Take the road: pita with sausage and cheese. Design options and fillings for pita bread with sausage and cheese

Take the road: pita with sausage and cheese. Design options and fillings for pita bread with sausage and cheese

Thin sheets of Armenian pita bread, sausage and cheese - what could be easier to prepare fast snack dishes? Of these products without the hassle, even without fiddling with kneading the dough, you can prepare wonderful foods - cold, fried or baked.

Pita with sausage and cheese - general principles of cooking

• Lavash sold large sheets. Depending on the specific recipe, they are cut into pieces or used entirely. In pita bread you can wrap up almost any product and get original dishes in a matter of minutes, which can be both a snack and a hearty snack.

• Sausage and cheese are the perfect filling for such dishes. But their choice should be considered deliberately. Raw and smoked sausages - not the best option, because they are tough. It is best to take boiled, without fat ("Doctor" or "Children's"). Also a good choice is soft smoked sausage.

• Cheese is used for filling or smearing pita bread. They are also sprinkled with baked goods, such as pizza. Variety selection is most often limited only by your imagination and availability. In most recipes, you can safely move away from the canons and replace the variety at its discretion. Do not neglect only the type of cheese, if specified brine - replace it with the same. For example, cheese on "Fetu" or "Adygei". Accordingly, the same can be done with hard and melted cheeses.

Pita with sausage and cheese - “Fried rolls”


• 2 large pita bread;

• 200 gr. “Doctor's” wats;

• a small bunch of fresh parsley;

• cheese, variety “Kostromskoy” - 200 gr .;

• refined oil (or olive oil) - 40 ml.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the pita sheets in long strips so that they are three of one sheet.

2. Rinse the parsley with water and dry on a towel from the remnants of moisture, then chop with a knife.

3. Cut the sausage into small-sized cubes, rub the cheese through a large grater.

4. Combine the crushed ingredients, add a spoonful of olive oil, season with spices, selected to your taste, and mix well. 5. Place at least spoons of filling on each strip of pita bread and carefully wrap the roll.

6. Pour into the pan and warm the remaining oil well at low temperature. Dip the rolls in the fat and fry on each side until golden brown.

Pita with sausage and cheese - “Snack roll, with carrots in Korean”


• three sheets of pita (thin);

• 300 gr. Children's sausages;

• hard cheese, variety “Russian” - 350 gr .;

• 200 gr. Salad - “Carrots, in Korean”;

• young parsley - 100 gr .;

• lettuce leaves;

• 45% mayonnaise.

Cooking Method:

1. Squeeze the finished carrot “in Korean” lightly with your hands and place in a sieve.

2. Slice the sausage into thin strips.

3. Crush cheese on a grater. The smaller the chips, the more gentle the filling will be.

4. Chop the washed and dried parsley finely with a knife.

5. Take a sheet of pita bread, smear it well with mayonnaise and spread the carrot evenly.

6. Cover with another lavash and also grease its top with mayonnaise. Put the sausage on top.

7. Put the pita again and brush with mayonnaise again. Spread cheese chips evenly over its surface.

8. Carefully, so that the bottom pita does not break, wrap everything in a roll and put it in a refrigerator for up to 1 hour.

9. Then remove and slice the soaked roll diagonally in small pieces.

10. Cover the bottom of the shallow dish with lettuce leaves and place rolls on them.

Pita with sausage and cheese - “Snack roll with sausage and tomatoes”

Pay attention to the choice of products for this recipe. You will need semi-liquid melted cheese, which is mainly packaged in plastic trays, and the variety of sausage is left entirely at your discretion.


• 100 gr. “Creamy” cheese, processed;

• one fleshy tomato;

• 150 gr. low-fat sausage;

• 30 gr. fresh chopped parsley;

• one big Armenian lavash.

Cooking Method:

1. Lavash cut in half and well grease each half with melted cheese.

2. Cut the sausage into thin chunks and the tomato into half rings. Spread the slices of tomato and sausage in a checkerboard pattern on the surface of the prepared pita 3. Cover the other half, cheese up. Sprinkle with parsley and gently roll.

4. Wrap the roll tightly with cling film and put in the fridge for an hour. Then remove and cut.

Pita with sausage and cheese - “Potato sticks with sausage, under a crispy crust”


• one pita;

• a pound of “Doctor's” sausage;

• 60 gr. 72% butter;

• four small potatoes;

• 80 gr. cheese, varieties “Dutch”.

Cooking Method:

1. Boil peeled potatoes in salted water until cooked. Decant the broth and cover the potatoes with butter.

2. Cut the sausage into large pieces. You can take sausages. For the specified number of foods, six sausages are required. Scratch finely the cheese.

3. Lavash cut into six identical rectangles and spread each mashed potatoes. Liberally add mashed cheese to mashed potatoes.

