“Kleschevit Super” - reliable protection of the site from ticks

Still not all the time had snow melted, and one of the most dangerous pests for humans and animals — ixodid mites — had already woken up. People often call them encephalitis, although encephalitis is not the only serious disease that ticks suffer. No less dangerous is tick-borne borreliosis or Lyme disease, typhus typhus, hemorrhagic fever, tularemia and other diseases that sometimes lead to severe disability. Not only humans, but also animals suffer from tick bites. Piroplasmosis, obtained by a dog with a bite, can not be cured, as well as other diseases. How to make your site unattractive for ticks, read the article.

“Kleschevit Super” - reliable protection of the site from ticks

Where do Ixodes live?

Just recently, meeting a tick in central Russia was not an easy task, because they mostly lived in the forests of Siberia and the Far East. That is why they are also called taiga and forest mites. But every year, ticks are capturing more and more new territories, and today this parasite can be found in almost every corner of our country.

Taiga and forest ticks (of the Ixodes family) are of the greatest epidemiological significance among all ticks. The difference between them can only be determined by a specialist. Both of these species are called by the name of the genus - Ixodid ticks.

The problem also lies in the fact that their habitats are not limited to wildlife. Both species prefer moderately wet coniferous-deciduous forests, but they are often found in forest-park zones of cities and in summer cottages. Females and males attack humans from early spring as soon as the snow melts. Especially a lot of them happens in May and June. In July, ticks gradually become smaller, and in August they are rare (in Europe at the end of summer the number of ticks increases again).

Despite the fact that in August-September there are relatively few ticks, there are quite a few cases of their attack on people, since during this period people more often go into the forest to pick berries and mushrooms.

Occasionally getting out of the city, you can use personal protective equipment, but what to do if ticks appeared on your local area? Today, these parasites feel great in suburban areas, and within the city. And although most of them are active only in spring and autumn, some individuals are dangerous throughout the summer.

It is a very dubious pleasure to spray on yourself and children all sorts of aerosols that scare ticks, and for several months in a row. We need a different approach - the protection of the site.

“Kleschevit Super” - reliable protection of the site from ticks

How to find out if there are mites on the site?

It is clear that the site must be treated from ticks, if these pests have already been seen. And if not - how to ensure their presence or absence? Make it very easy. For this you need to build a kind of white flag. We take a piece of white, preferably fleecy or structured fabric (for example, a waffle or terry towel) about 1x1 m in size and attach it to a stick.

Pass with this flag on the site, taking them through the dry grass of last year and low bushes - this is where ticks usually live, and not on trees, as is customary to think. Carefully inspect the fabric. If you see at least one tick, then the treatment area is necessary.

How to treat the area from ticks?

For the cleaning of territories from ticks, the August company offers an effective preparation “Kleschevit Super”. This unique tool will reliably protect the site not only from taiga forest mites, but also from all other types of dangerous insects.

Advantages of “Kleschevit Super”:

  • The preparation is safe for soil microorganisms and practically harmless to birds and earthworms;
  • The drug begins 30 minutes after treatment and lasts up to one and a half months;
  • Easy to use - 5 ml of the product is diluted in 1-2 liters of water;
  • Affordable price;
  • Economical - it takes only 1-2 liters of working solution to process 1 hundred.

How to use “Tick Super”

“Kleschevit Super” - reliable protection of the site from ticks

To protect the area from ticks with the drug “Kleschevit Super”, the product is diluted in water, in accordance with the attached instructions. With the help of a sprayer, all areas with grass and shrubs up to 50 cm high are treated. Do not spray the areas planned for planting berries, vegetables and fruits, as well as playgrounds and recreation areas. Processing should be carried out not only inside the site, but also outside, along the perimeter.

It is recommended to treat the site with the preparation “Kleschevit Super” immediately after snow melting and further until the autumn, repeating the treatment after 1-1.5 months. If mushrooms grow on the area to be treated, then they can be eaten not earlier than 40 days after the use of the preparation.

During the work with “Kleschevit Super”, as well as with other insecticides, it is necessary to observe safety measures:

  • Do not drink or smoke during work;
  • Treatment is carried out in the absence of children and animals;
  • For work, use special clothes and a respirator;
  • When diluting the product, do not use dishes for food and drink;
  • After the treatment, you must wash your hands and face with soap and rinse your mouth;
  • Children, pregnant women and people suffering from allergic diseases cannot work with the drug.

Despite the fact that “Kleschevit Super” is a low-toxic preparation, it is forbidden to use it during the flight of bees. These tireless workers need to take care when using other means to combat pests and diseases.

At observance of simple safety rules, “Tick Super” reliably protects the site from ticks and will not harm the environment.

In addition to the preparation “Kleschevit Super”, the company “August” offers other unique products for combating harmful insects, which are included in the “Pest-free World” household cleaning series.

Use reliable means of protecting the premises and the local area from annoying and unsafe ticks, bedbugs, ants, cockroaches, flies, woodlice and other parasites. And let no one break the harmony and comfort of your home!

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