Snacks on skewers - always tasty and spectacular. Simple recipes of original canapés and fruit snacks on skewers

Snacks on skewers - always tasty and spectacular. Simple recipes of original canapés and fruit snacks on skewers

Snacks on skewers - a spectacular option of serving snack dishes to the buffet, buffet and festive table. This appetizer meets all the rules of serving: it is spectacular, it looks bright, besides it is convenient to take it with your hands. On a skewer, you can combine various components that match, and the small size allows you to add delicacies to the dish. In the presence of necessary products, the appetizer is prepared in a matter of minutes.

General principles of cooking snacks on skewers

• Cooking appetizers on skewers is a pleasure in itself - the process is simple and does not take much time, it is enough to stock up on necessary products, skewers and imagination. There are plenty of snack options, the culinary specialist can easily come up with his recipe based on the availability of products. It is important that all components of the snack are well combined with each other.

• Snack on skewers can be made even from fruits and berries. They are combined with each other and with such incompatible, at first glance, products like cheese and marshmallows. Fruit snacks are often served with wine, or specially prepared for children, so that little mamaraks do not get dirty.

• The most popular snacks on skewers, this canape is a mini version of a multi-tiered sandwich. Cooking them is easy, just enough to correctly combine the products. They are deliberately cooked small, so that you can eat a snack immediately, without biting into pieces.

• It is customary to serve at least five types of canapes and count them in such a way that each guest gets at least eight mini sandwiches.

Fruit snack on skewers with cheese

Ease of execution, an unusual combination of flavors - this is exactly about the snack on skewers of cheese and grapes. The grapes are preferably seedless, suitable and light and dark varieties. Grape sorts of cheese are ideally combined with grapes: Eden, Maasdam, Russian. Soft cheeses with mold are also appropriate. Ingredients, 100 grams each:

• hard spicy cheese;

• grapes of any variety, seedless.

Cooking Method:

1. We pick berries from branches, sort them. Elastic, the same size, put in a bowl, and spoiled (with a broken skin, specks and soft) set aside - they are not useful.

2. Selected grapes pour into a colander, wash thoroughly and leave to dry. You can spread the berries on the towel.

3. Cut the cheese in small pieces. We try to make them as big as grapes.

4. Put a grape on a skewer first, then a piece of cheese and lay out a snack on a plate. You can repeat, once again stringing the berry and cheese.

5. Such a snack on skewers, as a rule, is served to the wine.

Fruit and berry snack on skewers with chocolate

What could be more delicious than fruit with chocolate? Snack on skewers consists of strawberries, marshmallow and banana. Strung on long skewers pieces, poured with melted chocolate. If the combination of sweet marshmallow and chocolate seems cloying, take not bitter, but bitter chocolate.


• large banana;

• strawberry (small berries) - a glass;

• white or multi-colored marshmallows;

• 50 gr. dark milk chocolate.

Cooking Method:

1. Strawberries should be small. Berries should be dense, with no signs of spoilage. Wash them and dry. Banana cut rings, thick with strawberries.

2. Marshmallow, like a banana, cut into rounds, the size of a strawberry berry.

3. Chocolate breaks into squares, put in a bowl and put in a water bath. Warming up, constantly stirring, so that all the pieces are melted. If the mass is thick, add some warm milk.

4. We put on the long wooden skewers pieces of fruit and marshmallows in the following sequence: banana, strawberry, marshmallow, again banana, again strawberry and marshmallow ring.

5. We lay out a fruit snack on a serving plate, pour chocolate. Serve when it hardens well.

Snack on Fruit Assorted Skewers

A bright snack will decorate the table and will delight you with a fresh taste. On a skewer the favorite fruits of children and adults are gathered: peach, banana, kiwi. The combination of fragrant fruit with sweet honey for those who do not like sugary sweetness. Appetizer made coconut flakes, adding its delicate flavor. To make the dish look more colorful, choose tinted coconut chips.


• one large peach or nectarine;

• medium large kiwi - 1 pc .;

• liquid honey;

• big banana;

• white or colored coconut chips;

• half a large lemon.

Cooking Method:

1. For such a snack it is preferable to choose nectarine, on its skin there is no peach-like gun. If you take peaches, the best are varieties that easily remove the skin, and the pulp is separated from the stone.

2. Having washed nectarine or peach, chop the flesh into small pieces a centimeter thick.

3. Squeeze the juice from the lemon, filter through a sieve.

4. We cut the banana with ringlets of the same thickness as the peach (nectarine), sprinkle with lemon juice. If this is not done, they will darken.

5. Use a sharp knife to cut off the skin with kiwi. Cut the fruit into cubes commensurate with slices of previously prepared fruit.

6. Stringing fruit, alternating, on long skewers for barbecue. We pour liquid honey.

7. Sprinkle with coconut shavings on fruit platter, place on a serving plate and serve. The appetizer will look brighter if you use coconut chips in several colors.

