How to cook pumpkin porridge

How to cook pumpkin porridge

Pumpkin is a popular product among supporters of healthy nutrition due to its low calorie content and high content of healthy substances, including rare vitamin T. One of the most delicious and popular dishes from it is porridge. Sometimes it is called stewed sweet pumpkin, but more often - dishes made from this vegetable and any cereals: millet, rice, semolina, oatmeal, barley or corn. If you know how to cook pumpkin porridge, you can cook it all week according to different recipes, and then she will not get bored.

Cooking Features

Cooking pumpkin porridge is not a difficult process, this task is on the shoulder even for an inexperienced cook. Knowing a few important points will allow him to avoid mistakes and get the best result.

  • Any kind of pumpkin can be used to make porridge, but it is best suited for this purpose of nutmeg vegetables. They have a tender, sweet, fragrant and bright flesh. On sale they can be found all year round. You can recognize them by their relatively small size and specific form.
  • Before cooking, they wash the pumpkin, then peel it and remove the seeds, then cut it into small-sized cubes or grind it in a grater with large holes. The technology of preparation depends on how much time is required to bring the vegetable and the cereals in the composition to the readiness, as well as on how well the pumpkin is minced. Grated vegetable is cooked for a very short time (about 10 minutes). Sliced ​​pumpkin nutmeg will be ready in 15-20 minutes. If a vegetable of another variety is cooked, having dense pulp with large fibers, then it can take 1, 5-2 times longer to cook. From the cereals the barley is the most cooked, the fastest - semolina.
  • Pumpkin porridge can be cooked in water or milk. Most often used a mixture of these ingredients. Due to the fact that the pumpkin contains vegetable juice, the amount of liquid, usually used to make porridge from one or another cereal, is often corrected in a smaller direction. But you need to understand that the liquid may be needed to extinguish the pumpkin. To avoid mistakes, you need to focus on the proportions indicated in a particular recipe. Cooking time may also be different, it depends on the composition of the dish. Following the instructions in a particular recipe, you do not digest the food, but bring it to readiness.
  • It is best to boil the pumpkin porridge in a double-bottomed saucepan or simply thick-bottomed, having a high-quality non-stick coating. You can also cook it in a cauldron, pot, ceramic pots. A good result allows you to get the use of multicooker.
  • Pumpkin porridge turns out delicious by itself, but if you add fruit to it, fresh or dried, the organoleptic qualities of the dish will be even better. Also, to make the porridge even more pleasant aroma, cinnamon, nutmeg and other spices are added to it.

There are plenty of options for pumpkin porridge. Everyone will be able to choose the one that will suit his taste.

Pumpkin porridge without cereals

Calorie dishes: 658 kcal, per 100 g: 75 kcal.


  • pumpkin pulp - 0, 6 kg;
  • milk - 0, 2 l;
  • sugar - 40-60 g;
  • salt - a large shchipot;
  • ground cinnamon - 5 g;
  • butter - 20 g.

Method of preparation:

  • Wash the pumpkin, cut it in half, remove the pulp from the middle of the vegetable with seeds. Peel the peel of the pumpkin halves. Cut the remaining pulp into 1, 5-2 cm cubes.
  • Boil the milk. Pre-quarter or even half of it can be diluted with water to a total of 200 ml. It will not affect the taste of the finished dish.
  • When the milk boils, put a pumpkin in it, sprinkle it with salt and sugar, add cinnamon. Stir the contents of the pan.
  • Cover the pan with a lid and simmer the pumpkin until it is split into fibers.
  • Add butter. Stir.

Pumpkin porridge cooked without cereals can be served immediately after cooking.

The classic recipe for pumpkin porridge with millet

Calorie dishes: 1426 kcal, per 100 g: 100 kcal.


  • pumpkin pulp - 0, 4 kg;
  • millet - 0, 2 kg;
  • milk - 0, 25 l;
  • water - 0, 5 l;
  • salt - a pinch;
  • sugar - 40 g;
  • butter - 40 g.

