Filler of chicken (step by step): the guests are delighted. Step-by-step recipes of jellied chicken with vegetables, berries and mushrooms

Filler of chicken (step by step): the guests are delighted. Step-by-step recipes of jellied chicken with vegetables, berries and mushrooms

Aspic dishes are varieties of jelly cooked with beautifully laid out vegetables and pieces of meat. Aspic from chicken is cooked from a whole chicken carcass, its parts or a chicken.

Gelatin or parts of chicken and pork carcasses with high gelling properties are added to the dish in order to make a flooding. For a decent decoration of the aspic dishes are used berries of cranberries or lingonberries, boiled green or canned peas, carrots cut into a beautiful shape and other vegetables.

Filler of chicken (step by step) - general principles of cooking

Chicken can take both store and village. The first one is cooked a little over an hour, and the second is not less than an hour and a half. If you take those parts of the bird in which there is a gelling component (neck, lower leg, wings, thighs), then you do not need to add gelatin. If other parts are used, the broth can be mixed with regular gelatin.

Gelatin for fill can be used in the form of powder or plates. Powder should be filled with water in the ratio of one to four and leave it to swell for a quarter of an hour. The gelatin plate should be diluted in 100 g of water.

Vegetables can be cooked both separately and immediately with chicken. Then they should be removed using skimmers and cut into beautiful figures. Chicken meat can be minced or cut into cubes or strips.

The dish can be made at your discretion and taste. The main thing for beauty is that all ingredients should be laid out neatly in layers, and only then they should be filled with jelly broth.

Filler of Chicken: A Step-by-Step Classic Recipe


• one chicken carcass;

• one onion;

• one carrot;

• two cloves of garlic;

• on a couple of sprigs of parsley and dill;

• salt to taste;

• 10 black peppercorns;

• two laurel leaves;

• 50 g of gelatin.


1. Rinse the chicken in cold water. We remove the hemp and the remaining feathers, if any. You can cut the carcass into several parts or use the whole. 2. Fold the chicken into the pan and fill it with hot water so that the meat is completely covered with it.

3. Bring to a boil and remove the foam. We continue to cook the carcass.

4. Clean and wash the onion, garlic and carrot. Rinse these vegetables in water.

5. Put the vegetables in the pan to the chicken and cook together. Salt is not necessary. But it is better to add peppercorns and bay leaves now, so that the broth has turned out with a pleasant spicy note.

6. When the chicken meat becomes soft and will easily fall behind the bones, we take it along with the vegetables.

7. Next for the jellied chicken prepare the meat. Step-by-step recipe involves the removal of all bones and the use of chicken only.

8. Cut the meat into small pieces.

9. Boiled vegetables can be cut figuratively. If the onion is badly boiled soft, it is better not to use it when assembling the filler. He already gave the broth all its taste and aroma.

10. Thoroughly wash the fresh parsley and dill in water and dry it in air. You can put the leaves on a clean kitchen towel. And then finely chop the greens and leave a couple of small leaves of parsley to decorate the jelly.

11. So, prepare the form. For filler, you can take silicone or any other. At the bottom lay out slices or slices of carrots, garlic and a few whole leaves of parsley. You can put in the form of a flower or ornament.

12. Next, lay out the pieces of chicken. This should be done carefully so as not to damage the lower figured vegetable layer.

13. On the chicken lay out the remaining finely chopped greens.

14. Gelatin free from packaging and pour in a separate bowl.

15. Fill gelatin with warm water, set aside for 10-15 minutes. Gelatin can be in the form of plates or loose powder. Grains of powder swell significantly faster plates. Therefore, if you have little time, take the powder.

16. The broth, which remained from boiling chicken and vegetables, by this time should cool down a bit. Strain it through a fine sieve (preferably iron) not completely. The fact is that at the bottom of the pan “shurushki” from cooking products settled down. They will make a muddy muddy. 17. Now mix the broth and gelatin in a small saucepan or enamelled cup.

18. Put the cup on the heating plate and heat it. While stirring constantly, make sure that the mixture does not boil (gelatin can not be boiled).

19. As soon as the swollen grains of gelatin disperse, turn off the heating of the stove.

20. Carefully, in order not to damage the pattern, pour broth in the form of products. It is necessary that all the meat was in the broth.

21. Leave aspic from chicken to cool.

22. After that, put the form in the fridge on the top shelf so that the dish will freeze. This may take from 5 to 12 hours depending on the height of the form.

