Duck with apples - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook a duck with apples.

Duck with apples - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook a duck with apples.

Duck with apples - general principles and methods of cooking

If on weekdays chicken meat is present on our tables quite often, then the goose and duck are cooked more on holidays. Or on occasion, when guests are invited to the house, so that everyone gets a piece from the big carcass, but not one by one. Let the duck - the bird is not as proud as a goose, but no less tasty if properly prepared, for example, stewed or fried with apples. The duck with apples is an ancient Slavic dish that was cooked in the oven, mainly for Christmas. Now there are no ovens, but the modern oven copes with roasting ducks as well. Duck with apples is cooked using utyatnitsa or a sleeve, sometimes baked along with a side dish - potatoes, rice, buckwheat.

Duck with apples - food preparation

In its pure form, duck meat has a specific taste and slightly fatty. These deficiencies can be compensated for by pickling the carcass and then stewing or baking with sour apples. Marinate it in wine, vinegar, lemon or orange juice, rubbed with garlic, pepper, oregano and other spices to your taste.

Apples for mince peel is not necessary to peel, only the core is removed. The cut, after inside the carcass laid slices of apples, it is better to fix. It is not recommended to use toothpicks for this purpose, the seam can spread, it is better to take ordinary white threads and a needle, so it will be safer.

Before baking, the carcass must cut off the outer part of the wing so that it does not burn, and cut out the glands located in the duck's tail (tail), since they give the dish an unpleasant peculiar taste.

Duck with apples - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Duck with Apples

Duck with apples is not difficult to cook, and this recipe is striking in its simplicity. It is probably the most correct, because apples surround the carcass from all sides - from the bottom, sides and top. Thanks to apples, meat becomes juicy and not fat, because they absorb excess fat, and garlic makes duck very fragrant.

Ingredients: duck - 2 kg, sour apples - 1 kg, 5 cloves of garlic, salt, spices and seasonings to taste (pepper, curry, rosemary, etc.) Method of preparation

Rub the washed carcass with salt, spices, spices, do not forget to look into the abdomen.

Cook apples. They do not have to be beautiful, the main thing is to be sour. Cut them into slices (each quarter is still divided in half), the skin does not need to be cleaned, but the core is necessary.

At the bottom of the cauldron or utyatnitsy lay out a layer of apples. Duck belly stuffed with apple slices and garlic cloves. The hole is better to sew up so that the filling does not fall out. Lay the bird in the cauldron seam up, place the apples between the duck and the walls of the dishes so that the carcass is isolated from the edges of the dishes. Leftover apples lay on top.

Pour half a glass of water and bake for two to three hours (200C). The first one and a half hours under the lid - then an hour and a half without a lid. To check the duck for readiness, it is necessary to pierce it deeper with a toothpick. If clear juice comes out - the meat is ready, if it is pinkish or mixed with blood, let it be stewed. Do not be afraid that the duck will dry out, the apples will not allow this. If suddenly the apples begin to burn, add a little water.

Put the carcass baked to readiness on a dish, remove the threads, put the apples from the abdomen side by side, they can be used as a side dish or addition to it, but those apples that were stewed in a cauldron and absorbed too much fat are not recommended.

Recipe 2: Duck with apples in beer

Then you and drink, then eat. This, of course, a joke, tk. the alcohol from the beer will evaporate, only the hop aroma will remain. And the taste of such a duck is simply incomparable.

Ingredients: duck carcass - 2 kg, 4-5 sour apples, 0,5l of light beer, spices for rubbing the carcass: black and hot peppers, cumin, salt, savory (optional), or Provencal herbs.

Method of preparation

To cook a duck, you will need a duck or other thick oval-shaped utensils.

Carefully rub the carcass from the inside and outside with a mixture of seasonings and salt.

Apples cut into quarters, clean from the core and stuff them duck's abdomen. So that they do not come out and when heated, the juice does not leak out, the edges should be sewn up with ordinary threads with a needle.

The remaining apples put on the bottom of the duck. Optionally, you can add a handful of dried apricots. Place a duck on the back and pour over the beer. Close the lid and bake for one hour (190C). Then remove the lid, turn the carcass on the belly and fry for another forty to fifty minutes. During this time, the beer evaporates and the duck is covered with a golden crust.

Recipe 3: Duck with apples and oranges

This beautiful duck is prepared not only with apples and oranges (or tangerines), but together with a side dish - rice. And what flavor is in the kitchen during baking - can not be described in words.

Ingredients: Duck - 2.5 kg, salt, black and hot pepper, 4 cloves of garlic. For the filling: 4 sour apples, 2 oranges (or 4 mandarins). For garnish: a glass of rice, salt, 2 bell peppers (preferably a bright color).

Method of preparation

Soak the washed rice for an hour and a half. Apples cut into cubes (you can not peel), disassemble oranges and tangerines into slices. A slice of orange can be further cut into two or three pieces.

Grate the washed carcass carefully, rubbing salt, chopped garlic and seasonings into the meat and skin. You can add a pinch of curry.

Lay a large sheet of foil (or several sheets overlap) on a baking sheet so that you can pack a duck into it. Put the carcass on it, stuff it with fruit and sew the incision with a needle and white thread.

Bulgarian pepper cut into medium cubes, mix with soaked rice and salt. Put a side dish around the duck in a circle, pour 2/3 cup of water, pack it in foil and bake for two hours (200C). Open the foil and finish the duck to the skin for another half hour. Every ten minutes, open the oven and stir the rice so that it does not overdry. If there is not enough liquid, add another half a cup of boiling water.

As the duck is ready, let it stand for about twenty minutes under the foil. Then remove the thread, put a spoon filling on the edge of the dish and serve.

Duck with apples - useful tips from experienced chefs

- If sweet apples are used for stuffing the carcass, to make it sour, slices must be watered with lemon juice.

- If the duck is baked in the sleeve, the melted fat must be drained, cooled and stored in the refrigerator.

- The remaining meat from baked duck can be used for salads or pizza toppings.

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