How to drink sambuca

How to drink sambuca

Sambuca is an Italian alcoholic drink, which some mistakenly consider anisette. In fact, with vodka, he has only a fortress in common: sambuka has from 38 to 42 degrees. Their manufacturing techniques and organoleptic qualities are completely different. It is more correct to call sambuka anise liqueur. Most often it is transparent, but some varieties of this drink have a dark color, there are even red varieties of it. The taste of sambuka is sweetish. There are pronounced anise notes. It is composed of many ethers and fusel oils, due to which the drink has the properties to burn with a blue flame and to grow cloudy when diluted with water. Some rules that dictate how to drink sambuca are associated with these features, but the culture of drinking this type of alcohol is actually more multifaceted.

General rules

Many ways of using sambuca resemble rituals, but Italians themselves rarely follow them. Sambuca they drink in pure form or as part of cocktails. To feel the taste and aroma of sambuca, it is not necessary to arrange complex ceremonies. Enough to follow a few basic rules.

  • Sambuca is considered a digestif, that is, a drink that is drunk after a meal. Permissible its use as an aperitif. It is not served at the table.
  • They pour it on elongated stacks with a thick bottom, which bartenders call horses, or simple stacks. In some cases, requires the use of brandy glasses and rock - a cylindrical glass. Sambuca can be served in them either on its own or with ice.
  • Sambuca is drunk either heavily chilled or hot; intermediate variants are rarely used. In the first case, sambuca is kept in the freezer for at least half an hour or poured into a glass filled to the brim with ice cubes. In the second case, it is set on fire or using other methods of heating.

It is not necessary to eat sambuca, but it is permissible. Just need to pick up a snack right.

What to eat sambuca

If you want to serve snacks to sambuca, realizing that some of the guests are not ready to drink hard liquor without jamming, choose the following products:

  • chocolate;
  • nuts;
  • ice cream;
  • coffee cream;
  • desserts with the addition of the ingredients listed above;
  • cheeses.

As a last resort, you can supplement the above list with fish dishes.

Coffee beans are considered the traditional snack for sambuki, but this option is not acceptable for everyone.

Popular ways to drink sambuca

Sambuca is considered a club drink, and many ways to use it are associated with giving this process entertainment and showiness. However, there are many ways to evaluate the taste of sambuka at home. Of the popular ways to drink sambuca, you will surely find at least one that you enjoy.

  • Club mode, which is also called “two glasses” and “with flies”. In order to try to drink sambuka in this way, you need to prepare two glasses: cognac and rox. You will also need a straw, napkin, saucer, lighter or matches, three coffee beans of light roast. The pips are put on the bottom of the cognac glass, poured with sambuka in the amount of 25-50 ml. Bowl tilt and put a convex section on the glass. A small hole is made in the napkin through which the tube is passed through the short side. This design is placed on a saucer. A glass of sambuka is heated, then the drink is set on fire for 10-60 seconds. The glass at this time needs to be rotated by the foot so that the glass warms up evenly. Then the burning drink is poured into the roks. The glass is covered with a cognac glass, which is why the flame goes out. Cognac glass covered with a straw on a saucer. It remains to drink sambuca, keeping coffee beans in the mouth, then inhale anise pairs through a straw and, finally, chew the coffee. Applying this method, you need to be careful not to burn yourself and not make a fire.
  • Another variant with the ignition of sambuka is simpler: the drink is poured into a pile and set on fire. After 5-10 minutes the flames are blown out and immediately sambuka is drunk in one gulp.
  • “With flies” without ignition. This method is common in Italy itself. At the bottom of the glass put three coffee beans, symbolizing happiness, wealth and health, then pour sambuca. After the drink, drink, biting coffee.
  • Another way of using sambuca with coffee is as follows: boil an espresso and add sambuka to it in a ratio of 3: 1 or 2: 1. Some do not add sambuca in coffee, but they are washed down with it, alternating the sips of one and another drink.
  • You can warm the sambuca without burning it with a ceramic kettle. First, it is filled with boiling water, then hot water is poured through the spout, and anise liqueur is poured into the bottom of the kettle. Then inhale its aroma through the nose and drink the drink.
  • Sambuca can be diluted with ice water and drunk through a straw. At the same time you need to be prepared for the fact that the drink becomes cloudy. If this moment is alarming, fill a separate glass with water and just drink a sambuca with it.
  • In the same way - in separate glasses - sambuka with cold milk is served. Take a sip of sambuka, drink some milk, take a second sip and drink again. Continue until the glasses are empty.