23. Then we take out the filler from the refrigerator and turn over the form directly onto the dish.

24. Remove neatly silicone mold and jellied chicken ready!

25. Cut the dish into pieces and serve as a snack to the table.

Fillet of chicken with mushrooms (step by step)


• 300 g chicken fillet;

• 200 g chicken legs;

• 200 g of champignons;

• one carrot;

• one bow;

• a bunch of fresh basil;

• salt to taste.


1. Chicken fillet and legs are washed in water and placed in a 3-4 liter saucepan.

2. Clean and wash the onions in cold water and ship them to the pan.

3. Fill cold water with onions and chicken. It uses cold water to make a good broth. All gelling agents must be boiled out of chicken legs.

4. Put the pan on the heating plate and bring to a boil.

5. Remove the foam with the help of a special skimmer and reduce the heat to a minimum.

6. Cover the pan tightly with a lid.

7. Cook for 1-1.5 hours.

8. During this time we prepare other ingredients.

9. Carrots, without cleaning, set to boil in a separate pan.

10. Rinse the champignons in water. If necessary, clean the knife. If the mushrooms are small, leave them whole. Large specimens cut into quarters.

11. Fold the mushrooms into a small saucepan and fill with a small amount of water.

12. Put the mushrooms to boil for 15-20 minutes in salted water. 13. When the carrots are cooked, cool them in cold water and clean. Then we cut it into pieces (can be in the form of flowers).

14. Boiled mushrooms throw back on the sieve and let the broth drain.

15. Basil greens are washed in water and laid out on a napkin to dry.

16. Check the readiness of the chicken. The fillet should be soft, sticky broth, and jelly legs.

17. We take out the meat and legs from the pan.

18. Leave the broth under a closed lid to cool.

19. Take a plate with meat and paws. Finely chop the loin, and remove all the soft parts from the legs. Also cut. Meat can be minced at will.

20. Strain the broth, fill with salt. For the time being we set aside.

21. In the prepared form for the fill (silicone, ceramic or other) lay out carrots and mushrooms. We try to get an interesting picture.

22. Then we decorate with basil leaves.

23. Carefully, without damaging the pattern, lay the meat on top.

24. Fill in all the already slowly cooled broth and put it in the fridge to set.

25. After 6 hours, take out the form and lay it on a plate.

26. Raise the form so that the jellied chicken is left on the plate. This step-by-step recipe is over. It remains only to cut portions aspic and serve.

Filler of chicken and berries (step-by-step recipe)


• 50 g of gelatin;

• 400 g chicken legs and wings;

• 40 g canned green peas;

• 40 g of cranberries or cranberries;

• salt to taste;

• 3 black peppercorns;

• 2 allspice peppers.


1. Wash chicken legs and wings in water and transfer them to the saucepan.

2. Fill with cold water (meat should be completely submerged in water) and put on the included stove for cooking.

3. Add the peas black pepper and allspice.

4. Bring to a boil and remove all the foam.

5. Reduce the heat and cook until the meat softens. Approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

6. Rinse the jar with canned peas with water and wipe. Then open and drain the whole broth. Put the peas on a plate or bowl. 7. Put the berries of cowberries and canned peas in one layer in the mold for the jellied chicken.

8. When the meat is cooked, pull it out onto a plate and, moving it onto a cutting board, chop finely. There should not be a bone in the filler.

9. Filter the broth through an iron sieve and clean gauze.

10. Gelatin pour in a bowl and pour warm water in a ratio of 1: 4. Set aside for swelling for 15-20 minutes.

11. In the form of berries and peas lay out the sliced ​​meat.

12. Mix the broth with gelatin (along with the water in which it is soaked).

13. While stirring, heat the broth with gelatin until the latter is dissolved. Do not boil, otherwise the gelatin will lose its ability to form a jelly.

14. Now filter the broth with jelly and pour it into the form with the products.

15. Remove to the fridge or other cool place to set.

16. When the jellied chicken grabs, you can lay it out, turning it over on a plate. Step-by-step recipe ends pulling out the form and portion of the filler.

Filler of Chicken - Tricks and Tips

• It is better to take the mold for the filler with curved edges or some convex pattern.

• It is also possible to add corn, bell pepper or other vegetables to beauty aspic.

• Chicken meat can be combined with other meats, from this aspic will only get tastier.

• In order to make the filler transparent, you must strain the broth.

• Serve aspic with horseradish or mustard.

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