Method of preparation:

  • Wash the pumpkin, free it from the peel and seeds, cut it into medium-sized cubes, put them in a saucepan, cover with water and place on the stove.
  • Heat the saucepan over medium heat until the water boils, then reduce the intensity of the flame and simmer the vegetable under the lid until it is soft.
  • Sort through, rinse the millet, put it to the pumpkin, add sugar and salt. Stir and boil for about 10-15 minutes, until you notice that there is very little liquid left in the pan.
  • Heat the milk, pour it into the pot with porridge, mix it. Cook porridge to the softness of wheat for 5-10 minutes.
  • Remove the pot of porridge from the heat, add oil to it, mix.
  • Wrap a saucepan and leave for 10-20 minutes: after steaming, porridge will become even tastier.

Millet porridge with pumpkin is a classic of cooking, the recipe of its preparation is to be mastered by every hostess.

Pumpkin porridge cooked in water in the oven

Caloric content of the dish: 1510 kcal, per 100 g: 99 kcal.


  • pumpkin pulp - 0, 8 kg;
  • millet - 0, 2 kg;
  • sugar - 40 g;
  • honey - 40 ml;
  • salt - a large shchipot;
  • butter - 40 g;
  • water - 0, 4 liters.

Method of preparation:

  • Sort out the millet and rinse to clear water.
  • Fill the grits with hot water and leave for 5-10 minutes.
  • During this time, clean the pumpkin and chop it on a coarse grater.
  • In a container with steamed millet, add salt and sugar, mix.
  • Oil grease pots or baking dish.
  • Spread the millet mass into the pots (or distribute it across the bottom of the mold).
  • Put crushed pumpkin on top, pour honey over it melted to a liquid state.
  • Cover the form with foil and send it to an oven heated to 180 degrees. Cook porridge 60 minutes, 15 minutes before cooked remove the foil.

Pumpkin and millet porridge cooked in the oven turns out very tasty, even though there is no milk in its composition.

Milk millet porridge with pumpkin in a slow cooker

Caloric content of the dish: 1507 kcal, per 100 g: 107 kcal.


  • millet - 0, 2 kg;
  • pumpkin pulp - 0, 4 kg;
  • milk - 0, 5 l;
  • water - 0, 25 l;
  • butter - 40 g;
  • salt - a large shchipot;
  • sugar, vanilla - to taste.

Method of preparation:

  • Pumpkin, after cleaning, cut into cubes of about 1.5 cm in size.
  • Millet, sort and wash.
  • Boil water, dilute the milk with it.
  • Grease the bowl of the multicooker approximately in the middle of its height with oil, outlining the boundary that the milk cannot boil over when boiling.
  • Put the pumpkin in the bowl. Put the remaining oil on it. Add sugar, salt and a little vanilla (literally at the tip of the knife).
  • Fill the pumpkin with warm milk. Start in the “Milk porridge” mode. If there is no such program, use extinguishing mode.
  • After 20-30 minutes (depending on the pumpkin variety), open the slow cooker, mash the pumpkin pulp, add millet to it.
  • Continue cooking in the “Milk Porridge” program until its completion, if your unit determines for itself how long it will take to prepare the food. When time needs to be set independently, it will take half an hour. If at the first stage the pumpkin was cooked in stewing mode, after the addition of millet, the program should be switched to the one that is most suitable for cooking cereal dishes. In different devices it is called differently, most often “Rice”, “Buckwheat”, “Kasha”, “Krupa”, “Plov”.
  • After the main program is completed, mix the products and leave the porridge to stew for 10-20 minutes in the heating mode.

Delicious, tender and fragrant pumpkin and millet porridge will appeal not only to adults, but also to children.

Pumpkin porridge with apples in the microwave

Caloric content of the dish: 415 kcal, per 100 g: 84 kcal.


  • pumpkin pulp - 0, 2 kg;
  • apples (peeled) - 0, 2 kg;
  • flax or sesame seeds - 40 g;
  • honey or sugar to taste;
  • cinnamon - 2-3 g;
  • milk - 50 ml.

