Coffee in the Turk at home - preparing an exquisite flavored drink. What is the best way to make Turkish coffee at home?

Coffee in the Turk at home - preparing an exquisite flavored drink. What is the best way to make Turkish coffee at home?

The bright saturated aroma of brewed coffee in the morning is capable of cheering up, driving off the remnants of sleep, to awaken what is called life. There are many options for brewing a popular drink. How to make coffee in the Turk at home, if there is no coffee maker - read this article.

Coffee in the Turk at home - an individual approach

Every self-respecting institution, whether it is a restaurant or cafe has its own signature recipes for making a truly unique drink. There is an opinion that it is possible to make coffee in a turk in home conditions only in one way. However, there are a great many recipes, and they depend on the consumer's imagination and his taste preferences.

So, recipes of preparation of the surprising drink loved for the refined taste and unique properties.

1. Do you want to treat yourself to delicate aromatic coffee in the morning? Then prepare the drink with the foam. This will require water, coffee beans and sugar. Pour the grain in the Turk (about a teaspoon), add the sweet ingredient, water (100ml) and put everything on a slow fire. Pay attention, when the mixture starts to boil, foam is formed. Wait for it to rise to the edge of the tank, then quickly remove the Turk from the stove, allow the drink to cool slightly, and, waiting for the foam to settle again, put the dishes and drink back on the slow fire. So repeat several times, then pour the fragrant drink into the cup and enjoy the original taste.

2. Make coffee in a way that you may have never heard of. So, prepare a gourmet drink as follows: warm the Turk (without water) over the fire. How to ignite it. Pour the grains, sugar (quite a bit) and cinnamon (pinch). All fill with water and place on slow fire. Stay close and wait for the composition to boil (in no case do not boil!) And pour the part into another container. What is left again put on a slow fire. Do this 3 times and as a result you will get a drink that is strange in its aroma and taste.

Espresso (non espresso)

Coffee, which has long been called the “little double”. Coffee is good for those who do not have enough traditional American, who love a bitter rich taste, who appreciate the shocking effect on taste buds. Popular lattes and cappuccino are made on the basis of espresso. Try to cook it yourself.

To do this, mix a couple of teaspoons of coffee beans with sugar (to taste) and 60 ml of water. Put the Turk on the fire and warm up well. Then pour water (room temperature) into the container, wait for boiling and immediately remove the Turk from the fire. Mix everything well and put it back on the stove, waiting for the boiling process. In conclusion, pour the composition into a cup and, having covered the beverage with a lid, let it stand. Espresso is ready! Enjoy the wonderful aroma and rich taste of the invigorating drink!

Coffee in Turkish copper at home.

The drink recipe that came to us from Turkey. By the way, copper pots can quickly heat and store heat for a long time. Therefore, coffee made in such containers is especially piquant. The proposed recipe involves the use of coffee and sugar in a special way, resulting in a refined drink with a hint of caramel flavor.

Place a couple of teaspoons of sugar in a Turk and set a cezve on a slow fire. Then, shaking the container, melt the sugar. It is important to ensure that it does not burn, otherwise you will not get the taste of caramel, but the taste of bitterness. Next, pour the melted sugar with a glass of water and add a couple of tablespoons of finely ground coffee. Bring the mass to a boil, wait until the foam appears and knock the Turk off the fire. Coffee is ready! Pastries and dark chocolate are ideal for a caramel flavored drink.

Caribbean Coffee

Suitable for those who are fed up with traditional coffee and want something unusual. Pour a teabag of Arabica (finely ground) into the Turk, add a little orange peel, cinnamon, vanilla sugar and just a little ground cloves. Pour the resulting composition with cold water, heat well, wait for the first foam to rise, remove it from the stove. So repeat several times. After all, Caribbean coffee should stand (literally a couple of minutes). Multifaceted aroma, unusual taste, vivacity - all this gives the coffee prepared in this way.

Coffee with ice cream

Will delight lovers not only in hot summer, but also in winter. The original drink is made as follows: add a pinch of salt to the Turk, add sugar and ground coffee (teaspoon). Heat the mixture over low heat (for a couple of seconds) and add water. Boil the composition before lifting the foam, which must be removed and placed in a cup. Next, brew coffee until tender. Finally, add a cube of people to the composition.

Separately whip thick cream (20g) and vanilla sugar (a teaspoon). Place a scoop of ice cream in a high dish (preferably transparent), fill it with chilled coffee, and top with whipped cream. Want to make it even tastier? Sprinkle with grated black chocolate on top.

7. Eastern coffee in the Turk in domestic conditions. In order to avoid unpleasant squeak on teeth, use ground powder into powder. Thanks to it coffee with thick foam as a result will turn out. So, take cezve, 1-2 teaspoons of freshly ground coffee, purified water (about 50 ml), sugar, spices. To make the drink more bitter, do not use sugar.

