With what to drink red semi-dry wine

With what to drink red semi-dry wine

A bottle of table wine will never be superfluous at a family dinner or a dinner party. It is only important to choose the type of wine and its brand. Many of our compatriots opt for semi-dry wines made from dark grapes. They are less sour than dry, but not too sweet, have a tart flavor, a rich bouquet and a long aftertaste. Their rich red color looks very attractive and noble. However, becoming the owner of a bottle of high-quality alcohol, I want to really taste it, and invariably the question arises about choosing suitable snacks for it. Knowing what to drink red semi-dry wine with, you will enjoy its use, and guests will surely like your dinner.

Features of semi-dry red wines, best brands

The category of semi-dry wines includes alcoholic beverages with a strength of 9 to 13%, the sugar content of which varies from 5 to 25 g per cubic decimeter. Red semi-dry wines are made from red and black grapes, but their color does not depend only on the raw materials. Long aging in oak barrels helps to rid the drink of sediment, to make its shade darker and noble, the aftertaste is longer, the bouquet is rich and many-sided. The tannins contained in the grape seeds give a roughness to wine.

It is believed that the best red wines are made in France and Italy, but today they are significantly pressed by Georgia, Spain, Chile and other countries. When choosing a red semi-dry wine, our compatriots most often opt for Georgian or Chilean-made beverages, which are affordable, but have a rich bouquet, a deep taste, and a long aftertaste. The most popular brands include:

  • “Pirosmani” (Georgia). Wine is made from grapes "Saperavi". Sommeliers catch cherry notes in the bouquet of this drink, claiming that the taste of this wine is surprisingly reminiscent of cherry liqueur, even though it is softer and rounded. The color of wine - pomegranate;
  • “Barakoni” (Georgia). The wine has a garnet color with a subtle purple hue. In his bouquet distinguished notes of mountain violet. The taste is rich and velvety, deep aftertaste. The drink is made from grapes varieties “Mugethetuli” and “Alexandrouli”;
  • “Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot” (Chile). Made from grape varieties specified in the name, grown in the central valley of the country. It has a bright red color, soft taste. The bouquet is dominated by fruit notes;
  • Carmenere Frontera (Concha and Torah, Chile). Produced from two grape varieties of the Central Valley in Chile: “Carmenere” (85%), “Cabernet Sauvignon” (15%). The color of the wine is purple, notes of spices and ripe plums are distinguishable in the bouquet. The taste of the drink is soft and round, leaves a stable aftertaste.

Red semi-dry wines belong to the table. This means they are not drunk apart from lunch or dinner. They are designed to highlight the taste of food. Dishes are also able to either reveal the best properties of the wine or make it taste and bouquet indistinct. In order for the union of snacks and alcohol to be harmonious, it is necessary to know how and with what it is better to drink semi-dry red wine.

Usage Features

The rules for using red semi-dry wine are quite simple, and they are rarely violated, but remember the main points will not be superfluous.

  • Glasses for red semi-dry wine more often choose a tulip-shaped form on a high thin stem. Some prefer to drink them from wider glasses, reminiscent of brandy, but also on the leg. Glass should be transparent, extra decoration is not welcome. Two-thirds of the glasses are filled with red wine.
  • From the dishes you may need a decanter - a transparent vessel, something like a jug, but with an even wider base and narrow top with a “spout”, convenient for pouring drinks into containers with a narrow neck. Red dry wine is poured into it about half an hour before serving to the table, then returned to the bottle. The purpose of this procedure is to saturate the drink with oxygen, to remove undesirable elements (sulfur dioxide, sediment).
  • Most manufacturers of red semi-dry wines are advised to cool to 15-17 degrees, but aged varieties can be served cooled a little less, almost to room temperature. Red wines are not stored in the refrigerator, they are removed there for no more than 2 hours to cool to the optimum temperature.
  • Semi-dry red wine is often drunk pure, but it can be diluted with clean boiled water.

Red wine cannot be drunk without a snack for two reasons. First, there is a lot of tannin in them, and if you don’t have a snack on your drink, you will wake up with a headache the next morning. Secondly, the rules of etiquette require that this type of alcohol be served as an accompaniment drink, that is, to a table set with dishes.

What to eat red semi-dry wine

It is easy to choose a snack for red semi-dry wine - it goes well with most dishes. However, there are products with which it harmonizes best. It:

  • lean meat, with better preference for game, poultry, rabbit. You can submit to the red semi-dry wine snacks from beef tongue or tender veal. Liver pate, foie gras will work well;
  • fatty fish (except herring), seafood in a spicy sauce;
  • mature cheeses, cheeses with mold;
  • fleshy and not too sour fruit. A good choice will be mango, peach, pear, melon.

Puff buns and cakes, ice cream can be offered to red semi-dry wine, although it is not dessert.

Sour appetizers will not suit the semi-dry wine: pickled and pickled vegetables, salads with vinegar dressing, citrus fruits.

Semi-dry red wine is a good choice, it is suitable for a family dinner, and a festive feast. The main thing is to choose a quality drink and successfully pick up hot and cold dishes.

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