Method of preparation:

  • Remove the peel from the pumpkin, remove the seeds from it. Cut pumpkin pulp into small cubes (about 1 cm).
  • Cut out the cores of the apples, peel the fruits and cut them in about the same slices as the pumpkin.
  • Fold the pieces of apples and pumpkins in a container suitable for use in a microwave.
  • Add sugar or melted honey, cinnamon and flax or sesame seeds. Stir.
  • Pour some milk into the food container and put it in the microwave.
  • Turn on the microwave at maximum power and cook porridge for 20 minutes.

Gentle porridge from pumpkin and apples is a real dessert, which is tasty both hot and cold. In addition, the food made according to this recipe is useful, which supporters of healthy food will surely appreciate.

Semolina porridge with pumpkin

Calorie dishes: 605 kcal, per 100 g: 77 kcal.


  • pumpkin pulp - 0, 3 kg;
  • semolina - 50 g;
  • water - 0, 2 l;
  • milk - 0, 2 l;
  • salt - a pinch;
  • sugar, butter - to taste.

Method of preparation:

  • Clean and coarse pumpkin, add 50 ml of water to it. Extinguish it on low heat until soft, mash with a crush.
  • Boil the remaining water and mix with milk.
  • Pour the milk into a clean pan, put on a slow fire.
  • Pour the semolina into the boiling milk in a thin stream, while necessarily mixing the contents of the pan so that no lumps form.
  • Add salt and sugar. Stir. Cook porridge until cooked.
  • Add pumpkin puree and butter to hot semolina, stir. Leave the porridge for 10 minutes under the lid, after which you can lay it out on plates and invite the household to the table.

Semolina porridge with pumpkin turns out so tasty that it can please even those who do not really like pumpkin.

Pumpkin porridge with rice in a slow cooker

Calorie dishes: 960 kcal, per 100 g: 128 kcal.


  • pumpkin pulp - 0, 2 kg;
  • rice - 100 g;
  • milk - 0, 4 l;
  • butter - 30 g;
  • salt, sugar - to taste.

Method of preparation:

  • Pumpkin, peeling seeds and peel, coarsely rub. Put it in a multicooker container.
  • Pick and wash the rice. Rinse until the water flowing from the rice grains remain clear.
  • Transfer the rice to the pumpkin pulp.
  • Lubricate the Multiwack bowl with oil, delineating the boundary above which milk should not rise when boiling.
  • Put the remaining oil in fig.
  • Add sugar and salt to the products, mix everything up and cover with milk, which is preferably heated before boiling.
  • Lower the lid and start the unit by selecting the “Milk porridge” program. Typically, devices that have this program automatically determine the cooking time. In the absence of the named program, you can use any other program intended for the preparation of meals from cereals. If necessary, set the timer to 30-40 minutes.
  • Stir the porridge and leave it to simmer in heating mode until it becomes viscous.

Of cereals that are cooked with pumpkin, one of the most delicious is rice cooked in milk. And if vanillin is also added to it, it will be impossible to break away from it.

Corn porridge with pumpkin

Caloric content of the dish: 1151 kcal, per 100 g: 111 kcal.


  • corn grits - 0, 2 kg;
  • pumpkin pulp - 0, 2 kg;
  • milk - 0, 3 l;
  • water - 0, 3 l;
  • salt, sugar, butter - to taste.

Method of preparation:

  • Corn grits, washed, put in a saucepan, cover with water and put on medium heat. Wait until the water boils.
  • Add salt and sugar, chopped pumpkin pulp into small pieces.
  • Cook the cereal with the pumpkin over medium heat for 5 minutes, add milk.
  • Wait until the milk starts to boil. Stir the porridge and reduce the intensity of the flame.
  • Cover the pan with a lid. Simmer the porridge over low heat for about 40 minutes, until the cereal is soft.
  • Add butter, stir in the porridge and then add another 5 minutes.

Porridge made from corn grits and pumpkin has a unique taste that many people like.

Pumpkin porridge can be cooked without the addition of cereals, but more often it is made from millet, rice, semolina and other cereals. It is not forbidden to add pumpkin with fruits and spices. You can cook pumpkin porridge in milk and water, and not only in a saucepan. Tasty, it turns out in the oven and the slow cooker, and the use of a microwave can significantly speed up the process.

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