Put all ingredients in a Turk, fill with cold (ideally ice-cold) water and put on a slow fire. Wait until the foam is formed, remove the Turk, wait another minute. Do such manipulations 3-4 times.

Arabic Coffee

Tart taste, pleasant aroma, vigor for several hours - this is Arabic coffee. The recipe for making a drink is this: pour cold water (100 ml) into a Turk, throw ground coffee (the amount to taste) and bring the composition to a boil. Move the Turk aside, add a pinch of dry ginger, cover with a lid and let stand for a couple of minutes. After that, put the semi-finished drink back on fire and remove the Turk aside when foam appears. Arabic coffee is ready! Interesting. In the east, it is considered that if coffee in Turk boiled, its taste is spoiled. In this case, the self-respecting owner is preparing a new batch of drink.


If you prefer a light and delicate taste of coffee, make a latte - a cocktail consisting of espresso, milk and milk froth. To give the drink a unique taste, you can add any of the syrups to it: chocolate, nut, vanilla, etc. Only orange syrup is prohibited. It contributes to the souring of milk - an important component of the latte.

To begin, prepare the milk, heating it is not too hot. Then brew coffee in the Turk. Separately, beat the warm milk until soft persistent foam is formed. How to do it? Simply! Use a whisk, a mixer, a blender. Then pour the prepared dairy product into the coffee using a container with a narrow neck. Aim right at the center of the dish.


Another favorite espresso-based drink. In a pre-heated Turk, pour ground coffee (a couple of spoons), cover with cold water, slowly heat until frothiness, remove from heat and allow to cool slightly. Do this procedure several times. Then pour the drink in a glass or cup, but do not forget to leave room for milk.

Make a milk cap using the same whisk, blender or mixer. Just stir up the warmed milk and then use a spoon to move the milk froth into a cup of coffee. Sprinkle with cinnamon, grated chocolate and nutmeg. Enjoy the light aroma of an invigorating drink!

Some subtleties of making coffee in the Turk at home

To prepare a truly high-quality product, you should know some subtleties.

1. Try to use fresh roasted grains. Do not be lazy to find out from the "experts" or google information about the nearby roasting shop. Buy grain every week, store in a closed glass container. Unfortunately, roasted coffee beans are a product whose smell is very short-term. The most pronounced flavor in medium roasted grains. 2. Use traditional Arabica.

3. Grind grains right before preparing the drink. For “coffee in the Turk” requires a very fine grinding. It is also called grinding to dust.

4. Use quality purified water. From her to a large extent depends on the taste of the prepared beverage.

5. Remember that good coffee is not brewed, but brewed. The temperature of the water should be below the boiling point, so that the most delicate essential oils that give the drink a special charm should not collapse. At the same time, the low temperature of the water will not allow the aroma to unfold.

Fresh grains, clean water, fine grinding - these are the “three whales”, which hold the preparation of a unique drink that gives the body vigor and strength.

6. One of the values ​​of coffee is its aroma. In order for it to spread throughout the room at the bottom of the Turks, place a piece of sugar or a pinch of salt.

7. Properly proportion: ground coffee should be 2 teaspoons per 100 ml of water.

8. Want to further enhance the taste of coffee latte? Use whole milk only. From it foam turns out especially tasty and resistant.

9. For a quality product that would delight you and your loved ones, constantly mix the contents of the Turks during cooking. This will avoid unwanted lumps.

10. Pour the finished coffee in cups, which are previously boiled over with boiling water.

Coffee in the Turk at home - correctly choose the dishes for cooking

Coffee gurus believe that the best Turk for making a drink should have a narrow throat. The flavor does not come out so quickly through it, and the saturation and uniqueness of the drink remains. Preferred is the Turk, which has a bottom size of 2-3 times larger than the size of the neck. The thicker the walls of the tank, the longer the drink will remain hot. This is an axiom.

As a rule, for making coffee, copper, ceramic, clay Turks are used. What to choose to make coffee especially tasty? Copper Turk allows you to warm up the drink evenly from all sides. The main “feature” of ceramic tableware for coffee is a porous material that can easily pass oxygen, thereby enriching it with coffee particles. Turk clay gives you the opportunity to prepare a drink that has a particularly rich aroma. Copper jazz is ideal for daily fast coffee. Other types of Turks require a slow approach to the preparation of the drink, which not everyone can afford.

Particular attention should be paid to the handle of the Turks. It should be made of heat-resistant material. Modern industry offers handles inserted and screwed. The second option is preferable.

Light and rich, bitter and tender ... Coffee can be completely different. It's all about the ability to cook it. We hope that now your morning will always begin with a smile from the anticipation of a good start with a cup of your favorite drink.

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