on a baking sheet, which was pre-greased with vegetable fat and put on for baking for half an hour.

Quick sponge yeast dough “like fluff” on kefir


• 0.6 kg baking flour, i / s;

• medium kefir - 200 ml;

• 50 ml of pasteurized, factory milk;

• 5 gr. salt;

• sugar - 2.5 tbsp. l .;

• full big spoon of “instant” yeast, or 25 gr. pressed baking or alcohol;

• two eggs;

• “Creamy” margarine - 75 gr.

Cooking Method:

1. At the minimum heat, completely melt the margarine. You can take butter, the dough will not become worse.

2. Lightly heat the milk, but do not boil or even make it too hot. The temperature should be no higher than 38 degrees.

3. Pour sugar into milk, add yeast, and, slowly stirring the mixture with a spoon, dissolve the added components well. Allow the yeast mixture for 10-15 minutes to stand close to the heat. For example, not far from the included burner. During this time, the surface will be covered with many bubbles and will increase significantly. If this does not happen, take new (fresh) yeast and repeat.

4. In a bowl, mix warm kefir with previously melted butter, slightly whipped eggs and salt. Pour into the mixture approached yeast and again gently mix, but do not beat.

5. Constantly stirring the mixture with a spoon, begin to gradually introduce flour into it. Begin to knead more dense mass with hands, also adding flour in the small portions.

6. Put the dough, which does not stick to the hands, on a table greased with vegetable oil and wring the hands firmly. It will become more plastic and smooth.

7. Then grease a deep bowl or pan with vegetable oil and transfer the ball-shaped dough into it. Cover with a lid and leave for an hour or a half for distance. The volume should increase almost three times.

8. After that, lay it on the table again, slightly knead and proceed to the cutting.

Dough on kefir for yeast patties


• low-fat kefir - 2 tbsp .;

• half a cup of sunflower, frozen oil;

• large spoon, no slides, sugar;

• a small bag of high-speed yeast (11 gr.);

• dessert spoon of iodized salt;

• flour with high gluten - 3-3.5 cups.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour a warm fermented milk drink (kefir) in a bowl. Dissolve sugar in it, then yeast. Pour in two large, full spoons of flour and stir the mixture with a spoon. Then cover the bowl with linen and put in heat.

2. In half an hour a very thick, airy brew will be ready. Pour the sunflower oil into it, add fine salt and two thirds of the flour. Mix well with your hands, add the rest of the flour and knead the dough that is slightly sticking to your hands.

3. Cover it with a cloth and remove into the heat, but for 45 minutes.

4. After that, the dough will be ready. To make it easier to work with him, brush your hands with oil before cutting.

Dough “like fluff” on kefir for buns with raisins


• 800 ml of fermented milk product (kefir);

• three chicken eggs;

• 200 gr. natural butter (or creamy margarine);

• half a cup of sugar, white;

• 1.2-1.5 kg baking flour, i / s;

• a small pinch of salt;

• 22 gr. “Fast” yeast (two small sachets);

• to taste vanilla or cinnamon, raisins.

Cooking Method:

1. Carefully sort out the raisins, removing the remaining dry tails, spoiled raisins and litter. Fill it with a glass of warm water for 10 minutes. Then rinse and dry well, spreading out on a clean linen towel.

2. Margarine, or butter, melt completely and cool well. Lightly heat the kefir and mix with the cooled fat.

3. Add sugar and salt, whipped eggs in a separate container, yeast and stir everything well with a spoon. Pour in vanillin or cinnamon, without stopping stirring.

4. In small pieces, half a glass, enter the flour and knead the dough. With the last portion, add the raisins and knead thoroughly with your hands on a floured table. Knead for about ten minutes, carefully kneading the dough so that the raisins do not go astray, but spread evenly. 5. Put it back in the bowl and let it go well. Increased in the air, soft dough several times crush hands and cut into buns, which, after the “distance” bake in a hot oven.

Cottage cheese dough on kefir for pies fried in a pan


• 250 gr. 9% store curd;

• one cup of high-fat kefir;

• a raw egg;

• one and a half teaspoons of sugar;

• a teaspoon of the ripper for the dough or half a spoonful of burnt soda.

Cooking Method:

1. Mix the sifted flour twice with any of the rippers. You can do this when sifting, then it will mix with flour more evenly.

2. Grind the cottage cheese into a separate dish on a sieve and mix it with a slightly beaten egg and warm yogurt. Do not forget to salt and sweeten the mixture.

3. Next, enter the flour mixed with the ripper and knead the dough. If you took less fatty dairy products, the dough may turn out to be watery. Then you need to take more flour. The finished dough should turn out to be airy, but by no means liquid or steep.

4. Knead on the yogurt with cottage cheese dough, cover with a towel, not taking out of the bowl, and let it rest for 20-30 minutes.

5. Then place it on a well-sprinkled surface and mold the patties. Their filling can be both sweet and meat. Pie for pastry rolls roll no thicker than 0.7 cm and no thinner than half a centimeter.

6. Roast them in a steel or cast iron skillet, in a well-heated vegetable fat, until light browning on both sides.

Universal sweet dough “like fluff” on kefir


• bakery white flour - 0.9 kg;

• 150 gr. refined sugar;

• standard, 11 gram bag of vanilla sugar

• fresh alcoholic or baker's yeast - 20 g;

• half a liter of medium fat yogurt;

• unsalted butter - 80 g;

• one fresh egg;

• half a small spoonful of salt.

Cooking Method:

1. In 50 ml of warm water, dissolve a teaspoon of sugar and finger-crushed pressed yeast until completely dissolved. Cover and leave for up to 20 minutes. 2. On a low heat completely dissolve the butter, then cool it. Heat the kefir well.

3. Stir the egg slightly with a fork along with salt and add to kefir. Then add melted creamy fat, vanilla and remaining usual sugar, mix. Sugar should be completely dissolved in the kefir mixture.

4. Add the yeast to the mixture, stir and knead the dough, gradually pouring the flour.

5. After that, transfer the dough to a large enough pan or small bucket and, covered with a lid, leave to “rise” for two hours. To make it easier for the dough to rise, grease the bottom and especially the sides of the tank with vegetable oil.

6. After about an hour, lightly crush it with your hands and let it come up again.

7. From the finished air dough “like fluff” on kefir you can bake any kind of butter products.

Tricks of making dough on kefir - useful tips

• If there was no kefir of the indicated fat content, you can take any. But consider the less fat, the less will be the dough and therefore the amount of flour will need to be increased.

• Do not overheat the liquid in which the yeast will be diluted. In an excessively warm, and even more so in hot, they will die and will not rise.

• Also reduces the activity of yeast fatty milk product. Therefore, when using such, the prescription rate of yeast should be slightly increased.

• Rippers mix with flour or dilute in kefir and only then add all other ingredients.

• In order to save time, do not shorten the “distance” of the yeast dough, the baking quality will decrease significantly.

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