Special recipes for making mustard powder in the home. Mustard from home powder: the secret of spicy seasoning

Special recipes for making mustard powder in the home. Mustard from home powder: the secret of spicy seasoning

Mustard - the homeland that Asia is considered to have acquired its fame quite a long time ago.

Mention of this popular seasoning among people is attributed to the Middle Ages.

Already at that time, mustard was valued not only for its taste, but also for its medicinal properties from the point of view of medicine.

And the French tasted the first mustard, it was they who created the spicy and appetizing sauce made from mustard seeds, which came to taste, both Europeans and Russian people, who lived back in 1765.

Like then, and today mustard, for many people, as well as connoisseurs of gourmet dishes and delicious dishes is the most delicious and fragrant seasoning, without which no holiday feast or celebration can do.

General principles for making mustard powder at home

Modern mustard, sold in stores and supermarkets, is made from the following components:

  • ground mustard seeds, various spices, seasonings and spices, as well as based on various preservatives, aromatic and “E” additives.

Many of the above components in mustard should not be at all; they are simply out of place there, since a tasty and stinging mustard is a whole, savory and tasty product.

Therefore, it is most expedient and more useful to create mustard from dry powder at home on their own, based on selected recipes and general principles of preparation:

• First of all, mustard powder should be pure yellow in color without any impurities or blotches.

• When making mustard and brewing it, you should not use boiling water, but warm, well, or hot water, as boiling water makes the mustard soft and not so hot.

• In order for mustard to become even more appetizing taste and color, you can add to it - ground roasted nuts and mayonnaise.

• With the help of mustard, any kind of meat or any other dish can be improved by adding some flavor and novelty to them. • It is possible to keep mustard for quite a long time in the refrigerator, and the quality of the seasoning will not deteriorate with time, it will remain just as hot and appetizing.

• In addition, at home, you can make mustard as much as you need, and therefore it will not dry and then be thrown away.

• Mustard can also be cooked at home, focusing on your own taste, connecting imagination and culinary skills.

Variety of recipes for making mustard powder at home

Recipe 1. Mustard from powder at home (classic version)


• Powder (mustard) - 100 gr.

• Water (warm) - 1 cup.

• Sugar - 0.5 tsp.

• Salt - 15 gr.

• Oil (sunflower) - 30 ml.


In mustard powder it is necessary to pour warm water in a ratio of 1/4, thoroughly mix the components and set aside 10-15 hours.

After this time, excessive moisture will collect on the surface of the sauce, which must be carefully drained.

After the mixture must be seasoned with sugar, salt, butter and put in the refrigerator for infusion.

Recipe 2. Mustard from powder at home (Russian seasoning option)


• Powder (mustard) - 0.5 tbsp.

• Water - 120 ml.

• Oil (sunflower) - 60 ml.

• Vinegar (3%) - 120 ml.

• Sugar - 30 mg.

• Salt - 15 mg.

• Bay leaf - leaf.

• Cinnamon - on the tip of the knife.

• Carnation - a pair of peas.


It is necessary to pour some water into the selected container, add spices, salt, sugar to it and bring to a boil.

After the decoction will subside, it must be drained and mustard powder should be added to it. Then all components must be thoroughly mixed until a homogeneous mass.

Then to the existing consistency you need to add oil, vinegar and again all the ingredients mix well.

Next, mustard can be shifted to a glass jar and put to insist for a day in a cool place.

If desired, this yarny mustard can be mixed with mayonnaise to get some softness.

Recipe 3. Mustard from powder at home (using cucumber pickle)


• Mustard (powder) - 0.5 tbsp.

• Pickle (cucumber).

• Sugar - 20 gr.

• Oil (sunflower) - 20 ml.


In a deep vessel you need to dissolve the mustard powder, add sugar and brine to it to the desired consistency.

Then you need to put the resulting mass in a glass jar and cover it.

Next you need to put the jar for 10 hours in a cushy place and after this time, remove the accumulated excess moisture from the surface.

Then mustard must be filled with oil.

Also, if you wish, you can add to the mustard, along with the pickle, a pepper pod, nutmeg nut, cloves and other spices.

