Pita bread at home

Pita bread at home

No meal is complete without bread. Moreover, each nation means by this common name a certain type of baking.

Rolls, loaves, baguettes ... You can list them endlessly! Only one tortillas will be able to count more than a dozen.

Pita bread is also a cake. It is popular in the Caucasus, Iran, some Asian countries, but it is the Armenians who consider it their national dish.

This lavash is baked in tandyr - a special oven made of clay, installed on the street. Lavash dough is used fresh, mixed from the minimum set of ingredients. That is why in inept hands such cakes can turn out to be thick, tough and at the same time - unsheathed.

Lavash baking is done by real craftsmen. They roll out the elastic dough so thin that it shines through. Then, skillfully throwing from hand to hand, in one motion they stick this thin line to the tandyr wall. A few seconds - and pita is ready!

Properly baked pita bread should be soft, with an unevenly swollen surface covered with crispy specks. Almost instantly, lavash hardens in the air. Thanks to this quality it can be harvested for future use. To do this, it is stacked and stored in a dry, well-ventilated place.

If the pita is going to be served for dinner, it is immediately sprinkled with water immediately after baking, covered with a towel. After a few minutes, it becomes soft and pliable, like a pancake. And then it can be folded four times, with a straw, served with any filling, making a kind of sandwich.

And also pita can be cooked on a regular stove. But for this you need to strictly follow the recommendations that are generously shared with everyone by the experienced mash-bread bakers.

Lavash at home: cooking details

  • The dough for pita is kneaded in hot water. It turns out to be brewed, so it rises well during baking - it blows up bubbles.
  • Sochen for lavash is rolled out very thinly - the table should be well through it. To make the lavash shape even, cut a circle out of dough using a lid or a plate. Its diameter should be slightly less than the diameter of the pan.
  • The rise of the dough during baking depends on the heating of the pan. On an insufficiently heated pan, pita bread will turn out pale and flat. So, even such a thin layer of dough may turn out to be unprotected. If you fry the pita over a large fire, it will burn.
  • Pita bread is fried in a dry skillet without oil. Therefore, you need to take a frying pan with a thick bottom, such as cast iron or non-stick coating.
  • Pita bread is baked very quickly. Literally in 15-30 seconds, the underside of the pita is covered with mouth-watering light brown spots. The cake can not be overdone on fire, otherwise it will harden.
  • To prevent pita bread from drying out, it is sprayed with cold water from a spray bottle or smeared with a brush. Then cover with a wet towel.

Thin Armenian Lavash: Method 1


  • flour - 350 g;
  • water - 200 ml;
  • salt - 1/2 tsp;
  • vegetable oil - 2 tbsp. l

Method of preparation

  • In the bowl, pour the sifted flour, make a recess in the center.
  • In a glass of water heated to 50-60 °, dissolve the salt. Stir in the flour while stirring. Add butter.
  • Stir the dough with a spoon first, and when the flour takes all the liquid, start kneading with your hands. Put the dough on a floured table and continue kneading for another 5 minutes. Your dough will become very pliable and will not stick at all.
  • Place the dough in a bag or cover with cling film. Leave for half an hour.
  • Lay the dough on the table again. Give it a fat sausage shape. Divide into 9-12 identical pieces. The size of the pieces will depend on the diameter of your pan.
  • Take one bite, and cover the rest with a towel so that they do not wind. Give the dough the shape of a thick cake. Put it on a lightly floured table and start rolling with a rolling pin into a thin glass, the thickness of which should not exceed 2 mm.
  • So roll out all the dough. Since pita bread is baked very quickly, all juices must be rolled out beforehand. Also prepare a cutting board on which you will fold the finished pita bread, and a slightly damp towel.
  • Put a clean, dry frying pan on the fire. When it warms up well, reduce the heat to medium. Put on the pan with juicy. Literally in his eyes, he will begin to swell. Slightly hold it “impulse” with the help of a scapula, since the appearance of one big bubble should not enter your plans.
  • When the underside is slightly browned, gently turn the pita over to the other side. Put the finished cake on a plate, sprinkle with water, cover with a towel. Bake the rest of the pita bread, stacking it on top of each other. Do not forget to sprinkle each subsequent cake with water.

Thin Armenian Lavash: Method 2nd


  • flour - 3 tbsp .;
  • water - 250 ml;
  • salt - 0, 5 tsp.

Method of preparation:

The principle of pita bread is the same as in the first recipe, but the dough for these cakes is kneaded without adding oil.

  • Pour the flour into the bowl. In the middle, make a hole in the form of a crater.
  • Dissolve salt in hot water.
  • Constantly stirring the flour with a spoon, slowly pour in water.
  • When all the liquid has come into contact with the flour, start kneading the dough with your hands. At first it will be very viscous and sticky, but gradually it will turn into one pliable lump and stop pestering your hands.
  • Put it back in the bowl and cover with a wet towel. Leave for half an hour.
  • After this exposure, it will be easy to work with the dough. Divide it into several pieces the size of a chicken egg.
  • Take one piece of dough, give it the shape of a thick round cake. Put on a floured table and start rolling it with a rolling pin. It is necessary to make very thin, not thicker than 2 mm, round sochen.
  • Put the future pita bread on a dry, well-heated pan. Almost immediately he will begin to blister. After a few seconds, the underside will be covered with crisp, light brown specks. Immediately turn the pita bread to the other side.
  • Put the prepared pita bread on a dish or board, sprinkle with water, cover with a towel.

Pita Yeast Dough


  • flour - 3 tbsp .;
  • water - 250 ml;
  • salt - 1/2 tsp;
  • dry yeast - 1 tsp;
  • sugar - 1 tsp.

Method of preparation:

Pita bread from yeast dough is not as thin as that prepared from unleavened. It is difficult to twist it into a tube, so it is not suitable as a basis for the filling. Serve it as a separate dish instead of bread.

  • Pour flour into the bowl, make a well in it.
  • In warm water, stir in salt, sugar and yeast. Water should not be hot, otherwise the yeast will lose its ability to rise.
  • Gradually add this liquid to the flour, stirring the dough with a spoon.
  • When no water is left, continue kneading by hand. You should have a soft dough. Cover it with a towel and leave to rise for one hour.
  • Divide it into several koloboks. From this amount of dough you should have 10-12 pieces.
  • Form each piece in the form of a thick flatbread, which you then roll into a thin round mold to the size of your pan.
  • Put a dry frying pan on the fire and heat well. Reduce the heat to medium as the cake burns on a large fire. Put in the pan with juicy.
  • Almost immediately, it will begin to bubble, and the underside will be covered with light brown specks. Turn over to the other side, bring it to readiness for a few more seconds.
  • Put the pita bread on a plate or dish, cover it with a slightly damp towel.

    For the same recipe, prepare the pita bread in the oven. But the flour must be taken a little less, since the tight dough in the oven rises poorly. Before sending the future pita bread to the oven, let it go a little on a baking sheet lightly floured. The temperature in the furnace should be about 220 °. Make pastries until the cake is covered with a light crust.

Mistress to note

Any pita can be served with a broth, soup, meat or vegetable dish, and even tea. And in a thin pita bread wrap a variety of fillings, making an appetizing roll.

Pita bread can be stored for three days in the refrigerator. To do this, it is rolled into a tube, put in a bag.

In the freezer pita can be several months. When it is needed, it is taken out, left at room temperature for a few minutes, and it becomes soft.

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