How to brew green tea

How to brew green tea

In order for green tea to open up, give away its healing properties, give it heat and energy, it must be properly brewed. Green tea is not black for you; usual actions will not go with it: a pinch of tea leaves and a full kettle of boiling water for one or two days. This tea requires attention to itself, so that it exposes his soul, you have to spend a little time.

Speaking about the rules of brewing green tea, we will not delve into the ancient traditions, everything is too complicated for a modern European person. We will outline a circle of simple, but obligatory rules of brewing green tea, more or less adapted for our time and rhythm of life.

Let's start with the fact that green tea is drunk not only because of its taste. This is an incredibly useful drink that has anti-inflammatory properties, is a good antioxidant, has in its composition of substances that promote weight loss and improve mood. In a word - this is an excellent choice, a cup of green tea will brighten up the lunch break, it will not be superfluous in the morning and in the evening.

Proper green tea brewing water

Brew tea is necessary with the preparation of water. Yes, it’s just that you won’t get water from the tap - you want to enjoy the taste and not just drink herbal tea? Tap water is too hard or soft, it has a lot of impurities and this greatly affects the taste. For brewing green tea, use bottled non-carbonated drinking water, filtered or, in extreme cases, well settled. Fill the water in the kettle - kitchen, not brewing and boil water. Then pour some hot water into the teapot and stir it in a circular motion, it should warm up its walls well.

Proper Kettle

It should be noted that for brewing green tea is traditionally used clay teapots, plump, round, with a short nose. It is believed that this form allows the tea to open. If you don’t have one, you can use glass or ceramic, but it’s still better to give preference to the round shape and thick walls - they will keep the heat and do not allow the tea to cool quickly.

In a teapot, you make green tea ready for consumption, not tea. Many people habitually brew strong concentrate, then pour a little into a large cup and pour water. This is fundamentally wrong and you cannot drink tea, and not black, not green. Also sugar, lemon, milk are not added to green tea, only if it is not a medical recipe. (For example, there is tea “Health”, in which green tea, milk and honey are mixed - in it tea is brewed directly on milk, and not on water.)

Based on this rule, you need to evaluate the capabilities of your teapot and select the appropriate dishes - small cups or bowls. To make a large number of people drink you will have to get a large kettle or brew tea in several teapots at the same time.

How much tea should I take for brewing

Green tea can be brewed in the following proportions - one teaspoon for one cup of tea and plus one more teaspoon for the whole teapot. This scheme is universal and allows you to brew any kind of green tea. Of course, there are strong and weak varieties, in this case, you can adjust the dosage based on their taste preferences.

So, the kettle is warmed up - pour tea there and fill it with water. The water temperature should be 80-90 degrees, you can not brew green tea with boiling water or warm water. Also, for each tea it is recommended to use fresh water, and not to warm the one that has cooled and stood for some time.

After poured hot water into the teapot, wait about one minute and drain the water. Pour not into cups, but pour out completely. This action is necessary not for brewing tea, but for washing it, getting rid of bitterness and impurities. There is a rule among the people that tea should be “married” - that is, pour the first water into cups, and then re-pour it into the teapot. This is not true - the first water is necessarily poured, if this is not done, the taste of the tea will be inferior, not as voluminous, full, enveloping, as you might have promised a handout. It is generally recommended to rinse any tea before brewing, it is better to do it under warm running water than not to do it at all. Re-pour hot water into the teapot and wait 3-4 minutes. The maximum time for brewing green tea is 5-7 minutes, after which unnecessary processes begin to occur, which negatively affect the taste.

Tea is poured into cups, but not filled immediately to the brim. Green tea should be poured in a circle, in a cup after a cup in small portions - this approach allows you to serve everyone tea of ​​the same strength. After all, if you fill the cup immediately, then the first will be the weakest, and the last - the strongest.

Green tea can be brewed many times, how many episodes it will endure depends on the variety. On average, green tea is brewed 5-7 times.

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