Forgotten pots

Forgotten pots

Once the pots were very popular. Now for some reason, the mistresses gradually forget about them. And in vain! This is a very simple and affordable way to create culinary masterpieces. You buy new ones, or get old pots from the mezzanine, the tips in this article will help you not to make the most common mistakes. You need to bake the pots in the oven, so before you turn it on, check how many pots you have, whether they all stand exactly.

Meat that you plan to put in the pots can be browned in the pan beforehand - this will give a unique taste to the dish and at the same time reduce the amount of fat. To make the dish more useful, you can remove the roasted meat and allow the fat to drain before putting the meat in the pot.

Vegetables, which cook longer (for example, potatoes and carrots), it is better to cut them into small pieces and place them in the very bottom of the pot so that they heat up more.

If milk or any other dairy products are present in the recipe, add them only at the last hour of cooking, otherwise they are destroyed during a long cooking period. The same goes for pasta. They too will not survive in the oven for more than an hour.

Do not lift the lid during the cooking process! Every time you take it off, you lose the heat equivalent to 30 minutes of cooking.

Do not even think about exposing your pot to sudden changes in temperature, such as pouring cold water on it immediately after taking it out of the oven - this can lead to cracks in the ceramic pot.

Some of the secrets of cooking and have herbs. Whole herbs, such as cloves, open their bouquet better for a long period of languor, so you need to add them at the very beginning of cooking. Fresh or dried herbs can lose their flavor during long cooking, so they are best added at the end of cooking.

Finding recipes for cooking in pots is not at all difficult. But you can be guided simply by your culinary skills. The ingredients can be any - vegetables, meat, fish, chicken. Dare!

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