Pumpkin seed oil: beneficial properties and contraindications

Pumpkin seed oil: beneficial properties and contraindications

Pumpkin is a vegetable with a special taste that can be incredibly useful to a person, and in several areas at once. In cooking, it is used as a dietary product, in folk medicine is famous for its wide range of therapeutic properties. Cosmetologists advise using it to preserve youth and healthy skin. Also, this vegetable provides invaluable assistance in hair care.

The fact that people have long known about the unique qualities of a pumpkin, shows a lot of evidence. For example, in the 3rd century BC, pumpkin seeds were found in ancient Indian burials. Mention of pumpkin potions and their healing properties are found in the treatises of the famous healer Ibn Sina, known in the west as Avicenna. The Russian people learned about the pumpkin only in the 16th century, when it was brought from Europe. Due to the fact that this vegetable is distinguished by high yield and unpretentiousness, it has got acclimatized well in Russia and has been grown on Russian fields and vegetable gardens until now. Moreover, pumpkin has become one of the main components of Russian dishes.

Speaking of the pumpkin, it is impossible not to mention its seeds. They are no less useful than the pulp, because they produce vegetable oil. Pumpkin seed oil is highly valued. In the old days in Austria, where it was first produced, even a decree was issued that such a healthy oil should be used only as a medicine. For this reason, the product could be purchased only in the shops of pharmacists, and the cost of a 200-gram bottle was equal to the value of the gold ring. Therefore, the dark green oil from pumpkin seeds began to be called “black gold”.

In the modern world, pumpkin seed oil still has a rather high price. In price, it is second only to pine nut butter. This is due to the fact that the processing of seeds is a time consuming process, moreover, a lot of expensive raw materials are required. To get a liter of pumpkin oil, you need about 2, 5 kg of seeds, this requires at least 30 pumpkins.

Extraction and beneficial properties of pumpkin oil

To obtain pumpkin seed oil is cold pressed. At the exit dark green oily liquid turns out. The product has a specific smell and, unlike most vegetable oils, it has a very pleasant taste.

The fact that pumpkin seed oil has a wide range of preventive and curative effects is due to its balanced composition. The product identified more than 50 biologically active substances that are beneficial to human health. Pumpkin oil contains vitamins, minerals in abundance, it also contains bioflavonoids, phospholipids, tocopherols, carotenoids, phytosterols, chlorophyll, easily digestible proteins, a complex of polyunsaturated fatty acids and other biological components. Due to this, pumpkin seed oil is used as a healing and tonic.

