How to store raspberries

How to store raspberries

Sweet raspberry has a bright taste and a pleasant smell. It can be consumed fresh or frozen. Jelly, jam, marmalade is prepared from the fruit. Raspberry wine, liqueur or liqueur is delicious and aromatic. Like most tender berries, fresh raspberries do not last long. It is necessary to handle it very carefully and carefully. Then feast on the healing berries can not one day.

Fresh Raspberries - Storage

If the berry grows in its own garden, then for harvesting should choose a dry and sunny day. Besides:

  • Each berry should be carefully removed from the bush so as to free it from the receptacle and not wrinkle.
  • It is necessary to put raspberries in small baskets prepared in advance.
  • The berry cannot be washed. Water can be treated only that part of it, which is intended for immediate use.
  • It is not recommended to keep the collected raspberries outside the house for more than three hours. It may partially deteriorate. If harvesting continues, the baskets filled with berries must be hidden in the shade.

At a temperature of 20 degrees and more fresh raspberries last about eight hours.

To extend this period, the berries must be poured into small containers in a maximum of two layers, covered with a napkin and sent to the middle compartment of the refrigerator. There is no need to store raspberries under the freezer - it is too cold for her there.

Before you load the berries in the fridge, you need to inspect them, remove those that have begun to deteriorate. This is especially true for the purchase of raspberries. In it there will be berries with mold, crushed or too soft. Such fruits need to be postponed.

Other products that are stored in the refrigerator at the same time as raspberries, must be kept closed, as the berries are able to absorb foreign odors. This can not affect their taste. In the refrigerator, fresh raspberries will last a week or several days longer.

How to store mashed raspberries

Raspberries can be prepared for the future by boiling traditional jam. Undoubtedly, in this form the berries can be preserved for one or two years.

But in order to preserve all the healing and taste qualities of raspberries, it needs to be ground with sugar. Such preparation turns out tasty, fragrant and useful.

To cook grated raspberries, you must:

  • To sort berries, remove twigs and leaflets. Wash the fruit is not necessary.
  • Put the raspberries in a large saucepan and cover them with sugar. From one kilogram of berries you can use from one and a half to two kilograms of sweet ingredient. The more sugar you add, the longer the raspberry will last. In addition, if the berries are in the fridge, the sand will need less.
  • Armed with a wooden spoon, it is necessary to grind raspberries and sugar until smooth. If some berries are not completely crushed - this is normal. The taste of the product will be more natural.
  • Manual labor can be replaced by a blender. The mass will turn out completely homogeneous and will remain longer.
  • The raspberries, pounded with sugar, should be decomposed into clean jars so that there is two centimeters to the edge of the neck.
  • Pour sugar on top. It will gradually turn into a crust and protect the berries from exposure to air.
  • Close plastic jars with plastic lids and store them in a refrigerator or pantry.

In this form, raspberries will remain nutritious until the next harvest and even longer.

To store the grated raspberries in the freezer, it is necessary to pour the mass into small vessels. Instead, you can use plastic cups. Filled containers should be tightly wrapped on all sides with cling film. A single layer will suffice. Each cup is placed in a small plastic bag and sent to the freezer. Raspberries, ground with sugar, stored in the freezer for several years. But it is better not to harvest it too much to feast on fresh berry next season.

Storing frozen raspberries

Berry Frost is one of the most popular storage methods. In this state, raspberries do not lose their attractive appearance and valuable taste. To freeze you need:

  • Wash the raspberries under small trickles of water. You can use a shower spray.
  • Spread the berries into paper towels or napkins. Raspberries should be completely dry.
  • Place the fruit on a metal baking sheet and send to the freezer for a day.
  • Pour the frozen raspberries in plastic bags and store them in the freezer.

The shelf life of the berries is unlimited.

The most useful is the domestic raspberry. When buying berries brought from afar, there is a big risk to purchase fruits filled with preservatives. They are beautiful in appearance, but contain not only useful substances, but also unhealthy chemical elements.

Therefore, it is better to harvest raspberries during the season of its ripening and to buy the one that is grown in the neighboring village or at the summer cottage.

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