What is the difference between meatballs and meatballs

What is the difference between meatballs and meatballs

Minced meat is the basis of various dishes, both easy to prepare and those that require certain skills. For example, simple meatballs include meatballs and meatballs. Many people confuse these dishes because of the similar composition, but they cannot be called the same. So what's the difference between meatballs and meatballs?

Differences of meatballs from meatballs

Before you start comparing meatballs and meatballs, you should learn the definition of both.

  • Meatballs are called fried balls. Meatballs are cooked in many countries of the world, only in some countries they have a different name. In Russia, meatballs are often cooked with rice, white bread and onions. Cooks are advised to cook them with minced meat so that they do not lose their juiciness.
  • Meatballs are also prepared in the form of balls. They do not include rice, but greens and white bread are added. The latter is introduced in a small amount so that the meatballs are viscous.

Now that you have an idea about these meat dishes, you can talk about their difference. There are several basic signs that will help you easily identify a meatball in front of you or a meatball.

  • The most important difference between these two minced meat dishes is that meatballs are a separate dish. Meatballs are considered part of the first courses, that is, they are added to soups.
  • Size is another difference between meatballs and meatballs. If the first, as a rule, is not less than the size of a walnut, then the second are more similar in size to the hazelnut.
  • Also, these meat dishes are different from each other cooking method. Meatballs cook harder. First, sprinkle them with flour (another breading is not suitable for them), then fry, and then send stew in hot broth with roasted carrots and onions, tomato paste, bay leaf, spices and salt. Or you can bake them in the oven with sauce or gravy. After cooking, meatballs need to be served to the table in the same sauce in which they were prepared. As for meatballs, they are neither paned nor fried, but placed in boiling broth in which they are cooked until tender.
What is the difference between meatballs and meatballs

As mentioned earlier, meatballs are part of the soup. Meatballs are recommended to be served with a side dish. They are great with buckwheat cereal, pasta and mashed potatoes.

What are hedgehogs and bits?

Slices and hedgehogs, as well as meatballs with meatballs, are meat dishes. To better understand what these dishes are, you need to tell about each separately.

  • The recipes are very similar to cutlets. Outwardly, they are also similar, but they can still be distinguished. The bits are round and weigh a little less meatballs. The cuts were originally prepared from lamb tenderloin without a bone. Now bitochki mostly made from any minced meat or minced meat. This dish is popular in Ukraine. By the way, in addition to meat, fish, game, vegetables and cereals are also used to make chops. Especially popular are chopsticks from semolina.
  • Hedgehogs are a variety of meatballs. These meat balls were called so because they use long rice, which sticks out of them, like hedgehog needles. Hedgehogs, like meatballs, stew.

The secret of perfect stuffing

At the heart of meatballs, meatballs, crumbs and hedgehogs is minced meat, so in order for the dishes to be tasty, you need to cook it correctly. Here are some basic tips:

  • For minced meat, you need to use fresh meat. Fresh meat has no unpleasant smell, there are no blood clots on it, and when pressed with a finger, it quickly returns to its original shape.
  • Good mince will turn out if you use a high-quality meat grinder with sharp knives. The sharp blades of the meat grinder allow you to evenly scroll meat. It is advisable to scroll the stuffing in the meat grinder several times, and then throw it on the table 15-20 times. Thanks to this stuffing get soft.
  • To improve the taste of meat, it is necessary to enrich the onion, garlic, salt, pepper and other spices.
  • You also need to add eggs and stale bread to the minced meat. The first ingredient adds minced tenderness and lightness, and the second - viscosity.
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