When to pick cranberries

When to pick cranberries

Cranberry is the source of a mass of nutrients. From this berry jam is made, used as a filling for baking, it is often used in the cosmetic field. Given the high demand for berries, the question naturally suggests: “Where and when to pick the cranberries?” We will provide the answers to these questions in this post.

Where cranberries grow

Cranberries grow mainly in wet areas of the northern regions. Likes cranberries settle on the shores of forest lakes and marshes. The most active growth of cranberries is observed in the vicinity of the moss. Of course, if you do not have the opportunity to get out into the forest and harvest the cranberries, then you can buy it in the store. However, it is difficult not to doubt the quality and usefulness of such a berry, because there is no guarantee that it was not stuffed with chemicals and other harmful substances during cultivation, which cannot be said about wild-growing cranberries, which are saturated with extremely useful elements.

When you can pick cranberries

With a place of growing cranberries figured out, now it's time to talk about when to go for the harvest.

September is considered to be the best time to pick cranberries. It is with the onset of autumn that berries ripen abundantly. Cranberry first is hard, it acquires the necessary softness in a few days. Store the early berry should be filled with water, because it is this environment that is familiar to cranberries, and even in winter the berries will be fresh and tasty. If you do not have time to harvest the first harvest, then do not despair. Cranberries, collected after the first frost, even tastier, richer and more saturated with healthy substances. The place of storage of such berries should be a refrigerator, because after thawing, it will lose its taste.

Often, cranberries are harvested in the spring, the so-called “snowdrop”. Cranberries, which survived the winter, are sweet, however, due to heat treatment, only a small part of the nutrients remain in it, and such berries cannot boast a long shelf life.

Dear visitors of our portal, now you know when and where to pick cranberries. Sure, our advice will be useful to you, and from the harvest you will prepare a delicious jam, use it as a filling for the cake, or boil the kissel. If you have your own recipe, in which cranberries act as one of the ingredients, then please share them in the comments to the text.

We wish you a rich harvest!

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