Apple Juice: Benefit and Harm

Apple Juice: Benefit and Harm

Remember the old saying: if you eat one apple every day, you can forget about going to the doctor forever? In different interpretations, almost every nation has it. Apples are extremely useful fruits that can heal from a variety of diseases, cleanse the body of toxins and saturate it with a whole “bouquet” of vitamins, minerals and organic acids. And what about the juice from the miraculous apple? What properties are attributed to him?

Apple juice is not an onion, but it will also help from seven ailment!

The first thing I would like to say about apple juice is that it is very rich in iron. That is why with anemia in the course of complex therapy must include apple juice. Secondly, this juice is distinguished by its low calorie content, as a result of which it can be safely consumed during diets, given to small children or elderly people.

Useful properties:

  • normalization of cholesterol levels;
  • increased metabolism;
  • stabilization of peripheral circulation;
  • overcoming iron deficiency anemia;
  • strong antioxidant properties;
  • strengthening the cardiovascular system;
  • effective counteraction to free radicals;
  • stimulation of the natural peristalsis of the stomach.

Apple juice helps to recover from heavy moral and psychological stress, successfully overcome physical ones. Only one glass of juice a day almost completely covers the deficiency of vitamins and minerals, protects against the harmful effects of radiation and all sorts of domestic radiation. This is a true "friend" of those who sit at the computer all day long, and also has to talk a lot on the phone as if on duty. A pronounced choleretic and diuretic effect allows you to use apple juice as diuretics, so it is recommended to drink it to hypertensive patients. Regular consumption of nectar helps cleanse the bile ducts, prevents the formation of stones and facilitates the excretion of existing ones. And according to the stunning results of research by American professors of medicine, apple juice even slows the development of metastases in the intestines and prostate.

The systematic use of nectar triggers the mechanisms of healing, natural cleansing and self-regulation of the body, it is gently released from toxins and slags. Fans of apple juice may not be afraid of such a serious disease as atherosclerosis, forget about the problems with the blood system. It is advised to use after heart attacks, with low acidity of gastric juice and beriberi.

Periodic table in one glass

Apple nectar contains such a number of biologically active and nutrients that it can be compared with a kind of “pantry” in which all the necessary “tools” for the full functioning of the body are stored. The incredible variety of minerals is in a harmonious combination with vitamins, having a powerful healing effect on the human body.

Useful dietary fiber, easily digestible carbohydrates and proteins? You are welcome! A record amount of minerals (and, in very decent dosages)? Easily! And we can talk about the vitamin composition for hours at all, because there is simply a huge amount of them in apple nectar. Add to this a low calorie content - just 50 kcal per 100 g of apple juice, and you will get the perfect health drink! Only ascorbic acid juice contains 2 mg per 100 g, and potassium contains as much as 120 mg! And we have not yet mentioned calcium (8 mg), magnesium (5 mg), sulfur (4 mg), sodium (5 mg) and phosphorus (8 mg). Iron, zinc, copper, iodine, molybdenum and manganese also have completely “working” dosages. Vitamins in apple juice are not less: PP, H, C, E and all the “representatives” of group B.

Let the day not begin with coffee!

Replace your morning cup of hot coffee or tea with a glass of apple juice. The tonic effect will be the same, but the period of “recoil”, when the action of the energetics stops and the feeling of fatigue is again mixed with the unbearable desire to sleep, comes much later and does not appear so pronounced.

Tip It is advisable to drink apple juice through a straw. Acid, which is contained in nectar, softens tooth enamel, as a result of which it becomes more vulnerable to mechanical damage. In the extreme case, if there was no straw on hand and the juice was drunk just from a glass, it is necessary to rinse your mouth immediately with warm water immediately after taking it. Also, dentists remind that drinking apple juice imposes a “veto” on brushing your teeth - this can be done not earlier than half an hour after ingestion.

Harm? Or rather, reception features?

To say that apple juice can do harm is simply not turning the tongue. Yes, when consuming it, you need to adhere to some recommendations, but no more. For example, it is undesirable to drink large amounts of apple nectar during an ulcer and gastritis with high acidity, as it can cause an exacerbation of these diseases. Reasonable restraint should be followed by those suffering from obesity. Apple juice has a fairly high glycemic index, so its use can cause a sharp jump in insulin in the blood, which will lead to the emergence of uncontrollable hunger. It is for this reason that it is taken in small portions even with diabetes.

As you can see, there are not so many contraindications for apple juice. Just in some cases, its use should adhere to reasonable limits.

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