How to remove the burning sensation from hot pepper

How to remove the burning sensation from hot pepper

Spicy pepper varieties give meat and vegetable dishes an original taste and a pleasant burning sensation. This effect is achieved due to the presence in the composition of this bitter vegetable oily substance called “capsaicin”. That it makes us experience a lot of discomfort, falling on the skin. Especially dangerous in this regard are such hot cultures as habanero, cayenne pepper or jalapeño. They contain maximum concentrations of capsaicin and require particularly careful handling.

How to remove a burning sensation on the skin?

If you have been careless with chili peppers and are now suffering from an unbearable burning sensation on the skin of your hands or face, there are several proven ways to neutralize capsaicin with other substances.

  • The easiest and most affordable way to reduce irritation on your hands or face is to wash off hot pepper oil with soap. For these purposes, better suited liquid soap, which more effectively dissolves the oil. Not bad and compositions for washing dishes.
  • In order to avoid burning the skin of the hands while slicing the pepper, it is recommended to prepare a solution of 5 parts of water and 1 part of bleach in advance. Hands should be moistened periodically with this composition, then thoroughly rinsing them with water.
  • Capsaicin is highly soluble in alcohol. This property can be used to reduce discomfort. Just wipe your hands or face with alcohol or any strong alcohol based on it.
  • It will help to neutralize the burning oils of water and soda paste applied to the affected skin. It should be allowed to dry and then wash off the crust with plenty of water.
  • Milk can get rid of the burning sensation, especially if several ice cubes are dropped into it. Liquid wipe the face or put their hands into it. Having mixed milk with flour, it is possible to receive a medical mask which is applied on painful sites of skin.
  • Burning oils dissolve well under the action of other oils. Therefore, when applied to the affected areas of the skin, the burning sensation is significantly reduced. For this purpose, you can use any vegetable oils, as well as petroleum jelly.

How to get rid of burning in the mouth?

Often, having tried too spicy a dish, you can not get rid of the painful burning sensation in the mouth for a long time. This situation is very unpleasant, but there are ways to quickly deal with it.

  • Water or coffee in this situation does not help at all, since they are not able to mix with oils. But milk and products based on it are able to cope with a fire in the mouth, as the fat contained in them perfectly dissolves capsaicin. It is especially pleasant to be treated with ice cream, but sour cream or yoghurt are also suitable. The fatter the product, the stronger the effect of its use.
  • For adult victims, you can apply treatment with strong alcohol. A few sips of vodka or whiskey not only neutralize the effect of burning oils, but also invigorate the victim. A weaker alcohol like beer will not have the desired effect. Please note that this method can not be applied to persons who are driving a car.
  • A spoonful of vegetable oil will help get rid of the burning sensation. It should be held for some time in the mouth to neutralize the irritating action of capsaicin.
  • A burning sensation will help reduce any starchy foods like rice or potatoes. They are not as effective as alcohol or oils, but also do a good job with the task. Not without reason in many Asian cuisines rice is used as a side dish for spicy dishes.
  • Burning symptoms can also be eliminated with a concentrated sugar syrup or honey spoon.
  • There are many popular recipes that help eliminate the burning sensation in your mouth with the help of various products: cucumbers, bananas, chocolate or corn. Some recommend eating a slice of lemon.


To prevent skin burning after working with chili, use one of several proven methods:

  • When slicing the pepper, protect your hands with thin latex or vinyl gloves.
  • In the absence of gloves, you can use any available tools. You can use a regular plastic bag that is worn on the arm. Even napkins or paper towels will do to wrap the brush.
  • Dip your hands in vegetable oil before handling hot pepper. It will dissolve capsaicin, preventing its effects on the skin.
  • Never touch your eyes during and after working with pepper. It is best to protect them with glasses. If a bit of burning oil gets on their mucous membranes, make lotions from milk, changing them as often as possible. Sometimes it takes several hours to completely dissolve capsaicin. In case of severe injury, consult a doctor immediately.
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