Snacks on skewers: the recipe of the canape “Fungus”

Quick salad appetizer, consists of fresh cucumbers, cheese, eggs, mushrooms. Crushed cheese and eggs are smeared with mayonnaise on slices of cucumber. Champignons are attached to the cucumber ringlets with a short skewer.


• pickled champignons - 300 gr .;

• 100 grams of cheese, “Dutch” or “Russian”; • three spoons of mayonnaise;

• 300 gr. fresh cucumbers;

• boiled eggs - 3 pcs .;

• lettuce leaves;

• fresh dill;

• pitted olives or olives.

Cooking Method:

1. Coarsely rub cheese and hard boiled eggs into a wide bowl. Pepper, add salt and mix with mayonnaise.

2. Wash cucumbers, wipe dry with a towel, decant the marinade with mushrooms and olives.

3. We wash and dry the greens. Lettuce leaves are left intact, and dill chop.

4. Cut cucumbers into rings of five millimeter thickness and spread a circle with cheese mass.

5. Puncture the short sword with a fungus from the side of the cap, place an olive and fasten them with a piece of cucumber.

6. Carefully place the appetizer on a platter, on top of the lettuce leaves, decorate with fresh dill, imitating weed.

Snack on skewers: a simple recipe for canapes with salmon

Compact snack of quail eggs with salmon and curd cheese, an excellent prologue to hot dishes. A light sandwich does not satisfy hunger, but rather improves the appetite for the main course.


• quail eggs - 8 pcs .;

• curd cheese - 70 gr .;

• slices of rye or gray bread;

• three sprigs of fresh dill;

• 80 gr. lightly salted salmon or trout.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour quail eggs with cold water, cook hard-boiled, with the addition of salt. Cool with running water, clean the shells.

2. Wash the dill, dry it and cut it small, combine it with cheese and chopped dill.

3. Cut off crusts from bread, cut them into small squares. Spread out on a baking sheet, slightly dry in the oven. It is important not to overdry, should form a ruddy crust on top, it is desirable to leave the crumb inside soft.

4. Cut the fish thinly into pieces the size of bread squares.

5. On slices of bread we put on a piece of fish, and on it with a spoon or through a pastry syringe lay out a little cheese mass.

6. We pierce a quail egg with a plastic or wooden skewer, fasten it with a prepared “sandwich”. 7. The bottom of the serving dish is lined with lettuce leaves and neatly arranged on them snacks on skewers.

Basic buffet snack on skewers

The basic recipe for appetizers on skewers to the buffet table. Two types of cheese are used in combination with rye bread, olives and greens. The recipe is easily adaptable to any, combined with black bread products.


• cottage cheese or cream cheese in trays - 75 gr .;

• 60 gr. soft cheese;

• pitted olives;

• 110 gr. rye bread;

• red fish, slightly salted;

• small spinach leaves;

• fresh dill.

Cooking Method:

1. Turning over leaves of spinach and dill, free from litter and faded leaves. Wash the greens, dry well.

2. Cut the dill into small pieces, combine with cheese and beat well using a mixer or blender.

3. Cut the bread into slices, centimeter thickness, remove the crusts and cut into small squares. A round device for extruding cookies can be made blanks of appropriate shape.

4. Cut hard cheese and fish into slices commensurate with the pieces of bread.

5. Lubricate half the bread slices with a mixture of dill and cheese, put a piece of lettuce on top.

6. Putting a snack. We string olives on skewers, then a slice of hard cheese, and the last one is greased with cheese mass.

7. Carefully lay out the finished snack or place on a platter.

Snack on skewers: the recipe for the original “Sail” canape

The idea of ​​a simple snack of sausage and bread. The sausage is cut in long slices and worn on the skewers in the form of a sail. Fastened with a base of white bread, smeared with soft cheese and herbs.


• 150 grams of smoked sausage and cream cheese;

• half baguette;

• olives without stones or olives;

• fresh dill or parsley.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the baguette into centimeter thick pieces. Squeeze out the crumb bread base for a snack in a thin glass. We spread the workpiece on the brazier and dried. 2. Cut the dill into small pieces, mix it with cheese, if necessary, season it and add some salt. We smear cheese on baguette slices with a solid layer.

3. Sausage is cut into thin slices. To form a sail on a skewer, they must be long, so when cutting the knife, we keep the knife diagonally to the loaf.

4. We put on pieces of sausage from one edge to a skewer, then we put an olive on it, we pierce a sausage slice in the center and again we put an olive and again we pierce the edge of sausage.

5. Fasten the base of the bread with the resulting “sail”, decorate the appetizer with dill sprigs and place on the plate.

Snacks on skewers - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• If an apple or a banana is included in the fruit snack on skewers, be sure to moisten them with lemon juice, otherwise it will darken.

• Despite the fact that appetizers are easy to prepare, you should not prepare them more than necessary. Fruits, sausage, cheese quickly become overwhelmed, and the dish loses its appearance and taste.

• Cooking any kind of snack on skewers - the culinary art. You can use any type of fruit and a variety of products, feel free to combine them.

• Fruits and canapé bread are not only cut into squares. Formers for cookies create original figures and the snack looks more spectacular.

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