How to store cinnamon

How to store cinnamon

The history of cinnamon begins in the very depths of the ages. Three thousand years ago, this spice was incredibly popular from ancient Egypt to China due to its exotic, sweetish smell and abundance of useful properties.

It has long been used not only as a seasoning, but also as part of medicines. And this is not by chance. After all, the active substances in cinnamon help to prevent and treat many diseases. They act as antifungal, antibacterial and antiparasitic agents. In addition, cinnamon helps reduce blood sugar, as it reduces cravings for sweets and helps to reduce their consumption in food. Only the flavor of this seasoning can significantly stimulate brain activity, helping to quickly find solutions to the most puzzling tasks.

Fans of fragrant spices should be aware that in addition to nutrients in the cinnamon contains a harmful component called “coumarin”. In large doses, it adversely affects the functioning of the liver and can cause headaches. The better the spice, the lower the concentration of coumarin.

How to choose cinnamon?

In supermarkets, you can see cinnamon in powder form and in sticks. The most reasonable would be to choose the second option, as unscrupulous manufacturers can easily forge powder. In addition, cinnamon sticks retain their properties for much longer. The freshness of cinnamon is always determined by its flavor: the more sweet notes it contains, the less time has passed since the preparation of the spice.

When choosing, pay attention to what kind of cinnamon you buy, since its composition and taste depend on it. The best is considered to be Ceylon cinnamon, which has a slightly tart and sweetish flavor. The second most popular is Chinese (or Indian) cinnamon, whose taste is sharper, and the smell is much weaker. In addition to them, there are Malabar and cinnamon varieties on sale, which have a sharper taste.

How to store cinnamon?

The most important enemies of any spice are moisture, daylight, and weathering. To isolate cinnamon sticks or cinnamon sticks from their destructive effects, select a sealed glass container for storage, which you place in a dark and dry place.

Under suitable conditions, a cinnamon stick is able to maintain its freshness for a year or even two. For the powder, this period is much less and is not more than half a year, so it will be much more practical to acquire sticks, which can be crushed as necessary with the help of a mortar or grinder.

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