Cod roe: benefit and harm

Cod roe: benefit and harm

Fish caviar is one of the most favorite Russian delicacies. This product is very tasty and healthy. There are many types of caviar. After reading this post to the end, you will learn how cod caviar is useful and when it is better to give up its use.

The most common commercial subspecies of cod is arctic. This fish matures by the age of 8-9 years; it is at this age that it first goes to spawn. Such subspecies of cod as the White Sea and Baltic are ready for spawning already at 3-4 years of age. During one spawning, the female of cod throws, just think, up to 10,000,000 eggs. Of course, cod caviar is a step below the noble red and black caviar of sturgeon and salmon fish, but it was loved by many, not only with a pleasant taste and high benefits for the body, but also affordable price.

Cod roe: calorie content and composition

Cod roe is characterized by an amazing composition. In caviar in large quantities are essential for the human body Omega-3 amino acids. It has a high content of macro and microelements, among them zinc, iodine, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, calcium. Vitamin set consists of vitamins A, C, D, as well as group B. The calorie content of cod roe is 179 kcal / 100 grams of product.

The uniqueness of cod caviar lies in the fact that the composition and the energy value of the product remain virtually unchanged during conservation, provided that the latter has been carried out in accordance with all standards and without the use of prohibited ingredients.

Useful properties of cod caviar

Undoubtedly, after you got acquainted with the chemical composition of cod roe, there is no doubt about its usefulness. Nevertheless, I would like to talk about the positive effect of the product on the body in more detail.

Saturated vitamin complex of caviar helps to restore the disturbed metabolism, gives strength, helps in combating stress and depression. Regular consumption of caviar (of course, without fanaticism) is an excellent prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system, atherosclerosis and hypertension. Caviar is recommended to be included in the diet for pregnant women. It is believed that it contributes to the development of high intelligence of the baby. Mandatory product of caviar cod should be in the menu of the elderly.

Cod roe: harm and contraindications

The benefits of cod roe are high, but they should not be abused, as it has contraindications. It has been proven that excessive consumption of the product can provoke the formation of kidney stones (do not forget that the caviar contains salt). People who suffer from diabetes, diseases of the kidneys, liver and stomach, as well as disorders in the biliary tract, fall into the category of people who should limit their consumption of caviar.

Perhaps we did not mention the properties of cod caviar known to you, we will be grateful if you, dear visitors of our portal, add to this text by sharing your knowledge in the comments below. Be healthy!

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