How to store peas

How to store peas

Pea is a legume that grows well in our climate. Agrotechnics is not difficult, so a good harvest can be obtained without special labor costs. But to save the harvested peas and prevent its damage, you need to try.

Storing fresh peas in pods and without

Among the pea pods intended for storage, you should choose those with a fresh green color. They must be dense, because inside the flat leaves the peas are still immature, and inside the withered they have time to dry out. On the surface should not be gray spots.

Fresh peas are stored in the refrigerator. In the pods, he will remain so for no more than a week.

But if you free the peas from the leaves, pour them into a deep vessel and put them on the shelf of the refrigerator, which is located far from the freezer, the beans will last about six months. They definitely need air, so the container can not be closed tightly.

The main ways to store peas for the winter. Canning

The harvest of fresh green peas can be saved using the following methods:

  • canning;
  • freezing.

A good way to stock up peas for the winter - preserve it:

  • Release the legumes from the valves, remove the yellowed and damaged pea seeds.
  • Rinse the peas and pour it into boiling salted water.
  • After three to five minutes, drain the liquid.
  • Rinse peas with warm water.
  • Fill the legumes in clean cans (0.5 l) and pour hot pickle (a tablespoon of salt per liter of water).
  • Add a quarter teaspoon of vinegar to each jar.
  • Roll up the container and put it upside down.

It is not necessary to wrap jars with peas, they should cool at room temperature. Filled containers should be transferred to the cellar or refrigerated.

Canned peas will last until the next harvest in excellent condition.

Freezing peas for the winter

It is necessary to freeze peas juicy and well formed.

If the bean plant belongs to the sugar varieties, then you can use not only individual peas, but also pods. Sequence freeze:

  • Peas are sorted, petioles are removed and the fibers connecting the sash are washed. Each pod can be cut in half or in three pieces.
  • Beans are poured into a colander and kept in boiling water for no more than three minutes.
  • The pods are cooled with cold water or with ice cubes.
  • Spread peas on napkins and completely dry. On the pods should not be a drop of moisture.
  • Pour peas in bags or containers, close them more tightly and send them to the freezer.

Shelling peas should always be released from the valves, and then:

  • to sort, load peas into a colander and blanch;
  • cool and dry;
  • scatter on trays or pallets and send to the freezer for several hours; separately frozen peas will not stick together and will not turn into a huge lump;
  • packaged in containers or packages;
  • load the filled container back into the freezer.

Periodically, bags and containers should be shaken to prevent the formation of lumps.

Frozen peas are stored in the freezer for up to eight months, without losing the taste and healthy qualities.

Dry Pea Storage

Dry peas can be:

  • buy in the store;
  • Cook by yourself.

In order for the dried peas to survive a little longer, it is necessary:

  • place the product in a clean container that fits tightly: glass jars, plastic containers;
  • small tissue bags filled with salt and put on the bottom of each tank: this will contribute to the fact that the peas do not dampen and will not be covered with mold.

At home, an oven is suitable for drying peas. Before loading, the beans should be treated the same way as before freezing: problanshirovat, rinse, dry.

Then the peas are poured in a thin layer on a baking sheet and sent to the oven (45-55 degrees, the door half open) for three to four hours. The finished product becomes wrinkled and becomes dark green.

After cooling, the peas are poured into the container, which can be tightly closed, preferably glass. Dry peas are stored for several years. But for this it is necessary to observe the following conditions:

  • the presence of a sealed package that will not allow the penetration of insects;
  • only fully ripe peas can be used for drying, otherwise it will quickly lose its attractive appearance and may become moldy.

Peas are stored in a dark and dry room. The temperature should not exceed 25 degrees.

How are boiled peas stored

Boiled peas must be kept in the fridge. At room temperature, it will become inedible in just a few hours.

Dishes made from peas, preferably immediately after they have cooled, rearranged from stove to fridge shelf. Soup can be preserved in this way for up to three days. Pea porridge is stored less - two days. The product eaten during the specified time must be discarded, otherwise problems with digestion are inevitable.

Which method is best to choose for storing peas depends on the state of the bean. In dry and fresh form, it is contained in different ways. If you store the peas correctly, it will remain useful for a long time and will delight you with excellent taste.

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