  • The use of pumpkin oil for the cardiovascular system has been clarified and proved. If you regularly use it, you can significantly improve the condition of the vessels - to make their walls more durable and elastic. Improvements of the muscular layer of the heart - myocardium are also noted, the level of “bad” cholesterol is reduced, the frequency and strength of the heart rhythm is regulated, arterial pressure is maintained normally, vessels of atherosclerotic plaques are cleaned. In addition, pumpkin seed oil is involved in the production of hemoglobin and protects the circulatory system from the negative effects of free radicals.
  • Pumpkin oil is an excellent tool for normalizing the activity of the gallbladder and liver. Oil prevents the development of inflammatory processes; restores the normal process of bile secretion; increases the tone of the biliary tract; protects the liver from the influence of toxic substances and alcohol and the formation of fat deposits, and also participates in the restoration of its structure.
  • With the help of pumpkin oil, gastrointestinal problems can be resolved. Due to its wound-healing properties, it positively affects both the walls of the stomach and the intestinal walls. The product helps to normalize the acidity of the gastric juice, improves intestinal motility, relieves inflammation from the gastrointestinal tract, helps the body get rid of its toxic substances - slag and toxins. In addition, it acts as a laxative and can be used to combat parasites in the body. It is often used as a natural means for removing tape and round worms from the body.
  • By systematically taking pumpkin oil, the body's defense mechanisms can be improved - immunity. The resistance of the immune system to various harmful microorganisms increases, as a result, the risk of seasonal colds and the development of chronic ailments is reduced.
  • Pumpkin seed oil is often used in the treatment of deviations in the urogenital system. Protecting the tissues and blood vessels of the urinary organs, it prevents the formation of inflammatory processes. The oil is also useful for the urinary system, as it activates the cleaning functions of the kidneys. In addition, it is a mild diuretic.
  • Pumpkin seed oil contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system, as it relates to natural products with a sedative effect, therefore it is recommended for people suffering from insomnia, frequent headaches, and neurotic disorders. It is also indicated for fatigue. It should be noted that the regular consumption of pumpkin seed oil significantly reduces the risk of various age-related changes in the activity of the nervous system and brain.
  • Pumpkin oil contains a number of elements that are essential for effective calcium absorption, as well as the formation and full functioning of cartilage and bone tissue.
  • Pumpkin seed oil helps perfectly when the body needs to be restored. Therefore, it is indispensable after suffering heavy operations, long-term illnesses, and even after chemotherapy courses.
  • Pumpkin is rich in biologically active components that the body needs to maintain eye health. Thus, it is an excellent preventive measure against night blindness, macular degeneration and cataracts.
  • Many pumping gynecological diseases are treated with pumpkin seed oil because it has wound-healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Also, the product is effective in PMS and during menopause - it significantly improves well-being. This effect is due to the fact that pumpkin oil supports normal hormonal levels. For women, the presented remedy is also useful because it has a beneficial effect on the reproductive system - it contributes to the normalization of the ovarian cycle. In addition, pumpkin oil contains all the necessary substances that help the embryo to fully develop.
  • Pumpkin seed oil is also no small benefit for men's health. It, in addition to the antitumor and anti-inflammatory action, due to the presence in its composition of such elements as zinc and selenium, has a positive effect on reproductive function. With the help of pumpkin oil, the level of sex hormones is stabilized, spermatogenesis is stimulated, and erectile function is improved. In other words, the oil perfectly affects the prostate gland, and therefore it is recommended to be used for both prophylaxis and for the treatment of urological problems.
  • Pumpkin seed oil is also common in the treatment of proctologic ailments. For example, it can be used to cope with hemorrhoids and proctitis.
  • Pumpkin oil is a natural source of antioxidants, which are very important for the human body, as they actively combat reactive oxygen species. Also, these compounds are called free radicals. Free radicals cause irreparable damage to cells, which directly leads to their death. As a result, premature wilting of the body occurs.
  • The anti-inflammatory property of the oil allows it to be used in the presence of diseases associated with the respiratory system. It will help with bronchitis, pneumonia and even with tuberculosis.
  • The unique composition of pumpkin oil is also useful for those who want to lose weight. First, it nourishes the body with substances that are needed not only for its full-fledged work, but also for healthy weight loss. Secondly, pumpkin seed oil has an amazing property - it helps break down fats. Moreover, the product prevents the formation of fat. Another positive property of the oil is that it helps to improve metabolism in the lymph. On this basis, it follows that this tool is an excellent assistant in the fight against swelling and cellulite.
  • Pumpkin seed oil manifests itself as an antitumor agent, therefore its regular use is an excellent prevention of oncological diseases.
  • Reception of this natural remedy is also recommended in order to avoid diseases that are associated with the oral cavity and gums.
  • Pumpkin seed oil makes a significant contribution to the health of hair. It is used for dry hair and scalp, as it nourishes moisture. Pumpkin oil affects metabolic processes, helping the subcutaneous network of capillaries to become stronger and ensure the hair follicles with biologically active substances in full. This, in turn, has a positive effect on the hair shafts: they cease to be weak and accelerate in growth. In addition, pumpkin seed oil is involved in restoring the elasticity and elasticity of the curls; elimination of microorganisms that cause dandruff, itching and irritation of the scalp; regulating the activity of the sebaceous glands; ridding the skin of the head from pollution and toxic compounds; increased hair resistance to external irritants; protect strands from the damaging effects of free radicals.
  • It is extremely beneficial pumpkin oil affects the skin of the face and body. In cosmetology, it is known as a moisturizing, emollient and nourishing agent. Vegetable oil is also used for rejuvenation, because with its help the growth of cells responsible for the elasticity and elasticity of the dermis is activated. The ability to strengthen the subcutaneous capillaries makes this product a great assistant in preventing the appearance of rosacea and bruises. Pumpkin oil is also able to protect the skin from premature aging and produce deep cleansing, to establish the process of sebum production, to relieve acne and speed up cellular regeneration. Another plus of the oil is that it is excellent in the treatment of dermatological problems such as eczema, urticaria, psoriasis.

