Apple Jam

Apple Jam

Apples in our country are the most common fruits. In our climate, apple trees bear fruit well, delighting gardeners with a rich harvest. It is impossible to eat all the fruits fresh, and not all varieties are subject to long-term storage. Thrifty housewives almost always make blanks of them for the winter. One of the options for such preparations is apple jam. Not too many vitamins are stored in it, but it is still useful. It is eaten with spoons, spread on bread, used to make sweet pastries.

Cooking Features

The process of making apple jam is long, but simple. With knowledge of several moments, even an inexperienced cook will cope with the task.

  • There is a lot of pectin in apples, jam can be made from them without adding gelling components. It is only necessary to have patience and to reduce the fruit mass to the desired consistency. To shorten the process, apples are not peeled before cooking, since pectin is the most contained in their peel.
  • If you want the jam to have a delicate texture, you will have to clean the fruit, but you do not have to throw out the skin. It can be poured with water, cook and add a decoction to applesauce. Then the jam will come out especially fragrant.
  • Apple jam readiness can be determined by dropping it on a saucer and dripping with a spoon. If the edges of it will flow slowly, jam is ready. After cooling it will become thicker.
  • Apples go well with cinnamon, oranges and other fruits. To give the dessert a brighter flavor, you can pour cinnamon powder or grated zest into it.
  • The content of acids and sugars in different varieties of apples can be different. Recipes usually contain the amount of sugar needed to make jam from apples of sweet and sour varieties. If you have sour apples, you can increase the amount of sugar. Reducing it is risky, as this may affect the safety of the product.
  • In order for the apple jam to stand well at room temperature, it is laid out on previously sterilized jars - just washing them is not enough. The lids are also boiled. Close banks with metal lids, ensuring tightness. These can be turnkey or twist-off configurations.

Properly cooked apple jam is well worth it at room temperature.

Simple Apple Jam Recipe

Composition (for 0, 75 l):

  • apples - 1 kg;
  • sugar - 0.5 kg;
  • water - 50 ml.

Method of preparation:

  • Wash the apples, pat dry with a napkin.
  • Grind grated, leaving the core. For grinding fruit, you can use a blender or meat grinder. Then the seed boxes are pre-cut out of them, the flesh is cut into chunks of average size. Peeling apples before grinding is not necessary.
  • Sprinkle applesauce with sugar, mix. Let steep for 30 minutes. Sugar during this time partially dissolved, the apple mass will become more liquid.
  • Add some water, mix, put on the stove.
  • Boil, stirring and removing the foam protruding on the surface to the desired consistency.
  • Sterilize the jars of the desired size, fill them with hot jam.
  • Roll up cans with pre-boiled lids.

When the jars of jam have cooled, you can rearrange them in the pantry or other room where your supplies are stored for the winter. Special storage conditions of this delicacy is not required.

Delicate Apple Jam

Composition (1 l):

  • apples - 1, 5 kg;
  • water - 0, 5 l;
  • sugar - 0.5 kg.

Method of preparation:

  • Wash apples, peel them, cut out seed boxes.
  • Fold the apple cuts into a saucepan, cover with water. Bring to a boil and cook on medium heat for 15 minutes. Strain. Apple broth pour into a mug.
  • Slice the apple pulp into medium-sized slices, fold it into an enamel bowl, cover it with sugar. Clean for 5-6 hours in the fridge (can be at night). Apple broth, too, yet put in the refrigerator.
  • After a specified time, put a container of apples on the fire, pour apple broth into it.
  • Bring the apple mass to a boil and boil for 10 minutes over medium heat, removing the foam.
  • Turn down the intensity of the flame. Boil the jam over low heat, stirring it from time to time so that it does not burn to the bottom. It will take at least an hour to boil down.
  • Spread the prepared hot jam over sterilized jars, tightly close them with any type of metal lids.

The jam prepared according to this recipe has a smooth consistency, in density somewhere between the apple sauce and jam. It has a pronounced apple flavor, which makes it very appetizing. If you want it to have a more spicy flavor, 10-15 minutes before being ready, pour it into a container in which jam is brewed, a teaspoon of ground cinnamon and mix well.

Spicy apple and pepper jam

Composition (1 l):

  • apples - 0, 75 kg;
  • Bulgarian pepper - 0, 75 kg;
  • chilli - 50 g;
  • sugar - 0, 2 kg;
  • apple cider vinegar (6 percent) - 40 ml;
  • spices - to taste.

Method of preparation:

  • Wash apples, cut seed boxes out of them.
  • Without peeling, cut the apples into medium-sized slices, fold them into an enamel bowl or stainless steel saucepan. Aluminum dishes should not be used for making jam, since when it comes into contact with acids, this material gives off substances that are harmful to the human body and gives the blanks a specific flavor.
  • Wash both types of pepper, clean them from seeds, remove partitions.
  • Cut the hot pepper as small as possible. Bulgarian pepper cut into quarters of rings, can be wide.
  • Put the sweet and bitter pepper to the apples.
  • Pour sugar into products, refrigerate for 8-12 hours. Usually, the billet is made at night to bring spicy apple jam to readiness in the morning.
  • Place a container of peppers and apples on the stove. Cook over low heat until the apples are soft.
  • Crush apples and peppers to a state of mashed potatoes using an immersion blender, return to the stove.
  • Add spices, stir.
  • Continue to boil until the fruit and vegetable mass has the consistency of thick puree.
  • Add vinegar, stir, cook for another couple of minutes and remove from heat.
  • Spread jam over sterilized jars, roll up.

The jam made according to this recipe is well worth it at room temperature, despite the fact that it contains little sugar. This is due to vinegar and chili pepper, which are natural preservatives. This variant of jam is not a dessert. It is served as a seasoning for meat and other dishes. It can also be used as a piquant pie filling.

Apples contain a lot of pectin in their composition, which allows them to make delicious thick jam without adding thickeners. Simple recipes include chopping apple pulp, mixing it with sugar and then boiling to the desired consistency. There are more complex recipes that allow you to preserve the flavor of the fruit and make it more expressive. Among the many recipes for apple jam stands out option, which instead of dessert turns savory seasoning. So the variety of dishes you can choose for every taste.

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