Mushroom Glade Salad - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty to cook salad glade.

Mushroom Glade Salad - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty to cook salad glade.

Mushroom Glade Salad - General Principles and Methods of Cooking

It is difficult to find someone who does not like the combination of mushrooms and meat, especially if marinated mushrooms are so appetizing. Salad "Glade" combines many advantages, it is impossible to determine what is in the first place: a wonderful taste or an indelible impression that it makes with its appearance. This is not just flowers and leaves for you - it is a real meadow, the very harmony of nature on our table, everything is so natural, simple and at the same time very stylish and elegant. The light acidity of pickled mushrooms - mushrooms or honey agaric gives a special charm to taste.

Glade Salad - Food Preparation

For cooking glades, we take strong and beautiful pickled or frozen boiled mushrooms, preferably with a cap and leg. In the store, check the jar so that there is no swelling or mold, specify the expiration date. With homemade mushrooms, you need to be doubly alert. For the rest - as usual. Freshly cooked and cooled without water vegetables, calorie mayonnaise, based on their own preferences, and, of course, fresh greens.

Glade Salad - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Mushroom Glade Salad with Mushrooms

Ingredients: Marinated champignons (half-liter jar), boiled chicken (300 grams), boiled carrots (2 pcs), potatoes (2 pcs), eggs (3 pcs), pickled cucumber, mayonnaise, greens ( onion, parsley, dill, salad).

Method of preparation

“Changeling”, or “acrobat salad” - no matter how we call our salad-focus, the meaning is preserved in the fact that it is prepared in the way “from the opposite”. For its formation select a deep saucepan, for example, perfect glassware for a microwave. We line the inside of the film. Spread pickled champignons on the bottom with a hat. Next, the layers are distributed in the following order - a layer of greens, eggs, carrots, pickles, boiled chicken, potatoes. Each layer is coated with mayonnaise. Formed salad should be left for some time to soak. The highlight of this dish is the effective serving. Cover the saucepan with the top of the lettuce leaves, then the dish, and “Up!” - turn the salad “upside down”. Here it is, a wonderful green meadow with a neat and sturdy mushroom family.

Recipe 2: Mushroom glade salad with canned peas and cheese

Marinated mushrooms are combined with many products. The mushroom salad is so good that the ingredients in it can be changed according to preferences and mood. This time we try to make a very light salad, green peas and cheese are quite capable of replacing sausage or smoked meat.

Ingredients: Cheese (or white cheese, 200 g), pickled mushrooms (300 g), tomato, peas (1 can), eggs (3 pieces), greens, mayonnaise, salt.

Method of preparation

For those who do not prioritize external effects, we’ll reveal a secret - a clearing can be perfectly prepared without turning over, but by forming layers in a simple and usual way. True, we have a glade at risk to turn out to be a hillock - so this is the whole trick, beauty, it is in naturalness and narrality. We spread on a leaf of green lettuce layers of potatoes, green peas, eggs, greens. The last layer is grated cheese or cheese. We coat each layer with a small amount of mayonnaise and leave in the fridge to soak for at least 4 hours. And now we plant our mushrooms - neatly, under an onion palm, together with “fly-agarics” of tomatoes and eggs, decorate with mayonnaise droplets. Not a clearing, but just a sight for sore eyes! Do not hesitate - bright, light and tasty.

Recipe 3: Mushroom Glade Salad with Squid

Unlike previous recipes, this salad is not puff - we mix the ingredients right away and decorate with mushrooms on top, we get the same wonderful mushroom glade, but with the taste of squid - a savory and harmonious salad.

Ingredients: boiled squids (500 gr), ham, fresh champignons (200 gr), marinated champignons for decoration, onion, dill, cheese (50 gr), mayonnaise.

Method of preparation

Squids cut into strips. Boiled chicken leg assorted into small fibers, cut the onion and fry in vegetable oil. Combine the ingredients, add the grated cheese, dill and dressed with mayonnaise. Sprinkle with greens and decorate with mushrooms.

Recipe 4: Glade and Mushroom Bin Basket

You will also have to tinker with this salad, but when you see a basket full of mouth-watering mushrooms, which you can eat whole, as a result, you will forget about the time spent. Unusual appearance and taste of a beautiful mushroom basket will be enjoyed by both you and the guests at the holiday table. Ingredients: Marinated or frozen mushrooms, bread sticks, potatoes (3 pcs), carrots (2 pcs), eggs (3 pcs), pickled cucumbers (3 pcs), smoked chicken breast (250 grams), mayonnaise , greenery. This salad is also flaky, but we will not coat the layers, but mix the ingredients and mayonnaise separately - in this version it can be served to the pasta.

Method of preparation

You can lay out layers arbitrarily, the main thing is to contrast in color, alternating pickled ingredients and boiled ones. Let's say this: potatoes, cucumbers, eggs, some mushrooms, onions, chicken, carrots, greens. From above, of course, mushrooms. The bast basket is made very simple - we build bread sticks around the salad with a palisade, this is a real bast basket. Spread a bit of greenery on the edges of the dish so that our basket is just on a green meadow.

Glade Salad - useful tips from experienced chefs

- You can enhance the taste of the salad with an additional layer of smoked chicken or diced bacon, in this case, of course, its calorie content will increase.

- To prepare the “flip-flop” you can cover the bottom of the tank with a film. No film? Just smear the bottom and walls with vegetable oil - the inverted salad will look just as neat.

- But the mushroom flavor and taste of the salad can be enhanced in this way - boil the already cleaned and diced potatoes and carrots in the mushroom broth.

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