Vegetable stew with zucchini and potatoes is the favorite of the summer menu. Recipe for vegetable stew with zucchini and potatoes: minimum effort

Vegetable stew with zucchini and potatoes is the favorite of the summer menu. Recipe for vegetable stew with zucchini and potatoes: minimum effort

Vegetable dishes should be on our table and must be every day.

From the generous gifts of the garden you can prepare excellent culinary creations. A variety of vegetables allows you to combine them together, experiment.

In most cases, such experiments are successful and help discover new taste sensations.

Among the popular vegetable dishes, especially in spring and summer, stands out the stew with zucchini and potatoes.

It contains other products that are found in one saucepan, and as a result, a dish is born that combines elements of soup and roast.

During the cooking process, it is important that all vegetables do not lose their shape, and the dish does not turn into mashed potatoes. Then it not only feeds tasty, but also gives aesthetic pleasure.

Vegetable stew with zucchini and potatoes - general principles of cooking

The peculiarities of vegetable stew are that, firstly, it is cooked easily and quickly, secondly, any vegetables and a variety of spices can be put into the dish.

Onions, carrots, tomatoes, corn, garlic, sweet and bitter peppers, cabbage and even rice are added to zucchini and potatoes, as the main component of the dish.

All vegetables need to be thoroughly washed, peeled and cut, depending on the recipe.

You can fry all the ingredients and then stew in the same container. Tasty is obtained, stew, when vegetables, processed in a skillet, baked in the oven.

It is appropriate to add ground and fragrant pepper, coriander, turmeric, oregano, curry, dried and fresh herbs in the dish.

For cooking dishes suitable saucepan with a thick bottom or a cauldron. Ragout is brought to readiness with the lid closed.

1. Vegetable stew with zucchini and “Homemade” potatoes


• two onions;

• three carrots and sweet pepper;

• one zucchini;

• seven potatoes;

• fourth of cabbage;

• three tomatoes;

• 1/2 teaspoon curry;

• salt and pepper;

• pinch of hops-sunels. Cooking Method:

Let's start by cleaning all the vegetables.

Onions and carrots cut into cubes of medium size. Fry both vegetables in a deep saucepan. Use for frying vegetable oil. Add curry and season with onion and carrot juice.

Cut into cubes sweet pepper, potatoes and zucchini. Send all the vegetables in a saucepan. We continue to cook, stirring so that nothing burns.

Add about half a glass of water to the stew and leave to stew unopened until the potatoes are half cooked.

Put tomatoes and cabbage in a saucepan. We will also cut them into medium cubes. Stir the stew and leave to stew for another ten minutes.

Add pepper and hops-suneli to the skillet. Check for salt. If it is not enough, then you can add more.

Cook the stew for another fifteen minutes and turn it off.

2. Vegetable stew with zucchini and potatoes “Vitamin plate”


• carrot;

• two bulbs;

• zucchini;

• eggplant;

• a large potato;

• two red peppers;

• three garlic cloves;

• five l. Art. tomato paste;

• tsp. oregano;

• two lavrushki;

• salt and five peas of allspice.

Cooking Method:

Onions and carrots cut half-goats.

At the bottom of the cauldron pour two or three tablespoons of vegetable oil. When it starts to sizzle, pour onions and carrots. Stew vegetables until they soften a little.

Cut the potatoes into nice cubes and send them to the cauldron. Mix with onions and carrots.

Eggplant and zucchini also cut into cubes. If the vegetables are young, then clean them optional. Fall asleep slices of zucchini and eggplant in the cauldron. Again, all the mix.

After fifteen minutes in the stew you need to add a sweet pepper. We will also cut it into small cubes and send it to the rest of the vegetables.

After five minutes, pour the tomato paste and stir the stew.

Add allspice and lavrushka. Then pour oregano. Be sure to try on the salt.

Garlic chop into small pieces and put in a stew for savory taste. Fill a mug of water, mix the vegetables and cover the cauldron.

Stew stew for about thirty minutes so that all the vegetables are well boiled soft.

3. Vegetable stew with zucchini and potatoes in a slow cooker


• four zucchini;

• five potatoes;

• carrot.

• bulbs.

• two tsp. seasonings for potatoes.

Cooking Method:

Cooking with the help of a multicooker is probably the easiest way. The main thing is to choose the right mode, and the kitchen assistant will do everything herself.

Wash vegetables and peel. Then cut into small pieces. But the carrot must be crushed with a grater.

Turn on the mode “Frying”, pour a couple of spoons of sunflower oil. We fall asleep onions and carrots and pass them no more than three minutes.

Then put zucchini and potatoes. Add seasoning for potatoes. If someone is not enough salt, then you can add it to your own taste.

We cover the multicooker with a lid, set the mode "extinguishing". Set the time to 40 minutes, and press the start button of the kitchen assistant.

After a specified time, you can enjoy fragrant stew.

4. Vegetable stew with zucchini and potatoes “Summer has come”


• 700 gr. young potatoes;

• zucchini;

• 300 gr. champignons;

• chili pepper;

• six cloves of garlic;

• carrot;

• sweet pepper;

• two onions;

• eight sprigs of dill and cilantro;

• salt;

• five black peppercorns;

• 1/2 teaspoon portions of coriander, sumac and oregano;

• olive oil.

Cooking Method:

Boil new potatoes.

Cut the champignons and sweet pepper into thin slices, and the onion into half rings. Carrot and zucchini cut into cubes.

Cilantro and dill nashinkovat smaller.

Chop the chili and garlic into the smallest pieces.