4. Then, on the narrow edge of the rectangles, place a sausage box one by one (or a sausage) and roll it up with a not too thick roll.

5. Pour any vegetable oil into the pan. Heat the fat on low heat, put the blanks in it and fry for a couple of minutes from different sides.

Pita with sausage and cheese - “Fast pizza without hassle”


• pita bread - 3 pcs .;

• three tablespoons of non-acute ketchup;

• two medium tomatoes;

• five spoons of low-fat mayonnaise;

• 200 gr. any sausage;

• garlic;

• small onion;

• 100 gr. pickled champignons;

• 20 gr. sweet cream butter;

• spices “For pizza”.

Cooking Method:

1. Slice the sausage into medium sized slices of arbitrary shape and lightly fry the pieces in butter in a frying pan.

2. Dip the tomatoes for a minute in boiling water and then quickly move into cold water. Peel and slice the tomatoes into thin ringlets. The thinner the better.

3. Cover a small roaster with parchment and unfold the first pita bread over it.

4. Apply a layer of mayonnaise, lightly sprinkle with finely grated cheese and cover with the next sheet. Spread it with mayonnaise, sprinkle with cheese and cover with all the remaining lavash.

5. Lubricate the surface with mayonnaise mixed with ketchup and spread the tomato rings on top. 6. Put the fried sausage on the tomatoes, season it with spices “Press for pizza” and press garlic with a press and spread it over the surface.

7. Cut the champignons, dried from the marinade, into slices and arrange them into sausages.

8. The next layer lay out the shredded onion half rings.

9. Put on the filling fine mesh of mayonnaise and pour all the remaining grated cheese.

10. Place the roaster with the pizza in the oven and bake. Check the readiness according to the degree of melting of the top, cheese layer.

Pita with sausage and cheese - “Lazy cheese cake”


• 200 gr. "Children's" sausage;

• pita sheets - 3 pcs .;

• 300 gr. brined cheese (feta cheese or Adyghe);

• non-sharp hard cheese - 70 gr .;

• three eggs.

Cooking Method:

1. Rub the cheese into a large crumb, and sausage - smaller. Combine, mix and divide into three equal parts.

2. Spread the filling with a thin layer on the sheets of pita bread and roll each separately into a thick roll.

3. Take a round shape and place in it the prepared snail tubes.

4. Beat the eggs with a glass of water or milk and pour a mixture of “snail”. Top rub hard cheese.

5. Put the cake in the oven, heated to 180 degrees. As soon as the surface of the cake is well browned - reach out. The estimated time spent is 20 minutes.

Pita with sausage and cheese - “Baked rolls with egg”


• two thin pita;

• 250 gr. “Doctor” sausages;

• three boiled eggs and one raw;

• 150 gr. cheese, variety "Russian";

• low fat mayonnaise.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the sausage into half-centimeter cubes.

2. Grate the cheese with medium grated potatoes, and chop the eggs into fine ones.

3. In a bowl, mix the chopped ingredients with three spoons of mayonnaise. If the filling seems dry, add more mayonnaise. Season with ground pepper, add some salt if necessary.

4. Cut each sheet of pita with a very sharp knife into four equal parts and put a few spoons of stuffing on each one closer to the edge. Wrap the side edges first, then roll and press lightly.

5. Place the blanks tightly in a small roaster and grease them abundantly with a beaten egg. 6. Bake 10 minutes, the optimal heating is 180 degrees.

Pita with sausage and cheese - “Shawarma home”


• two pita bread;

• 150 gr. cheese, varieties "Dutch" or "Kostroma";

• 200 gr. white cabbage;

• 150 gr. “Children's” sausage or large, uncooked sausage;

• small fresh cucumber;

• one onion;

• hot sauce or ketchup;

• mayonnaise of any fat content.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut fresh cucumber and thinner cabbage, sausage - medium-sized straw, and onion - quarters of rings. Cut the cheese into thin slices.

2. Grease the pita breads with ketchup mixed with mayonnaise, and lay them closer to the edge with layers of stuffing: onions, cabbage, cucumbers and sausage. Lay out cheese slices on top and wrap in an envelope.

3. Put the blanks on a dry ribbed pan and fry at a low temperature on each side for a minute.

Pita with sausage and cheese - cooking tricks and useful tips

• Cold snack rolls of pita with sausage and cheese after making sure to stand for some time in the refrigerator. They are well soaked and easier to cut.

• To make the softened pita not soothe the cold in the fridge, wrap the cold snack rolls with cling film or foil.

• Be sure to cool the fried sausage before putting it in the filling, otherwise the pita will soften quickly.

• To achieve a brown crust in baked products, lubricate their surface before the beaten yolk. Cooked in a pan, fry in a mixture of butter and vegetable oil.

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