How does acetic acid differ from acetic essence

How does acetic acid differ from acetic essence

Even experienced housewives find it difficult to answer this seemingly simple question. After all, many do not even think about whether there is a difference between acetic acid and acetic acid, believing that it is the same thing.

But in fact, there is a difference between these two liquids.

In order to understand this, you need to remember (and confirm) the fact that absolutely any substance is obtained from something. Moreover, the method of production and extraction of this substance may be different.

Acetic acid is also one of these products.

It is produced by distilling fermented raw materials - juices, wines or using ordinary ethyl alcohol. This boring chemical process will be incomprehensible to many ordinary people, therefore chemical formulas and other production points can be omitted.

Most importantly, the result is 100% acetic acid.

And in order to obtain the acetic essence, the acid is diluted with water in the same proportion so that a 70 or 80% aqueous solution of acetic acid, i.e. acetic essence, is obtained. Acetic essence is more or less diluted acetic acid. It can be from 30 to 80% concentration.

If dilute the vinegar essence with a large amount of water, you will get table vinegar. The one that everyone used to use: pickle meat, vegetables, add acid to give it to food.

Knowing a simple mathematical calculation, any housewife can, from the vinegar essence 70%, prepare table vinegar 3, 6 or 9%.

To do this, you only need to divide 70% by the percentage that you need to get as a result For example, to get 3% table vinegar, which is less harmful to the gastric mucosa, you need 70: 3 = 23 (parts). So, you need to take 1 part of the vinegar essence and dilute it with 23 parts of boiled cold water. Get a 3% solution of vinegar.


Acetic essence differs from acetic acid and table vinegar by the percentage ratio of acid and water. And also the fact that the acetic essence is obtained from acetic acid, and not vice versa.

As you can see, everything is simple!

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