Why are peas not boiled soft?

Why are peas not boiled soft?

Even experienced housewives, while cooking this or that dish, sometimes doubt whether they are doing the right thing.

Especially a lot of questions arise when cooking peas. After all, a pea is an unpredictable vegetable. He does not want to boil over, remaining tough for a long time, then, on the contrary, will quickly become limp, although according to the recipe it is necessary that the peas remain whole. Why does this happen?

It turns out that everything depends on the grade of peas, the degree of its maturity, the method of grain processing, as well as the time of storage prior to its use.

Peas, which have been stored for about a year, will cook longer than freshly harvested or those that have been stored for a short time. Some housewives look at the date on the package with peas, but in this case failure can lie in wait, because the packaging notes the packaging date and it is not yet known how long the peas were kept in storage until that moment.

How to soak peas

More wet grains boil faster than dry, as it swells faster.

Dry peas before cooking is recommended to soak. But here there are some subtleties.

  • Peas are soaked in cold water, the temperature of which does not exceed + 15 °. If the peas are soaked in warm water and left for a long time, for example, for 5-8 hours, then it can simply sour. And not always can be determined by the appearance or taste of soured peas. After all, a slight souring does not manifest itself in any way, but when cooked, peas do not boil softly and acquire an unpleasant “soapy” taste of sprouted grains.
  • For soaking, take water twice as much as peas.
  • Soaked peas doubled in volume.
  • If peas are used for cooking pea soup, you can not soak the peas. It is enough to just sort it out, removing the garbage, and then wash it in cold water. Because when cooked without soaking, almost all the peas lose their shape, that is, it boils soft.
  • If the dish needs not boiled peas, but whole, then it is soaked in cold water for 5-6 hours. This allows you to double the output of finished products. For cooking pea puree do the same. When the peas are cooked, the cooking is stopped, the peas are salted and left in the broth for 15-20 minutes. Then the broth is poured, and the peas are hot, rubbed through a sieve or passed through a meat grinder or pounded with a tolkushka.

A few more tips

Soaked peas pour cold water, bring to a boil and boil for 1-1, 5 hours until soft. The water should only boil slightly.

It is believed that peas will cook faster if it is poured with cold boiled water. Although practice shows that the fact in which the water is dipped peas for cooking does not play a special role. Peas, dipped in boiling water, cooked exactly as much as peas, poured with cold water, and taken from the same pack.

If you need to add tomato paste, vinegar and other spices (including salt) to the peas, then this is done at the very end of cooking, when the peas are fully cooked. With a long cooking peas water boils away strongly, and the hostess are forced to add water. And there are some subtleties. If, nevertheless, water has boiled away, then it is necessary to top up only boiling water so that boiling does not stop. But if you pour cold water, the grains ... crack. What the hostess, too, sometimes on hand.

Cooking time of peas depends on its shape. Round light yellow peas brewed much longer than split yellow.

If you still need to cook peas faster, then in exceptional cases resort to one proven method. While cooking in water with peas add a little soda (at the tip of the knife). The resulting foam is removed. This method allows you to accelerate the cooking of peas, but at the same time the destruction of vitamin B1 occurs, and the taste of peas, although slightly, worsens.

But no matter what tricks mistresses go to quickly cook peas, they must remember that peas are the most “long-playing” vegetable.

Therefore, you need to be patient, choose the right varieties of peas and then you will not have to wonder why the peas do not boil for a long time.

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