Erythritol: harm and benefit

Erythritol: harm and benefit

Sugar substitutes are an integral part of the diet of a large number of people all over the world. Modern research and technology has allowed scientists to get a completely new product - erythritol. It belongs to the group of sugary alcohols, a class of polyols (polyatomic alcohols), along with xylitol and sorbitol. This substance does not have the disadvantages of other sweeteners and has many advantages over them.

To taste, erythritol resembles sucrose, but has a slight “cooling” effect and less sweet. It can be stored for a very long time, which also distinguishes it from other well-known sugar substitutes. In its natural form, it is found in melons, pears, grapes and other fruits and vegetables. Commercially, it is mined from corn and other starch-containing products by fermentation.

Useful and safe!

The safety of erythritol for health is confirmed by numerous clinical trials in many countries around the world, including Russia and Japan.

It is an excellent sugar substitute for obese people or dieters. Its energy value is only 0, 02 kcal per 1 gram. whereas in 1 gr. sugar as much as 4 kcal!

It can be safely consumed by people suffering from diabetes. Even a large amount of erythritol does not increase insulin and glucose levels in human plasma.

Products for sweet teeth

The unique sweetener is widely used in the confectionery industry as an excellent alternative to sugar. Even at temperatures above 180? C, it does not lose its properties, and therefore is used for the manufacture of baking. The energy value of products prepared on the basis of erythritol is reduced by about 30-60% compared with products prepared on sucrose. Manufacturers of high-quality chocolates replace sucrose with erythritol also because it allows you to get more fragrant and tasty chocolate. Producers of healthy drinks with erythritol have managed to develop a sweet, tasty, low-calorie product with antioxidant properties.

Beautiful smile, tasty tablet

Another useful quality of erythritol will appeal to people carefully watching their teeth. The fact is that it absolutely will not change the pH level in the mouth, so it can not provoke the development of caries. That is why the sweetener is often included in the composition of toothpastes and tooth elixirs.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the use of erythritol allows you to “disguise” the unpleasant taste of drugs and widely used as one of the components of the tablets.

A little about the harm of erythritol

The daily dose of erythritol can be any - it will not bring harm to health. However, this sweetener has one specific feature - in large quantities causes a mild laxative effect.

But considering that everyone has different organisms, the likelihood of a severe disorder should not be excluded, therefore it is still recommended to observe the measure.

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