Wine Yeast at Home

Wine Yeast at Home

Some of those who are involved in home winemaking, argue that to get a good wine you need to choose good berries, do not lose money with the amount of sugar, as well as maintain the temperature balance. However, most winemakers believe that high-quality wine can be created only using wine yeast.

Wine yeast is a product that is obtained by synthesizing in laboratories, or created at home. For this purpose, traditionally used fresh berries (raspberries, currants, plums) and dried fruits. Today we will do the preparation of raisin wine yeast.

If you decide to make wine raisin yeast, then in many respects the success of the result depends on properly selected dried fruits. Remember: for good yeast you need high-quality raisins. Going for a purchase, do not even look at the light varieties of raisins, especially if the dried fruit is shiny, beautiful and plump. With a great degree of confidence we can say that such berries were processed by chemistry, which means that all the yeast that settled on them, which are necessary to create wine yeast, were destroyed, and therefore it is unlikely that they will be able to prepare a quality product from them. Only matte skinny gray-violet raisins with tails are suitable for making wine yeast. Remember this when choosing raw materials. You will need:

  • raisins - 2 handfuls;
  • granulated sugar - 1/2 cup;
  • water - 2 glasses.

Method of preparation

  • Bring half the glass of clean water to a boil.
  • We mix sugar in hot water.
  • Pour the rest of the water into the prepared syrup.
  • We sterilize the 1 liter glass bottle with a wide neck for 5 minutes. You can, of course, simply rinse the container and rinse it with boiling water, but only sterilization will give a 100% guarantee that there are no foreign fungi and bacteria in the bottle that can affect the result.
  • We pour raisins into the cooled bottle. The berries do not need to wash or dispose of the tails.
  • Fill the raisins with warm syrup.
  • We seal the container with a stopper made of cloth or a cotton swab, in a word, one that passes air well.
  • We remove the bottle in a warm bright place. During the day, the contents should be periodically shaken thoroughly. As a rule, after a couple of days, an active fermentation process begins, by the fourth or fifth day it subsides, and on the fifth or sixth day the wine yeast is ready. The product can be used to create wine immediately, or it can be removed for a couple of days in the fridge. In fairness it should be noted that the long-term storage of wine yeast is unacceptable.

We have brought to your attention a simple and fast way to prepare wine yeast at home. Dear visitors of our portal, you may know other recipes for creating this product, we would be grateful if in the comments to this article you share them with other readers of the online magazine

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