How to freeze mint

How to freeze mint

Some plants are used only in medicine - both in the official and in the people. Other plants are so versatile that they can be useful in everyday life, and in cooking, and in cosmetology.

These plants include mint. Its unique properties help to cope not only with nausea, cough, migraines or abdominal distension, but also successfully fight moths and refresh the air in the room.

Mint is also often used in cooking: in the form of seasoning to meat, fish, vegetable dishes or serves as a flavoring in baking. Mint is added to sauces, compotes, kvass, drinks, tea.

Mint in the form of perfume is used in cosmetology: in cream or in toothpaste.

Mint is quite affordable plant. In the warm season, in its wild form, you can pick it near the river or in the mountains. A cultivated species - peppermint - can be planted in the front garden or in the garden.

In dried form, mint is sold at any pharmacy or grocery store in the spice departments.

So that in winter mint was always at hand, hostesses have long since dried it. But recently, a new trend has emerged - mint has been frozen.

To some, such a method seems strange, but, as they say, if there is a demand, there will be a supply.

How to freeze mint (dry method)

Only young, freshly cut leafy mint tops without flowers are suitable for freezing, as leaves are most often used in cooking. Mint well washed in cold water and spread on a towel (it is better to take a paper) to dry. To dry the twigs, they are often turned over.

Method 1. Sprigs of mint stack in two - three things together, tightly wrapped in plastic wrap and put in the freezer.

Method 2. The branches are broken off the leaves, loosely folded into small containers, covered with lids and cleaned in the freezer.

Method 3. Pure dried leaves are cut into thin strips, lightly dried and packaged, not wrapped, in containers or bags with zip-clasps.

How to freeze mint in ice cubes

Clean mint finely cut, put into molds for freezing and pour cold water, a little before reaching the edges.

Shapers are put in the freezer for freezing.

You can freeze whole mint leaves in ice tins.

Such ice cubes with mint are suitable for flavoring drinks and decorating cocktails. For this, cubes with mint, without defrosting, are placed in a glass with a drink just before serving.

So that frozen sprigs of mint will not lose their original appearance, before using them, without defrosting, cut them across into thin strips and add them to dishes when cooking.

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