Instant coffee: the benefits and harm

Instant coffee: the benefits and harm

How do you start your morning? Sure, many of you responded with a cup of coffee. Despite the fact that today there are quite a few connoisseurs of this fragrant drink around the globe, only a few people drink natural coffee, preferring instant coffee. The product, invented at the end of the 19th century by the Japanese Satori Kato, but launched into production a little later - only in 1938 thanks to the efforts of the chemical technologist of the Nestle company, throughout its history raises a lot of questions. Discussions about the benefits and dangers of this drink doctors are constantly. Today we will talk about the beneficial properties of instant coffee and find out whether it can actually be a danger, which some scientists keep saying.

Today on the market there are several varieties of instant coffee:

1. Powdered. The cheapest kind of coffee. To make such coffee, the coffee beans are ground and the machine is sent, which creates a full vacuum. Liquid droplets are passed through the crushed grains and instantly dried.

2. Granulated. This is a kind of more expensive powdered coffee. Because it requires additional processing of coffee powder with steam.

3. Sublimated. The most expensive type of instant coffee. The high cost is due to the fact that, thanks to a special production technology, coffee retains the maximum of useful properties found in natural grains. Grains are ground to dust, frozen, and then separated from the liquid. The resulting coffee tiles are ground again.

The benefits of instant coffee

In order to understand the beneficial properties of instant coffee should be acquainted with its composition. It is known that the raw material for this product are natural coffee beans that have lost their marketable appearance. Going through the necessary procedures for the transformation of instant coffee into instant coffee, about which we spoke earlier, the product loses a lot of properties, first of all, taste and aroma. In order that the dust in our cups could become a tasty and fragrant drink after being diluted with water and milk, manufacturers add dyes and flavors to it. It is unlikely that such a coffee will be able to please you with the list of useful properties that natural coffee is so famous for. What to do? Buy sublimated product, which, as mentioned above, retains a lot of useful properties of natural coffee beans and does not provide for the addition of dyes and flavors.

As for the beneficial properties of instant coffee, they, no matter how sad it is to admit, simply do not. Of the positive aspects of this drink, it is necessary to single out only its quick preparation, for which, in a situation with a terrible lack of time, he was so fond of the inhabitants of the globe. As you know, in order to prepare an aromatic drink, you just need to pour a spoonful of coffee in a cup and pour boiling water over it.

Instant coffee: harm

About the dangers of coffee say constantly. Doctors do not get tired to discover the negative aspects of the use of this drink. Let's find out the most common arguments in favor of the fact that it is better to give up instant coffee altogether. 1. In instant coffee, however surprising it may seem, contains some more caffeine than natural beans. At the same time, the more expensive and better the product, the higher the concentration of caffeine in it. The negative properties of caffeine include its ability to flush out calcium from the body, in case of deficiency of this substance. That is why instant coffee should be consumed with milk. If you can not give up the pampering of coffee and you think that a drink without caffeine is less harmful, then you are mistaken, because it still contains caffeine, although in smaller quantities.

2. As we said above, in the process of processing coffee beans, essential oils evaporate and properties are lost. To fill the sweat of flavor and taste manufacturers put in the product preservatives and dyes. We dare to suggest that such supplements not only do not have any benefit, but can be completely dangerous to health, too, unnecessarily, because everyone knows about it.

3. People who suffer from diseases of the liver and stomach, and is absolutely contraindicated the use of instant coffee. The fact is that the substances that make up the product have a powerful irritant effect on the gastric mucosa. As a result, lovers indulge in coffee can earn gastritis and even an ulcer. Instant caffeine-free coffee, in turn, has a more pernicious effect on the body, since it can increase acidity in the stomach.

4. Some individuals who take care of their body after learning about the low calorie content of the drink (100 grams of dry instant coffee contains only 94 kcal), believe that it can be drunk in unlimited quantities, without fear that extra centimeters will appear at the waist. However, we hurry to upset you - a special structure of instant coffee is not the best effect on weight, and also aggravates the situation with cellulite. 5. Coffee, including instant coffee, is addictive, akin to alcohol and drugs. However, only if the daily ration exceeds 4 cups of coffee.

6. Coffee increases blood pressure and leads to arrhythmias, so hypertensive patients and people experiencing problems with the cardiovascular disease should not abuse this drink. But hypotensive, on the contrary, such a drink may be useful. In addition, soluble coffee, as well as natural coffee, contains chlorogenic acid, its high concentration in the blood can provoke an increase in the level of homocysteine, which can provoke the development of heart disease.

To drink or not to drink instant coffee, you decide, dear visitors of our portal. However, due to the fact that the drink is characterized by a mass of negative properties, we would still recommend to use coffee brewed in a coffee machine or turk made from natural grains.

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