Dumplings with apples

Dumplings with apples

Dumplings can be made with different fillings, it is not always sweet. But many people like it with fruit or berry filling. One of the most democratic options for this dish is dumplings with apples. After all, apples are relatively inexpensive, are on sale all year round. So that dumplings with them can be done at any time of the year. Cooking this sweet dish is not very complex, so even inexperienced housewives can cope with the task perfectly.

Cooking Features

If you look at how many recipes for dumplings with apples, it becomes clear that the hostesses to this dish are not indifferent. In the desire to make your favorite dish even tastier, they come up with new cooking options. However, whatever recipe for cooking dumplings with apples you choose, you have to follow a few general rules. Otherwise, you can hardly count on the fact that the products you get are smooth and beautiful, do not fall apart during cooking and at the same time turn out to be soft and soft.

  • Dough for dumplings with apples is prepared according to different recipes. Some of them are used only for this type of dumplings. However, the dough will never be soft and tender if the flour is not sifted for it, having been saturated with oxygen, and then will not be allowed to “rest”. But the elasticity it can add vegetable oil. It is especially important to add it to the dough in cases where you plan to freeze some of the products.
  • Soft berries are added to the dumplings as a whole, because when cooking, it is enough to hold them in boiling water for 5-7 minutes so that the dough can only be cooked. Apples should be prepared in advance, cut into small cubes or rubbed, sprinkled with sugar for some time. Due to this, the apples become softer and boil faster. However, the juice from apples with such a manipulation stands out more. So too thinly roll out the dough for dumplings with apples is not worth it.
  • When cooking dumplings, it is important not to allow them to stick together and turn into a shapeless mass. For this reason, they can be lowered only into already boiling water and not the whole pile, but one or several pieces each. The saucepan for cooking this dish needs a wide and roomy.
  • Dumplings may stick together after cooking. To avoid this, finished products should be smeared with boiling water from a boiling water with a vegetable or butter.
  • Often cinnamon is added to the dumplings with apples, which best emphasizes the taste and aroma of apple filling.

You can serve dumplings with apples with sour cream, yogurt, or simply with powdered sugar. In any case, they will be juicy, fragrant and very tasty.

Traditional recipe for dumplings with apples


  • flour - 0, 45 kg;
  • milk - 0, 25 l;
  • water - 120 ml;
  • vegetable oil - 20 ml;
  • salt - 5 g;
  • sugar - 30 g;
  • apples - 0.5 kg.

Method of preparation:

  • Sift flour, add two teaspoons of sugar and a teaspoon of salt to it.
  • Mix the milk with water and pour it into the flour, after making a well in it.
  • Stir as much as you can with a spoon. Then add the butter and knead the dough, shifting it onto a floured chopping board.
  • Roll the dough into a ball, cover with cling film and temporarily put aside.
  • Wash and dry the apples, cut the core out of them. Slice the apples into thin slices. Sprinkle them with a tablespoon of sugar.
  • Roll the dough into a layer about 2.5 mm thick. Squeeze the circles out of the dough. Their optimum diameter is from 7 to 8 cm.
  • Place several apple slices on each circle. Connect the edges of the circle and carefully blind them. In order for the dough to stick together better, its edges can be slightly moistened with warm water or egg white.
  • Boil water in a large and wide saucepan. Throw in her dumplings. When they come up, measure out 5 minutes. After this period of time, remove the dumplings with a skimmer from the pan. If you do not have a large pot, boil dumplings will have to batches.

Oil the dumplings so that they do not stick together, sprinkle with brown sugar or powdered sugar and serve to the table. If desired, you can decorate the dumplings with whipped cream or vanilla cream. Then the dish will look even more appetizing, and its taste will only improve.

Honey dumplings with apples and cinnamon


  • flour - 0, 5 kg;
  • water - 0, 25 l;
  • chicken egg - 2 pcs .;
  • vegetable oil - 20 ml;
  • honey - 20 ml;
  • kefir - 0, 25 l;
  • salt - a pinch;
  • cinnamon - 5 g;
  • apples - 0.5 kg;
  • sugar - 60 g.

Method of preparation:

  • Sift the flour and divide it roughly in half.
  • Mix the kefir with water and warm slightly on a steam bath or microwave.
  • Melt the honey.
  • Mix the kefir with honey and a pinch of salt.
  • In one piece of flour, break the egg. Whisk, add the second egg. Whisk again.
  • Mix flour with kefir. Beat until the mass becomes homogeneous, without lumps.
  • Gradually add the remaining flour, knead the dough. It should be soft and supple.
  • Cover the dough with a bowl and let it rest.
  • Wash the apples, remove the core. Pulp grate on a coarse grater.
  • Mix applesauce with sugar and cinnamon.
  • After rolling out the dough and squeezing out circles with a diameter of about 7 cm in it, place it on each teaspoon of the filling, well fasten the edges.
  • Boil these dumplings better for a couple, although you can use the traditional method. If you decide to cook dumplings in a double boiler, grease the grate, put a few dumplings on it. Fill the multicooker bowl with water, turn on the unit for 10 minutes by selecting the “Steaming” program or similar. In this case, a lot of dumplings should not be immediately harvested: you can stick the second batch when the first one is ready. Otherwise, the dough can soak.

Dumplings made according to this recipe have a tasty not only filling, but also the dough itself. It is worth at least once to try to make such, and they will become one of your favorite dishes.

Dumplings with apple and curd


  • dough for dumplings - 0, 5 kg;
  • cottage cheese - 0, 2 kg;
  • apples - 0, 4 kg;
  • sugar - 20 g;
  • butter - 20 g.

Method of preparation:

  • Peel the apples, remove the cores from them. Dice apple pulp into small cubes.
  • Melt butter in a pan, put apple slices in it, sprinkle them with sugar and fry for 5 minutes, stirring gently.
  • Rub the cottage cheese through a sieve and mix with the caramelized apples.
  • Roll out the dough and cut circles with a cup.
  • Start the curd-apple mass, blind edges.
  • Boil the products in boiling water.

Serving this sweet and at the same time healthy dish is best with sour cream. Dough for him can be prepared according to any of the above recipes.

Dumplings with apples - easy to prepare, affordable and at the same time tasty and original dish. Together with apples, pears, cranberries, currants, baked pumpkin can be added to the filling. And each time you will discover a new taste of a seemingly well-known dish for a long time. Children will especially like this variety. If you adhere to a healthy lifestyle, but you can not give up sweet, you should also look at this simple and at the same time very tasty dish.

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