At what temperature to bake pork

At what temperature to bake pork

Pork is one of the few types of meat to which all are more or less neutral - from adults to children. How good is pork compared to its gastronomic competitors - beef, lamb or horse meat? Firstly, it is tasty and satisfying. Secondly, pork is absolutely universal from the point of view of cooking: it can be used with equal success in soup and salads, fried and baked, and even raw (do not forget about the notorious bacon, which heroes Gogol so fond of? ). And finally, thirdly, and this is by no means unimportant in the context of the ever-increasing demands of the modern food market, pig meat is several times cheaper than its opponents.

Today we will talk about the methods of roasting pork, namely, how much time and at what temperature it needs to be cooked.

Baking time and temperature

By the way, these are the two main criteria that determine the outcome of your culinary campaign using pork. At the same time it is important what size the pieces of meat intended for cooking will be, what part of the carcass they will represent, how much the meat will be fresh, how long it will marinate before it gets into the oven, and what the pork will cook.

At what temperature should the meat be baked?

Temperatures can be very different. Do not forget that before you put the meat in the oven, it must be heated for a few minutes without fail! So, lovers of steaks baking large pieces of meat weighing 700-1000 grams in foil or sleeve should stick to a temperature of 180 degrees so that the meat is well cooked. Fans of roasting small pieces of pork, “French” (meat in French) or tender chops should adhere to a temperature regime of 170 degrees. At the same time, gourmets who are not indifferent to crispy crusts must first overclock the unit to 230-250 degrees, and then reduce the temperature to 180 degrees.

How long does pork bake?

If you mess around for too long with lunch, then your household, exhausted by the wait, seasoned with the breathtaking aromas of baked meat, will surely make more than one attempt to take the kitchen by storm. However, the cooking time of pork must comply with sanitary standards, since it may contain harmful bacteria and microorganisms. Therefore, it is better to wait a little and begin to consume one hundred percent healthy food! As in the case of the temperature regime, the issue of cooking pork meat has its own nuances:

  • if you chose a large piece of pork weighing up to 1, 5 kilograms, you need to bake it for about 90-120 minutes;
  • a similar weight piece, stuffed or coated with vegetables, baked for at least 90 minutes;
  • you can enjoy meat in French in just an hour;
  • even faster, from half an hour to 40 minutes, small pieces of pork are prepared, evenly distributed over the baking sheet;
  • Of course, it is worth trying a more refined version - pork meat, sprinkled with breadcrumbs, or in batter; on the preparation of this dish should spend 20 minutes more;
  • It is not necessary to use whole chunks of meat, minced pork meat dishes also have the right to life - meatballs, meatballs and rolls will be ready in at least 45 minutes.

Some practical advice on how to bake pork in the oven

  • Do you want the meat to be juicy? In this case, pick pieces with fatty layers. For example, it can be a ham, brisket, brisket or scapula.
  • Where is the best place to buy pork? Of course, the sellers selling fresh, "fresh" meat. However, the meat from the supermarket is also suitable, provided that it is not frozen.
  • How much should you marinate meat, so that after cooking it is even juicier? Pork should be marinated in the refrigerator for about three hours. An hour before cooking it must be released from the kingdom of cold!
  • Meat should be baked on the mirror side of the foil.
  • Which side dish will be most suitable for baked pork? To emphasize the taste of meat, it is recommended to serve it along with mushrooms or vegetables (not important, stewed or fresh). Less often, porridge is added to pork. But the greens, so that it does not fade and turn black, should be added to the finished dish.
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