Pumpkin seed oil: harm

Pumpkin seed oil refers to products that rarely adversely affect the human body. If it hurts, it is only when used improperly, used and stored. To avoid negative consequences, it is imperative to be familiar with the contraindications of oil and the nuances of its use.

  • People with diabetes are not recommended to use pumpkin seed oil without consulting a specialist.
  • Pumpkin seed oil, being a natural laxative, should not be consumed without interruptions, as it may cause a thinning of the stool. Because of this, it is also contraindicated in diarrhea.
  • For cholelithiasis, that is, calculous cholecystitis, pumpkin oil should not be taken orally or should be taken with extreme caution under the supervision of a physician and certainly in a reduced amount. This is due to the choleretic effect of the oil, due to which it is possible to provoke the movement of stones.
  • Pumpkin seed oil, like any other product, may have an allergic reaction. If you apply it externally, then they need to lubricate the skin on the elbow first and monitor for an hour how it reacts to it. In the absence of redness, irritation and itching, individual intolerance is not. In the case of taking pumpkin oil inside you need to follow the following rules: start using the product with small doses, without taking any probable allergens. If after taking the oil in the body there are no negative changes, you can use it safely for health.
  • People who adhere to low-calorie diets should also eliminate pumping oil, since it contains 896 kilocalories per 100 grams, which indicates its high calorie content.
  • Pumpkin seed oil cannot be used for frying, because during heat treatment it not only loses its beneficial properties, but even becomes harmful.
  • Always follow product storage conditions. Keep it in a dark place at about 15 degrees above zero.

How to choose high-quality pumpkin oil

In order not to be disappointed in pumpkin oil, but, on the contrary, to experience all the healing power that nature has endowed him with, one must not be mistaken with the choice of product. After all, only high-quality oil has all the healing properties of the original raw materials.

  • When buying vegetable oil, first of all you need to pay attention to the container. The best preserves the useful substances of glassware, and it must necessarily be darkened. Such capacity is good for the reason that does not allow the product to deteriorate under the influence of light. It is also important that the oil bottle has a tight-fitting lid.
  • Pumpkin seed oil with high quality smells like roasted pumpkin seeds, not vegetable pulp. Be sure to pay attention to the taste of the product. If it meets the stated high quality, it will not taste bitter. The consistency can also be judged on the quality of the oil. Turn the bottle in hand. If you see that the oil leaves on the walls of the packaging friable bands, then it is thick. This indicates its high quality.
  • Buy oil, carefully studying the composition and method of production. For health, cold-pressed oil, which does not contain any impurities and is not subject to chemical treatment, that is, unrefined, is most beneficial for health.
  • High-quality pumpkin seed oil, as mentioned earlier, is one of the most expensive vegetable oils, which means that it cannot be cheap. The price of a high-quality product is 100 milliliters from 250 rubles and above. Note that it is more profitable to buy pumpkin seed oil in larger packaging - 0, 5 or 1 liter.
  • Sediment is allowed to form in pumpkin oil, therefore, when choosing, do not exclude product with sediment, because it does not affect quality.
  • Pumpkin seed oil can be purchased anywhere - in specialized stores, pharmacies, supermarkets, and even online stores. Give preference to those places where you can show a quality certificate from the manufacturer.
  • When purchasing pumpkin oil, always pay attention to the date of manufacture. Its shelf life is 10 months. Pay attention to the fact that the fresh product, the more useful elements it contains.

Pumpkin seed oil receives the most favorable reviews from people who use it. They note that under the influence of this product the work of the whole organism is really improving. In addition, the oil copes with many ailments and is a great preventive tool. Check pumpkin seed oil for yourself, and maybe he will have another fan.

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