Pour three spoons of olive oil into a saucepan and add mushrooms to it. Let them fire a little. When excess moisture leaves them, and it takes about six minutes, remove the champignons from the saucepan using a skimmer.

Instead of mushrooms fall asleep zucchini pieces. Salt a little so that it actively gives moisture. We fry on the big fire, constantly stir. After five minutes, unload the zucchini in a bowl with mushrooms. Add oil to the saucepan and fall asleep onion. When it becomes transparent, add the carrot.

Pour hot and sweet pepper in a saucepan.

It's time to add garlic and salt.

Chop the black peppercorns and coriander seeds in a mortar and pour them into a stew.

Add previously roasted zucchini and mushrooms. Then pour oregano and sumac. All mix. Stew until done.

Put potatoes on vegetables and sprinkle with greens. Cooking stew for another ten minutes and can serve.

5. Vegetable stew with zucchini and Greek-style potatoes


• six zucchini;

• four potatoes;

• two carrots, eggplant, colorful Bulgarian peppers and onions;

• three cloves of garlic;

• 400 gr. tomatoes;

• pepper, sugar and sea salt - to taste;

• 100 ml of white wine and olive oil;

• a bunch of parsley;

• teaspoon h. Oregano.

Cooking Method:

Prepare all the necessary vegetables according to the recipe and wash them thoroughly.

Zucchini, potatoes, eggplants and carrots cut into ringlets.

Cut the onion into semi-goblets, the pepper into slices, and the tomatoes and garlic into slices.

Each vegetable should be fried separately in olive oil. The sequence of frying does not matter.

Put the vegetables on a large baking sheet. Salt and pepper. Sprinkle with sugar and a little irrigated olive oil.

Spread white wine evenly over the vegetable surface.

Baking tray sent to the oven for an hour and a half (170 degrees).

After forty minutes, take out the baking sheet and sprinkle the vegetables with chopped parsley and oregano. Stir. If not enough liquid, then add a little water, wine and oil.

We bake our stew until the vegetables are browning and we eat with great pleasure and appetite.

6. Vegetable stew with zucchini and Italian-style potatoes


• two potatoes;

• zucchini;

• two sweet peppers and two carrots;

• a tomato;

• onion;

• a slice of garlic;

• a few sprigs of parsley and basil;

• celery stalk;

• half red hot pepper;

• salt;

• Italian herbs; • olive oil.

Cooking Method:

Vegetables cut into approximately the same medium pieces and put in one bowl.

Potatoes, pepper and zucchini cut a little larger than the rest.

In a deep saucepan, heat the olive oil and pour out all the chopped vegetables. Sprinkle and cover with a lid.

Vegetables should be stewed until potatoes are ready. From time to time they need to be mixed.

Fifteen minutes before the end of cooking, sprinkle the stew with Italian herbs.

7. Vegetable stew with zucchini and Malaysian potatoes


• three zucchini;

• three potatoes and carrots;

• two broccoli heads;

• two onions;

• five ripe tomatoes;

• three l. Art. rice;

• two lavrushki;

• Art. l Sahara;

• half a teaspoon of turmeric and paprika;

• salt, vegetable oil;

• two pinches of dried greens;

• Art. l chopped nuts.

Cooking Method:

To begin with, we cut into small pieces of broccoli. She should cook, so we load it into boiling water.

All other vegetables cut into cubes.

Put zucchini and potatoes in a saucepan with cabbage. Water does not completely cover the vegetables, it is below their level by about a centimeter.

Add carrot slices and rice. Stir well.

We continue cooking on low heat. Do not be lazy to stir, because rice can easily stick to the bottom and spoil the stew.

Fry the onions in a skillet until it turns slightly golden. Add the slices of tomatoes. Fry them until soft.

In the saucepan with stew add nuts.

When the rice is completely cooked, pour the tomato and onion mixture.

Salt and add sugar. Put laurea, turmeric and paprika. Cook another ten minutes.

Just before turning off, we put some dried greens in the pot.

Prepared stew should stand for at least fifteen minutes in order to thicken.

This dish should be eaten from deep plates and be sure to put a spoonful of sour cream.

8. Hungarian-style vegetable stew with zucchini and potato


• kilogram of potatoes;

• bulgarian zucchini and pepper; • five tomatoes;

• one medium carrot and onion;

• 200 gr. corn raw;

• pinch of red pepper;

• l. including ground coriander;

• salt;

• vegetable oil;

• half a cup of hot water.

Cooking Method:

Onion head cut into half rings and divide into feathers.

Cut the carrots into medium-sized straws and the pepper into cubes.

Peel zucchini and potatoes. Cut them into large pieces.

Chop the tomatoes into the smallest pieces.

In a saucepan, pour a little vegetable oil. Fry carrots and onions until soft.

Add tomatoes to the saucepan. Salt, sprinkle with hot red pepper and coriander.

Fill hot water and mix the contents of the saucepan.

Put in the dishes pepper, potatoes and zucchini.

Top with raw corn. Close the saucepan and cook the stew for about half an hour.

The dish is ready when the potatoes are cooked. Serve it preferably hot. Then it has the most intense taste and aroma.

Vegetable stew with zucchini and potatoes - tips and helpful tips

Decorates and reveals the taste of sugar ragout. Therefore, it is desirable to add at least some of this sweetness.

Stew tastes better if you follow two rules:

1. Cut all the vegetables in the same way.

2. Fry each ingredient separately.

White wine successfully replaces vegetable broth.

In spring, you can enjoy the juicy and light vegetable stew with zucchini and potatoes, if you add the first greens in it: dill, sorrel, parsley.

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