The specific taste and aroma of sambuka allow you to prepare on its basis original cocktails that many people like.

Cocktail “Freddy Kruger”


  • sambuka - 60 ml;
  • vodka - 30 ml;
  • cherry syrup - 20 ml;
  • milk - 70 ml.

Method of preparation:

  • Mix the ingredients by placing them in a shaker.
  • Pour a cocktail into a chilled glass.

A cocktail is served in a martini glass. Before serving, you can decorate it with a cocktail cherry.

Cocktail “Molihito”


  • sambuca - 30 ml;
  • lemon - 0, 5 pcs .;
  • purified and cooled water - 100 ml;
  • mint - 5-10 g;
  • ice cubes - to taste.

Method of preparation:

  • Cut lemon into thin slices. Put slices together with mint leaves on the bottom of a high glass for soft drinks.
  • Slightly crush with a spoon, add ice cubes.
  • Pour in liquor, stir with a straw.
  • Add water.

Served a cocktail with a straw. He got his name by analogy with “Mojito” and is also very refreshing.

Cocktail “Cocoon”


  • sambuka - 50 ml;
  • Coca-Cola - 150 ml;
  • lemon juice - 20 ml;
  • ice cubes - to taste.

Method of preparation:

  • In a tall glass, place ice cubes.
  • Pour in anise liqueur and lemon juice, stir with a straw.
  • Open a bottle of chilled Coca-Cola, add it to the rest of the ingredients.

This version of the refreshing drink is popular among young people.

Cocktail Liquid Nitrogen


  • sambuca - 80 ml;
  • coconut milk - 60 ml;
  • ice cream - 100 g.

Method of preparation:

  • Remove the ice cream from the refrigerator in advance so that it should melt properly.
  • Using a shaker, mix the ingredients.
  • Fill a tall glass with a thick mixture and remove it for 10-15 minutes in the freezer.

The thick and very cold drink is very refreshing and has a pleasant taste. Drink it through a straw. If you can not get the coconut milk, you can replace it with the usual, although the taste and flavor of the cocktail will change a little.

Audi Cocktail


  • sambuca - 15 ml;
  • white rum - 15 ml;
  • citrus liqueur - 15 ml;
  • “Malibu” liqueur (coconut) - 15 ml.

Method of preparation:

  • Pour sambuka on the bottom of the glass, pour rum on it in a spoon.
  • Next, make layers of citrus and coconut cocktails. Do not mix.

Drink a cocktail should be in one gulp. Why it is called “Audi” is unknown, but the drink is suitable for thrill-seekers.

Cocktail “Molidori”


  • sambuca - 15 ml;
  • melon liqueur - 15 ml;
  • orange juice - 80 ml.

Method of preparation:

  • Prepare fresh orange juice.
  • Pour the ingredients in a glass in the following order: sambuca, melon liqueur, fresh orange. Stir with a straw.

If you wish, you can add ice cubes to the cocktail. The best decoration will serve as a spiral of orange peel.

Cocktail “Red Dog”


  • sambuca - 25 ml;
  • tequila - 25 ml;
  • Tabasco sauce - 4 drops.

Method of preparation:

  • Pour anise liqueur into a high pile.
  • Pour tequila with a bar spoon, making sure that the layers are not mixed.
  • Kapnite Tabasco.

The cocktail is drunk in one gulp without stirring. It turns out it is quite strong, with a spicy peppery flavor.

Cocktail “Snowy Armageddon”


  • sambuca - 30 ml;
  • coffee liqueur (preferably transparent) - 30 ml;
  • cream - 60 ml;
  • white chocolate - 15 g.

Method of preparation:

  • Shake sambuca, coffee liqueur and cream in a shaker.
  • Fill the martini glass with this mixture.
  • Chop grated chocolate.
  • Sprinkle chocolate chips on the drink.

The sweet cocktail with bitter notes and creamy taste is especially liked by the ladies. It is pleasant to drink this drink, especially since it looks very aesthetically pleasing.

Sambuca is one of the elite alcoholic beverages, but there are varieties commercially available that most of our compatriots can afford. If you drink sambuca correctly, you can get real pleasure from using it. However, you should not abuse it, as this drink is cunning: if you drink a lot of anise liqueur, you will have a heavy hangover in the morning.

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