How to store almonds

How to store almonds

Almonds take a worthy place among nuts, being one of the most noble of their types. It has a delicate taste, rich in pleasant shades. And the benefits of almond considerable. Therefore, lovers of nuts enough. Buying almonds for the future, you need to remember the simple rules of its storage. After all, tainted nuts will not bring any benefit or pleasure.

Almond Selection

To save the nuts a little longer and get real pleasure from eating them, you need to buy only high-quality almonds. You can determine this by:

  • Fresh almonds have an even shape and uniform color.
  • There can't even be a hint of mold on the nuts. Rust patches should also be avoided.
  • The smell of almonds is barely perceptible. It is not harsh and does not give bitterness.
  • Nuts should be completely dry, but not dried. Damp kernels are not suitable for storage.
  • If unpeeled almonds, the shell must be whole, without punctures and cracks.
  • Kernels from the same batch do not differ in color, shape or smell.

You can buy more quality almonds and make a reserve for the months ahead without fear for their safety.

How to store peeled almonds

Almonds are sold with husks and without. Peeled nut tastes better. Almond gives bitterness to the husk. Peeled almonds can be purchased raw or roasted. For storage, preference is given to those nuts that have not been processed using high temperatures.

  • Choosing a place to store. A refrigerator or a cool pantry is completely appropriate. In winter, you can use a warmed balcony. It is important that the sun's rays do not fall on the almonds.
  • A glass jar that can be tightly closed can serve as a Tara. Special containers with a vacuum device are also used.
  • It is unacceptable to mix several varieties of nuts. Almond does not tolerate such a neighborhood.
  • It is not possible to store peeled kernels in a regular bag and at room temperature. Nuts will become bitter and lose their beneficial properties.

Almonds in peeled form can be stored up to six months. And if you wrap the kernels in a package and send them into the freezer, they will be able to save their healing and taste qualities, stay fresh for up to 12 months.

Almonds purchased in the package is stored for the period that the manufacturer affixed. But if a bag of nuts has already been opened, to prolong their suitability, the residue should be poured into a small jar or cup, covered with a lid or cling film, sent to the refrigerator.

How to store unpeeled almonds

Unpeeled almonds can be stored longer. That is why the recommendation to buy nuts in the shell is practical and practical. For unrefined almonds, the following storage conditions are most suitable:

  • Humidity should not exceed 75%.
  • It is necessary to maintain the temperature in the room within 16-18 degrees above zero. With a greater warming of the air, the nuts can become bitter, moldy. The cooler in the room, so they will last longer.
  • Almonds should be placed in a box that is not sealed so that air can penetrate it unhindered. Used and glass containers, slightly covered with a lid.
  • Tanks with almonds must be placed in a dark place. Just as peeled, almond in the shell does not tolerate the ingress of light, especially of sunlight.

Unrefined almonds will last a year, but they are not needed anymore. It is better to buy fresh nuts from the new crop.

The unique properties of almond help strengthen hair, nails, tooth enamel. The abundance of vegetable fat helps to protect the skin from rapid aging and keeps it in good shape. Therefore, information on how to preserve almonds, so that all the taste and healing properties remained with it, will definitely come in handy.

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