Bitter Chocolate: Benefit and Harm

Bitter Chocolate: Benefit and Harm

All people on earth, regardless of gender, age and social status, adore chocolate, which is why humanity can be divided into those who love bitter chocolate and those who prefer another (milky, white). Today we will tell about the benefits of black chocolate, as well as let you know what threatens the abuse of this delicacy.

It is not surprising that bitter chocolate is currently so popular, but very few people know, but in the past only members of royal families could allow themselves to enjoy this sweetness, since the process of its production was complex and cacao beans were quite expensive. Fortunately, today dark chocolate has become more affordable and anyone can pamper themselves.

Composition and caloric content

You can make legends about the beneficial properties of dark chocolate, this is because the composition of the product contains a lot of valuable substances. The percentage of natural cocoa in bitter chocolate is over 72, while the more cocoa in the product, the more useful it is. Among the components of this delicacy are thiamine, riboflavin, vitamins E, PP, calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, iron and phosphorus.

100 grams of bitter chocolate contains 539 kcal.

What is good for dark chocolate

It is unlikely that someone will argue with the fact that black chocolate is useful. Everyone knows that this product is the strongest anti-depressant - a piece of this delicacy perfectly uplifting, besides, it tones and increases efficiency. However, in the list of useful properties of dark chocolate there are still many points, the following abilities are attributed to him: • Normalization of metabolism.

• Stabilization of cholesterol in the blood.

• Stimulation of mental activity.

• Improved blood quality.

• Normalization of blood pressure.

• Fat burning, • Improving the circulatory system and preventing blood clots.

In addition to the indicated bitter chocolate is effective in the prevention of atherosclerosis, its use is high and in inflammations of different types. It has been proven that this product perfectly treats diseases of the stomach. According to the research of British scientists, with the help of dark chocolate, you can get rid of lung and cold diseases, let's say even more, this sweetness can prevent the flu and other viral infections. In addition, in practice, the opinion that black chocolate is harmful to the teeth was not confirmed, on the contrary, it turned out that it has an antibacterial effect and reduces bleeding gums.

Bitter Chocolate: Harm

Dark chocolate can be harmful only if it is abused. Overeating of bitter chocolate can cause an allergic reaction, manifested by itching. It is not recommended to abuse this product and people with heart problems.

Overdose, if, of course, this word is appropriate in a conversation about bitter chocolate, manifested by dizziness and poor health. Due to the fact that the product has a stimulating effect, insomnia is often observed in sweet teeth.

Bitter Chocolate for Women

Although we talked higher about the benefits and harms of dark chocolate, we would like to talk separately about how this product is valuable for women.

Despite the fact that dark chocolate is a rather high-calorie delicacy, carbohydrates contained in its composition are excellent in fighting fatty deposits. That is why a sweet diet has been developed for those who want to lose weight, with a bitter chocolate being one of the main components. Just imagine, eating only chocolate during the week, you can lose up to 7 kilograms of excess weight. Very few diets that provide a similar result, for example, the popular “South Beach Diet” guarantees such a result after 2 weeks, and in order to say goodbye to such weight, adhering to the “1200 Calorie Diet”, you will have to limit yourself for several months. In addition to eating bitter chocolate, you can bring your weight back to normal, and you also prolong your youth. Scientists have proven that this product is a true champion in the content of antioxidants, it even surpasses red wine and green tea in this indicator. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals, thus ensuring the correct activity of the heart and eliminating premature aging of body cells.

And finally, some believe that sweet, especially chocolate, is addictive. So, this is a myth, because in order for a product to become addictive you need to regularly eat large portions. Getting used to bitter chocolate does not threaten you if you don’t eat 50 tiles a day, but we dare to assume that your daily portion of sweet is hardly equal to such a volume.

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