Recipe 4. Mustard from powder at home (Masterpiece of France)


• Mustard (powder) - 200 gr.

• Vinegar - a quarter glass.

• Sugar - 1 tbsp. spoon (with top).

• Salt - 0.5 tsp.

• Vodichka.

• Cinnamon.

• Cloves.

• Onion.


A glass of dry mustard must be sifted through a strainer. Then you need to gradually add hot water to the mustard and stir. The density of the mass should resemble a thick dough.

Then the resulting mass should be poured boiling water and leave for a day for insisting.

When the time comes the water with the resulting texture should be drained and add vinegar, then sugar, salt and cinnamon with cloves.

Next you need to chop a large onion or skip through a meat grinder, fry it and add to the existing mass.

Mustard can be served at the table for seasoning meat and other dishes.

Recipe 5. Mustard from powder at home with grains


• Mustard powder - 60 gr.

• Mustard seeds - 60 gr.

• Lemon juice - 4 tbsp. spoons.

• Vegetable oil - 100 ml.

• Sugar to taste.

• Pickle from the jar of cucumbers.

• Nutlet (nutmeg), salt, cloves, pepper.


Mustard powder should be poured into a deep cup and filled with a small amount of hot water. Then the surface of the resulting consistency must be leveled and pour boiling water, two fingers above the existing mass. When the liquid has cooled it needs to be poured.

Then in the mustard consistency you need to add - lemon juice, salt, seeds, pepper and butter with sugar. After thorough mixing, the resulting consistency is recommended to be spread out on glass jars (having filled them tightly) and covered with lids.

After 24 hours, pickle and spices should be added to each jar, and also, if desired, cloves and nutmeg.

Recipe 6. Mustard from powder at home with the addition of honey


• Mustard seeds - 80 gr.

• Water 60 ml.

• Lemon juice - spoon.

• Honey - 10 ml.

• Oil (sunflower) - 25 ml.

• Salt.


For the manufacture of powder, you need to grind the mustard seeds in a coffee grinder and sift through a sieve. Then add salt to the resulting powder, pour hot water and mix everything well together.

Next, in the resulting texture, you need to add honey, lemon juice and butter.

After the obtained mustard, you need to expand on the banks and tightly closing their lids leave to infuse for a week.

This seasoning is perfect for meat dishes, wieners, or as an addition to side dishes.

Recipe 7. Mustard from powder at home with the addition of fruit


• Apple - 1 fruit.

• Dry mustard - spoon.

• Oil - 30 ml.

• Vinegar - 1.5 spoons.

• Granulated sugar - 20 gr.

• Lemon juice - teaspoon.

• Salt, cinnamon.


First, you need to bake an apple in the oven, wrapping it in foil beforehand. Temperature is recommended to set 180 degrees, and the time 10 minutes.

After the apple you need to thoroughly clean the skin and seeds, and the fruit to rub through a sieve. The resulting apple gruel must be mixed with other ingredients, not taking into account the vinegar and mix until a homogeneous consistency.

Then in the existing mass you need to pour vinegar and mix everything well. Be sure to try the seasoning and if the mustard is sour, then you can add sugar to it. After the mustard is infused and acquires a specific fruity taste, it must be put in jars and refrigerated for 48 hours. At the same time mustard must not be forgotten to mix regularly, in order to make it a homogeneous consistency.

The resulting mustard will be slightly sweet and not particularly strong - it is perfect as an additive to children's food.

Mustard from a powder at home - small tricks of its preparation and useful tips

• In order for the mustard to turn out spicy and fragrant, it is recommended to add - cloves, cinnamon and dry wine (white).

• It is possible to rehabilitate mustard during drying by adding vinegar to it and mixing thoroughly.

• For greater preservation over a long time, milk must be added to the mustard by mixing the components well together. Or put a slice of lemon on top of the mustard, tightly closing the jar.

• For more tenderness and piquancy, mustard is recommended to add honey.

• Mustard is stored in the winter for about 3-4 months, and in the summer season no more than 30 days.

• In order for mustard to retain its flavor and aroma, it must be removed for storage in a dark place.

Such a delicious spice, like mustard, cooked at home on their own, will help those who have ever tried to forever refuse it from a purchased product.

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